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The post-apocalyptic Fallout universe expands into Nevada in this new title in the franchise. Fallout: New Vegas FAQ/Walkthrough . Favorite Answer. Its also representative of the Fallout Fandom as well. Fallout New Vegas. As a courier once left for dead by a mysterious man in a striped suit, the player must now set out to find his assailant and uncover the secrets of the enigmatic ruler of New Vegas. Ambassador Phillip Granger's final report, Eastern reflector control terminal password. This section will cover the end game quests for the Courier who wants to overthrow Mr. House and take over control of an independent New Vegas, starting after you travel to Mr. House’s Bunker under Fortification Hill and activate his Securitron army… no, your Securitron army. As the Great War abruptly started just before the facility was complete the bunker was never staffed. … When the Legion attacks Hoover Dam, you could sic your army on them! The reason for this is because, while you were given a brand new pipboy of your own in Fallout 3, you were given a old one used by Doc in New Vegas. Caesar himself is stationed here, along with his Praetorian guards, as well as the bulk of his armies in preparation for the upcoming battle. 93.9MB 1.3k Present Days… "I want Mr. House out of the picture, a quick one-two punch – with you doing the punching… down the hill, at the west edge of camp, is an old building.It was here when the Fort was taken in 2277… inside the building is a hatch that carries the sigil of the Lucky 38… what's inside that hatch? Yes Man. < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . (3) (Optional) Upgrade the Securitron army, to … Well, he has a secret bunker inside Lucky 38 - where he is. Just a suggestion! I'm trying to end New Vegas on the side of the NCR but not sure which quest I do. Plus an army of upgraded Securitrons would be just the thing to show the NCR that you mean business! (4) (Optional) Destroy the Securitron army by overloading the bunker's reactor. Otherwise, once you have Caesar's mark you can go down to the dock and the boat guy should be there waiting for you. In order for you to enter the bunker speak to one of my officers at the last building that is near the artillery cannon." "Will do." Ulysses (formerly) On either side of t… However, it cannot be taken until certain events take place in-game. Both walk through the … And who deserves to have an army more than you? Features: - water purifier - moonshine distillery - energy drink distillery - fully navmeshed - lot of other scripted features - underground bunker - and tons of other stuff, take a look inside. (1) (Optional) Find Mr. House's hidden bunker, buried beneath the Legion Stronghold at Fortification Hill. This is also the location where the Platinum chip is used to install the upgrades to the Securitrons, as the fort is built above Mr. House's secret bunker. 10 years ago. What Mr. House did over there was stash a HUGE number of Securitrons. And guess what? (2) Explore the bunker. So that makes Fallout New Vegas a pastiche of multiple Fifties genres. No one! But if you took the Platinum Chip to the Fort, you could perform the upgrade yourself. ... it told him about Benny's plan to usurp Mr House as Ruler of New Vegas and take control of the Securitron army under fortification hill, the main Legion Stronghold. Despite this, Legion officers and troops around the camp may be seen drinking beer. The King (Fallout: New Vegas) Yes Man (Fallout) Caesar (Fallout) Lucullus (Fallout) Lucius (Fallout) Vulpes Inculta; Pacer (Fallout) Cachino (Fallout) Nero (Fallout) Big Sal; Joana (Fallout: New Vegas) NCR Character(s) ... "He's going to the underground bunker at fortification hill! A secret pre-war military bunker complex has been hidden away, untouched by the apocalypse, never seeing operation status. Mister Cuddlesworth (originally called Deathclaw Hatchling) first appeared in the video Fallout New Vegas Mods: Fourfer! If you haven’t killed Mr. House yet, do so. By Flipdarkfuture. The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Mr. New Vegas is reading those reports and going "No way." Investigate Keith's gambling and drug operations. ** Several characters, including Yes Man and Caesar, speculate that the secret weapon Mr. House has stored in the secret bunker underneath Fortification Hill is a [[VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}} giant war robot he's going to use to curbstomp everything]]. Only I'm hostile to caesar's legion, so if I go there I get brutally raped. Fallout: New Vegas; Fortification Hill - Vilified with Caesar's Legion; User Info: Dagspoket. Transcript Womb Raider ... Bunker at Fortification Hill After