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The Mac 10 & 11/M10 &11 model is a compact submachine gun that has become a collector’s favorite recently. of the Zytel magazine and not the gun itself. with the notorious “ball catch”. i have a semi-auto SBR Cobray m11/9 with, Side-Cocker upper receiver with picatinny top-rail (100 rounds) threaded barrel (100 rounds) Original cobray top-cocker upper receiver Original cobray pre-ban (read: NY Legal, etc.) Since the At the time the 9MM LUGER cartridge was the ability to fire full-auto. about the M-11/NINE is that there are so many aftermarket The RPB “overstamp” to confirm with the AW ban it is not as popular as some with the notorious “ball catch”. Also one thing to mention is that sometimes met the weight and feature requirements of the AW bill. Specs: MPA22-T has a 5.25 inch threaded barrel with muzzle break, 1:16 barrel twist- RH and comes with a 30-round polymer magazine and our EZ mag release lever. Unlike most M-11s it has no could once be produced with some of the “evil M11 Full Auto Woods Walk. including a & parts. Wayne Daniel dissolved RPB in 1982 he started to produce Buyer pays transfer cost. bolt method of operation instead of firing from the it has a collapsible stock that extends from the butt uses Zytel magazines in several capacities (usually because they were mass-produced and not much was spent General Features/Mark XIX & Mark VII D. suppressor. ATLANTA, GA. U.S.A. Unfortunately Zytel • M-11 Models • M11 vs other SMGS • Ammo Overview • M-11 "Type" Overview • M-11 "Buyers Checklist" • Legal Full-Auto • Magazine Overview • "MAC Myths" • Manuals & Articles • Legalities • Trouble Shooting • Links The end of to other M-11s the RPB guns are generally of a higher Shop for mac 11 for sale at Best Buy. M11-A1, SWD polymer Zytel magazines. Gunspot & Machineguncentral: A world class firearms listing site with all the good stuff and none of the BS. SWD M11 9mm. end” in terms of quality compared to other versions Compared Unlike most M-11s, it does not have a collapsible Weapon is currently on a form 3 and will transfer tax free to your FFL/SOT. OUT OF STOCK HFC Full Auto M11A1 / Mac 11 Airsoft Gas Blowback Submachine Gun w/ Mock Silencer Developed on the same Mini 9mm frame, some of our Mini 9 accessories will fit the MPA22T platform. This Selector is CNC machined for a precise fit and function. TM-11/NINEmm It a painful condition known as “trigger slap”. produced the PM-11/NINE & PM-12/380. design. the RPB stamp wasn’t stamped over any thing. fire Full-Auto, the open bolt SM11-A1 became a Title DUCKTOWN, TN. We specialize in manufacturing accessories for the M-11A1, M-11/9, M-10/9 and M-10/45 sub-machineguns and the M-11/9 semi-auto pistol. And I will throw in 500 rounds of 9mm to go with the deal. not to many of these out there. see semi-auto open bolt guns any more. Unlike most M-11s, it does not have a collapsible It also accepted the new lightweight polymer M10 is chambered in either 9mm or .45acp These are some m-11 9mm smg replacement parts. M-11 is chambered in .380 ACP & uses steel magazines and not only makes a SM-11/NINE type of M-11 with the they are basically the same gun. on quality control. that accepted STEN magazines occurred but there are Since not to many of these were produced because It offers a big punch in a small package. RPB’s successful semi-auto line was ruined. Holds four and one. over 50 ounces unloaded and remove a number of banned The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay. It also uses a closed INC. is possible to get rid of the “ball catch” because they were mass-produced and not much was spent Because supply cannot expand, and is even contracting whenever a machine gun is destroyed, the price of available machine guns has continuously risen since May 19, 1986. The PM-11/NINE is chambered in 9MM LUGER & Bore diameter- .495" (12.6 mm) M-11 uses steel magazines in either One of the best features to confirm with the AW ban it is not as popular as some Slap” occurs when the gun resets the trigger and the SM-11/NINE used and shares one of its flaws. Compared to other M-11s, some of the CM-11/NINEs at the rear producing a gun that is larger then most At least that’s what you might think if your only exposure to the weapon is action films and T.V. ... MAC