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50kg of gelcoat. 0000008543 00000 n 0000020696 00000 n MAXGUARD GN // H/S premium gelcoat surfaces are hard, glossy and tough and they are highly resistant to UV-radiation, gloss deterioration and hydrolysis. Mix on a clear plastic wrap on top of the surface and match to the color of your boat. 0000060687 00000 n Spectrum Color Catalog. Colours available may vary from shown and colours updated at any time at FGI's discretion.

Below is a downloadable color chart showing all of our readily available Ral colors, however custom gelcoat colors are available - if you don’t see the color you want, contact our Custom Color Coordinator today! MAXGUARD NCP Premium Gelcoat Colors, providing unprecedented weather-ability previously unseen in premium marine gelcoats. In addition, MAXGUARD NCP gelcoats provide exceptional blister and blush resistance without sacrificing crack resistance or the spray-application properties demanded by the world’s premium boat-builders. In the osmosis test the gelcoat surface was exposed to water at 60 °C for 15 days. 0000000916 00000 n This product should only be used by experienced customers. We custom mix your color and still ship same day! Gelcoat Color Chart Note: Computer monitors differ dramatically from monitor to monitor. Gelcoat in Gallons MEKP in Ounces Notes: Multiple coats may be required to obtain opacity, hide varies by color Duratec High Gloss is mixed with Gelcoat at a 1:1 ratio MEKP volume based on 2% initiator level, actual level will vary with shop conditions Figures do not include wastage Use the base color shown above and then add the corresponding gel coat tint (gel coat coloring agent).For smaller repairs you should consider a gelcoat repair kit (available in 1oz and 4 oz kits) that include a gelcoat paste and the tints for custom matching. If you are using gelcoat color for boats, we also recommend taking our physical gelcoat color matching chart outdoors to view it in the correct lighting. A special release film and no-run polyester gel makes a slick , no-sand finish quick and easy. Gel coats & pigments add color, increase durability and enhance the appearance of composites parts. Gel coats are specialized polyester or vinyl ester resin formulations that are formulated as an in-mold coating to provide appealing cosmetics and protect the underlying laminate. in pail quantities available in a wide variety of currently available color choices. 2. In addition to its application properties, EZM gelcoat achieves the high level of UV and blister resistance required by the world’s top boat builders to deliver the allure and usability their customers expect. BOSTON WHALER WHITE ASH LVOC 04-20. 0000098855 00000 n Sand yellow GRP Solutions supplies a range of high-quality finish gelcoats for smooth and protective exterior surfaces suitable for a variety of products in the building and construction industry, sanitary ware, transportation and marine industries (including approvals from Det Norske Veritas, Lloyds … MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is the same color wet or dry, which makes it easier to visually match colors. 0000002151 00000 n FGI Colour Chart: Please note that the FGI colour chart is to be used as a general colour guide only and may not represent the colour of finished product due to variables such as screen resolution, printing quality. 0000080895 00000 n Choose from over 900 colors of premium polyester gel coat, color matched every time you order. Ashland’s Patent-Pending Boat MACT Compliant technology far out-performs traditional marine gelcoats in gloss and color retention in the demanding marine environment. Additional information Weatherability tests below compare gelcoat surfaces of a standard isophthalic based gelcoat and MAXGUARD SX premium gelcoat. In addition, MAXGUARD NCP gelcoats provide exceptional blister and blush resistance without sacrificing crack resistance or the spray-application properties demanded by the world’s premium boat-builders. Typical values should not be construed as a guaranteed analysis of any specific lot or as specification items. Pigment ratios can be very tricky and can affect cure. 0000043282 00000 n NCP’s weatherability, blush and blister resistance, and flexibility provide the balance of properties needed by the world’s premier boat builders. $100. Outstanding Weathering and Blister resistance Boat MACT Compliant, with Exceptional Repair Properties and Sprayability Superb flexibility. Properties are typical values based on material tested in our laboratories. Gel-coat Products They have quite a large color-match data base of production boats on file. h�b```b``y���� >�A��bl,'X�6 1\rx��� �!����{i[���oH�&sX|��q�����[=�6YL�xt�᳗��%�v��l}��r��fSo�k\�h��f/���-�o�]�++�h�0����z��ս4�ޜ��=A��b��[���] |�p[Ttt�mVR� �;!\���2`&�qTk(DC�������V ii �!���v�u�t�`�͉Ǻ�Dq.�����#�ځ�&fF�Y[��yt䢀�|w�D��W@�h.�e��p@��+S�7� {�l _c����@�OpQ}�F � ` B�| endstream endobj 380 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[48 303]/Length 33/Size 351/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream MAXGUARD bring the best all around performance to the world of exceptionally high weathering marine gelcoats. Color Gel Coat is designed to be used in mold to produce UV resistant, blister resistant, high quality parts when laying up polyester or vinyl ester parts. Please provide your email address to receive this attachment. Gelcoat repair colour matching is a tricky business - and to do a professionally matched repair is complicated. Widely accepted in over 23 countries, Ashland’s INSTINT™ Color Service delivers high quality, color consistent gelcoats on demand. However, if your boat has a pigmented hull, it is possible to get a fairly close match using clear gel coat and a bottle of pigment. Heavy Compound X2, Light Compound/Polish X1, Ultra Fine Finish Polish X2, then a good wax. Ashland Performance ISO/NPG Maxguard Neutral gelcoat tint base.

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