how to bypass transmission cooler

Lastly, the thermal bypass has a It warms the trans fluid to operating temp quicker than the transmission can do on its own, which help prolong its life. I was concerned about the dreaded transmission cooler problem so I installed a B&M Supercooler, bypassing the transmission cooler in the radiator. Read on to learn more about the top transmission coolers on the market and tips for purchasing one. Will an extenal cooler help(yes) will it hurt(no), do you really need one maybe/maybe not. Our heavy duty Australian-made one-piece mounting system ensures your oil cooler is protected from flexing and becoming fatigued. In most diesel applications, the transmission line is large. Automatic Transmission External Oil Cooler Kit to suit Ford FG 6 Speed 6cyl Non Turbo Engine Falcons. I have the coolant to oil type cooler that is mounted on the top of the transmission. You will need; Music. the hose indicated by the red stripe used to be connected where the hose indicated by the green stripe is connected and vice versa. Personally, I would not bypass the cooler in the radiator - it is useful lowering the temperature of the trans fluid a fair amount before it goes to the aux cooler. I installed my Revmax bypass 2 days ago and already see a decrease in temps on the highway. Power Steering Cooler Bypass. Anyways my radiator cracked on the way to work. XDP Transmission Cooler Thermal Bypass Valve (TBV) Upgrade XD343 Compatible with 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 6.7 Cummins Diesel Automatic Transmission (68RFE & … The primary focus for an add-on transmission cooler is to assure the transmission will not overheat and help extend fluid life. 10-31-09 04:11 PM - Post# 1797452 In response to shopguy I would bypass it. The rule of thumb is that every 20 degree celsius drop in running temperature doubles the life of your transmission. If you were to put a separate bypass "air" cooler, you may be inhibiting the quick warm up provided by the coolant on cold starts. The small cooler in front of the radiator is not enough to cool the transmission especially when you are going slow. The convention I use is looking into the engine compartment from the front of your Hummer. ok well u can just bypass the internal transmission cooler and add the external cooler in place of it. thats it!! Finally got a chance to test fit the Hayden Radiator Bypass Cooler. Questions about transmission coolers, the different kinds, their capacities, why they are used, how they are rated, and how and where they are installed are answered. DON’T get caught out using flimsy mounting brackets or kits with multi-piece brackets. That's speaking from experiance. Thread starter Up And Down; Start date Sep 5, 2014; U. But it is up to you. Additionally the factory thermostat valve makes your transmission run hot almost immediately. The radiator cooler serves two functions. Most guy's bypass the internal cooler because of the problem radiators titan are known to have and run an external. That will take the place of the exsisting oil filter adaptor for the cooler lines. * This kit is a complete Bypass of the factory heat exchanger & the supplied fittings are designed to connect directly into transmission housing. I was double cooling the transmission using the radiator and an external transmission cooler mounted to an electric fan. The purpose of this bypass valve is to bypass fluid during diverse conditions. DON'T! A major selling point for LinCo’s bypass valve is that you don’t have to break any transmission lines loose to install it. The bypass is a bandaid not a fix. I verified with my contact at Derale that the Derale Hyper-Cool Transmission Cooler, # D15960, will work to bypass your radiator and cool your transmission fluid.One important thing to consider when installing a transmission cooler is the size of your transmission lines. that way u can have 2 air to air tranny coolers fastest 07 CS2 cammed titan 13.2 @ 103.6 on the stock trans. 68RFE Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade The 2013 and new 68rfe equipped Ram trucks have always been known to run hotter than then their early predecessors. The cooler the better it ran and lasted longer. The air cooler may also cool the fluid beyond the optimal operating temperature. 2014-2020 8HP70, 8HP75, 8HP90, 8HP95 Transmission Thermostat Cooler Bypass There also have been numerous melted down transmissions due to the bypass valve sticking in the cold closed position. now also add the extra B&M aux cooler, but do not just bypass the radiator. Since the V6 4Runner doesn't have an external transmission cooler, I suppose that if this is a concern, the fix would be to bypass the internal cooler and route the transmission line through an external cooler. Avoid damaging your transmission with a transmission cooler, which helps to cool the ATF. Sep 5, 2014 #1 The little leak I has yesterday turned into a mess today. Well if you bypass the radiator you will have two pairs of connections so you could do two transmission coolers. Towing increases the load and puts additional strain on a vehicle’s transmission, thereby increasing the heat that is generated and the cooling levels required to ensure the transmission doesn’t burn out. Hayden Automotive 678 Rapid-Cool Plate and Fin Transmission Cooler: Automotive Buy Hayden Automotive 678 Rapid-Cool Plate and Fin Transmission Cooler: Accessories - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Traffic is known to get the temps up in the transmission. all i did was switch the two hoses. And after market external cooler. I could actually touch my trans pan after a hard run. I removed