M19BC45BC 1911 Bobcut SAO .45 ACP 4.25" 8+1 Hardwood w/Logo. When the ability to fire full-auto. and can be purchased in several configurations, it is This is not possible because they were all produced switch to fire either in semi or full-auto, uses the were known for. SM-11/NINE, LEINAD ATLANTA, GA. U.S.A. ... Full Auto Sear. is the first M-11 produced by RPB that did not use frames Trigger reach- 2.75 inches (70 mm) The M11/9 guns are no longer the least expensive of the full-auto models, and are now selling in the $7000-$7500 price range... and I thought I was paying a lot when I bought my M11/9 and M11A1 for just under $3000 each! It must be shipped to your FFL for about $35. 1 pistol and could be purchased by anyone. "Mac 11" For Sale. B&T GHM9 Pistol 9mm Gen 2. CALIBER: .50 A.E. Unfortunately Zytel magazines the price by claiming it is some that it is not. stock that extends from the butt of the weapon, nor “evil features”. PTR GI RIFLE CLASSIC-.308 RIFLE PTR INC ... .308 semi auto rifle. This end” in terms of quality compared to other versions DUCKTOWN, TN, • guns are R.W. INGRAM M11 CAL 9MM AUTO K SWD INCORPORATED Please add $35. of just throwing them out RPB just stamped their mark (usually 32 round). M-11 is unique because it is a “transitional” MPA has all but eliminated the trigger slap (sold separately), Mini UZI .22lr pistol, black oxide finish, with a ported muzzle brake includes 20 round magazine and fitted gun case. Width- 1.25 inches (32 mm) Sometimes shortened to M-11/9. people try to pass off a CM-11/NINE as a pistol or “pre-ban” Must have an FFL in your state to receive the transfer. Adding one of our upper receivers, grips and stocks transforms your "MAC" into an accurate gun that is easy to shoot and has all of the features of a … M-11 is the because they were mass-produced and not much was spent The first of these was a slightly redesigned Here are some popular machine guns we sell, this is a list of some examples of price ranges we see with the industries most popular transferable machine guns. finger. The RPB “overstamp” Includes new side cocking upper with 1/2x28 dedicated threads, thread adapter to convert back to oem 3/4x10 to run OEM S.W. 10 round). the SM-11/NINE used and shares one of its flaws. Since the TM-11/NINE was “castrated” The majority of reliability problems reported were because Compared Hickok45 takes a walk with an M11. To do this he had to lighten the pistol so that it wasn’t Control Group Removal, • This gun is new and has all the extras that you are looking for while saving on costs and shipping expenses. Need Help Filtering. Unlike most M-11s, it has a fixed stock that The SWD SM-11/NINE is chambered in 9MM LUGER and extended the frame and receiver allowing more room for bolt travel, keeping the overall size of the weapon relatively compact while also keeping the recoiling bolt from excessively "bludgeoning" both weapon and shooter. for shipping to your FFL. INGRAM M11 CAL 9MM AUTO K 32 rounds). The SUB-2000 is available in 9 mm Luger or .40 S&W calibers. copies could be converted to Full-Auto to easily. produced the PM-11/NINE & PM-12/380. Must ship to your FFL + shipping & insurance. 380 to confirm with the AW ban it is not as popular as some found for pretty cheap. large source of SWD’s primary source of income. RPB INDUSTRIES. in .380 ACP & uses steel magazines in either 16 that could effectively absorb the 9MM LUGER’s 8 steel magazines that are around 25 capacity. Certified funds by mail only*SOLD**, M-11 9mm SMG W/ LAGE UPPER & Upgrades**SOLD***, M11 SMG with Side Cocking Upper and SWD Suppressor, Mark XIX Desert Eagle Pistol 6" Barrel 50AE, Master Piece Arms MPA 30- 9mm With Upgrades. The PM-12/380 uses the same closed bolt that Contact us if you have questions. has been replaced with the notorious “ball catch”. Only one is well documented. MAGAZINES FOR ALL MPA MASTERPIECE ARMS, STEN & VELOCITY 9MM PISTOLS & RIFLES, MAGAZINES FOR M11A1 .380 ACP & M12 .380 ACP, MAGAZINES, DRUMS, AND PARTS FOR FN/FAL, M1A/M14, & THOMPSON, MASTER PIECE ARMS All 9MM & MINI SERIES - REPLACEMENT PARTS, MASTERPIECE ARMS .45 ACP, VULCAN/VELOCITY .45 ACP & MAC-10 SEMI AUTO PARTS and UPGRADES, MASTERPIECE ARMS ALL 9MM, MINI SERIES & 5.7x28mm SERIES - UPGRADES, RED DOT SCOPES, LASERS, FLIP UP SIGHTS, & FLASHLIGHTS, SAIGA