the bypass and the maximum transmission temperatures was 180 pulling steep hills in hot weather. i took my bumper and everything else off just for pictures. The Dodge did not have an auxiliary oil cooler and it's a full size 4X4. So right side = Drivers side, also this is for USA. My 350 turbo loved it. Oil cooler speaks for itself, no big deal. Here is your transmission cooler framed in red. thats all you need to do to bypass the radiator. I've tried two different bypass valves with this cooler and both times the transmission temperatures shot up over 200 degree rather quickly when towing with the bypass installed. You could be dealing with a faulty cooler thermostatic bypass valve (Figure 2). A transmission cooler is not a substitute for transmission repair. If you have decided to segregate then you can get a PWR for manual car and you will have more volume of coolant in the radiator for the engine (because those oil cooler tanks have to take up some volume space in there. All the automatic trans 2nd gen Xterras have both an internal (in-the-radiator) and external transmission cooler, so the common fix over on that forum is to bypass the internal cooler. There is not much room inside the tubes for ATF on this cooler or the one in our Frontiers. Flair Tool. Our radiator cooler is probably a little smaller than this one but I'm not sure. The transmission fluid coming from the torque converter to the radiator is at a much higher temperature than the coolant in the radiator. Socket set (metric) It’s coupled to the passenger side of the radiator and is tied in with the transmission cooler lines. Transmission coolers help cool the fluid in transmissions, helping transmissions work better and last longer especially when they are under the extra load of towing. Old school thinking would dictate the cooler the transmission the better but modern 8+ speeds are designed to run fairly 'hot' because of tighter tolerances and the desire for less friction losses. Hence the ZF 8 speed has a heater. Water cools about 32x's better and faster than air. The cooler’s fitting should not be smaller than the lines. I recently replaced my radiator with a 26'' unit and decided to bypass the radiator cooler … Is there any downfall to bypassing the radiator completely and just using a 11X9.5 trans cooler? The factory bypass cooler valve is located under the air intake assembly. In theory, the ATF is the hottest as it leaves the transmission. The only reason to bypass would be due to leakage and no money to replace the radiator. There are coolant lines that run in/out on the front side. If you tow I would not install the bypass. I just had my automatic transmission rebuilt in my 2005 rubicon. The main reason I want to install the trans cooler is so i can bypass the trans cooler inside the radiator so I can keep the heat from the trans out of the radiator so it can more efficiently cool the engine. The proper fix is a new aftermarket radiator for $150, the Koyo is the recommended one. Transmission Coolers. After giving it a good examination I noticed they had bypassed the stock transmission cooler that is built in to the radiator and just ran direct lines from the new cooler. Before our research we were fitting coolers as a first step. A vehicle used for towing may sometimes benefit from an additional transmission cooler. That will give you some peace of mind. tranny upgrade and stall upgrade in but havent taken it to the track lol I had them install a transmission cooler as well. All you need is GM part# 3952301(adaptor) and (2)GM part# 3951644 bolts. We now recommend the cooler control valve upgrade with the fitting of the cooler to further reduce the running temperature of the transmission oil. The applications that we carr blackice168 wrote: ↑ If the transmission cooler is part of the radiator, it means it uses the coolant temperature to regulate the temperature of the transmission fluid. I think it may have been overkill I found that it took forever to warm up the transmission. 1 member had to put a external cooler on … * Extra Large PWR Plate Fin Transmission Cooler (255 x 280 x 19) with 10mm Push On Hose Barb's (Cooler provided in kit will be Raw Aluminium colour). Extra Large PWR Plate Fin Transmission Cooler (255 x 280 x 19) with 10mm Push On Hose Barb's (Cooler provided in kit will be Raw Aluminium colour).. There also have been numerous melted down transmissions due to the bypass valve sticking in the cold closed position. Conversely in hot weather conditions it should be wide open allowing normal operations. In a cold weather condition it brings the transmission up to operating temperature faster. Those are the coolant lines I was asking about looping or joining for the time being. I ordered the Dorman replacement cooler online but it won't be here until the middle of next week. There are 2 reasons to fit the external bypass cooler - firstly to improve the cooling capacity of the transmission and secondly to avoid transmission failure due to the factory cooler failing internally and allowing coolant to mix with the transmission oil. Just a word here to you folks doing the transmission radiator cooler bypass. There's just not enough air flow over the cooler to keep the heat down while the torque converter is generating so much heat. No issues with water build up in trans fluid iether, so I say delete the heat Exchanger. Up And Down Well-Known Member. Number one killer of automatic transmission is HEAT. The smaller lines will restrict the transmission fluid flow. Transmission oil coolers need to be mounted securely to avoid vibration and cracking.

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