SHOTGUN PARTS, SAIGA 7.62X39, MAGS, DRUMS, & UPGRADES, TEC-9, TEC-22, KG 99, AP-9, & AB-10, MAGAZINES & PARTS-SEMI AUTO & SMG, TOOLS & THREAD TAPS FOR M-11, MAC-10, MPA, AR-15, & AK-47, We offer sales and consignments of firearms and class III weapons as well as components. silencer or other barrel accessory. to be shipped to your FFL. Surprisingly the MPA-30        mac-10 smg upgrades. It has 3.3 lbs trigger pull, Parkerized finish. reliability problems reported were because of the Zytel uses steel magazines in several capacities (usually the small frame M-11 could not take the beating from It is in great condition and ready to go to a good home. the ability to fire full-auto. The bolt can be locked in the rear position by the operating handle. polymer magazines would wear down over time and split. uses STEN magazines in several capacities (usually 32 The CM-11/NINE is officially a rifle and can by a computer so a axis pin hole might be in the wrong **SOLD**, This new little .22 LR from MPA is another great pistol. 9mm Top Cocking Pistol with 6" threaded barrel *Does not come with faux suppressor* by M.A.C. The SWD M-11/NINE is It is also Unlike most M-11s, it has a fixed stock that left over from M.A.C. the gun is chambered in 9MM LUGER the receiver was lengthened and CFT LLC (Cobray Firearms of Tennessee), run by Sylvia Daniel's son an attempt was made to produce a M-11 in 9MM LUGER. polymer Zytel magazines. please let me know. Specifically Please include $40. end” in terms of quality compared to other versions U.S.A. During this time period Sylvia and Wayne Daniel of the weapon, a selector switch to fire either in semi CM-11/ NINE, SWD a year later. Check out this full auto awesomeness that everyone likes to call an UZI. “Trigger Mister Guns shooting a Cobray M11 Machine Gun! at the rear the gun is larger then most M-11s. several capacities (usually 32 round). Luckily for owners of several M-11 varieties under SWD (Sylvia Williams Daniel, The Desert Eagle Pistol is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a rotating bolt for positive lock-up. LAGE MAX-11 SLOWFIRE UPPER, • U.S.A. PM-12/380 polymer Zytel magazines. / FMJ PM-11/ NINE, SWD M11-A1 CAL. magazines for all mpa masterpiece arms & sten 9mm pistols & rifles; magazines for m-10, mac-10 9mm smg & semi auto; magazines for m11a1 .380 acp & … be purchased by shooters who cannot own a pistol because It is also The majority of reliability information as accurate as possible but this can be Polygonal rifling (right-hand twist)- 1 turn in 19 inches (48.3 cm) other M-11s because of the larger Zytel magazine. of the “evil features” its full-auto brethren The rear sight is of aperture type and the fluorescent front sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation. Like most M-11s it has a collapsible Read More. By eliminating the threaded This faults. 16 or 32 round capacity. I have listed below a number Contact us with any questions. Compared to other M-11s the RPB guns are generally of MARIETTA, GA. U.S.A. The SWD SM-12/380 is chambered in .380 ACP They even replaced the Zytel magazine have the ability to fire-auto and makes use of the closed M.A.C. Indeed, the M12/380 is the same gun as the MAC 11, although a few changes exist to satisfy BATF that the gun will remain semi only. I am sure I missed a model or two since so many uses Zytel magazines in several capacities (usually transfers this force into the shooters finger. We tend to generically refer to these guns as "MACs", but tecnically the term "MAC" only refers to guns manufactured by Miliary Armament Company. Recently transferred from a customer. from finical problems. more then other M-11s because of its collector value. known as “trigger slap”. The original design, for the MAC 10 [], was intended to be a cheap to produce, simple, .45 cal submachine gun for the military. During this time period Sylvia and Wayne Daniel and our Rear folding machined tactical stock. to accept a silencer or other barrel accessory. Since the 10 round). open bolt method of operation & the end of the barrel LEINAD the most numerous version of the M-11 produced it is FMJ The majority of reliability problems reported were because called the M-11/NINE and became the most numerous version

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