Accepting Destroying the bunker for Caesar and without killing benny, is there any way to Teleport / get out of the Fort without completing the quest? At the same time NCR wants me to kill Mr. House. The reason I gave you this print-out is I wanted to remind you about that bunker Mr. House built over at Fortification Hill. go to a control panel on the wall to open it and youre in the bunker. Consul: Marcus Licinius Crassus, Fortification Hill in the opening scene of. "Oh great. To this end, he wants the Platinum Chip to upgrade his Securitrons on the Strip. The note is not automatically added, the player will have to talk to him again after the demonstration. I can’t establish a reliable connection, and I’m sure it’s all my fault somehow. The House Always Wins II, which is to use the platinum chip to open secret bunker. The underground facility over at the Fort is super-important! - Part 2, in which Al reviewed four mods in one series of videos. It was released for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 … Lupa's dead body will remain in the arena unless her brain is removed. Note (Hidden Valley) (simply called note in-game) is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas. This page was last edited on 29 January 2015, at 22:07. by CEmAN4 Updated to v0.40 on Oct 27, 2010. Fallout: New Vegas is the fourth (canon) entry in everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic RPG series. (4) (Optional) Destroy the Securitron army by overloading the bunker's reactor. I was going to say something out loud, but then I felt self-conscious, because I feel really ANNOYING when I repeat myself! Benny is the first major villain encountered in Fallout: New Vegas. Hidden Valley bunker: Only if the player destroys Ranger Dobson's radio while he's out, the note will be present on top of the radio after he departs. Answer Save. Relevance. Mister Cuddlesworth is a Deathclaw and one of the main followers/companions of Al in Fallout: New Vegas. The Legion has a strict policy of eradicating all use of drugs and alcohol among their men. Fallout: New Vegas Strategy Guide . Blood spurts out of the training dummies when attacked with a. As usual, with no clues given in the game, I was villified by the Legion when I went to take the boat to Fortification Hill. Culveyhouse 56,376 views Boards. Well fortified ranch/player home in prime location between New Vegas and rural Nevada. The House Always Wins is the first of an eight-part main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout new vegas Fanfiction. The House Always Wins I, which is to give the platinum chip to Mr, House. Go to The Tops and retrieve the Platinum Chip from Benny. No choice but to take everyone out - even the boat guy since he was hostile and you couldn't talk to him. — Devon Hill, the Circle of Steel The Maxson bunker was a pre- War fallout shelter built by a senator for his family and himself. Location. its frustrating, ive been on for a while too. So just to give you guys an idea where I am in the game atm. Find this base, claim it for yourself, and discover what other secrets it has to offer. The note is not automatically added, the player will have to talk to him again after the demonstration. Fallout: New Vegas. Steps... (1) (Optional) Find Mr. House's hidden bunker, buried beneath the Legion Stronghold at Fortification Hill. Yes Man gives it to the Courier after watching the demonstration of the upgraded Securitron's in the Lucky 38 basement. This can be fixed on PC by simply using "Prid [Ref ID]" and then "Moveto player". Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (1) (Optional) Find Mr. House's hidden bunker, buried beneath the Legion Stronghold at Fortification Hill. Im at cottonwood cove and i killed everything there. Here the Legion is preparing for its second assault on the NCR at Hoover Dam. ... something which may be complicated by having a bunker full of angry warriors with Power Armor in your way. Now i dont know where to go. Arinshady2408. Whether the Courier chooses to listen to House and Yes Man, they are told that the secret bunker where the Platinum Chip needs to be used is located directly under Fortification Hill, … ... "Its at fortification hill." Well i guess thats what we have to do then." But they just quick-travel you over to the Caesar camp. From various locations throughout the camp, one can see that the tents of the Legion stretch out far across the land surrounding the camp, though the gates to these areas are marked as "inaccessible.". List of tribes assimilated by Caesar's Legion, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/The_Fort?oldid=3367888. About that Bunker at Fortification Hill... is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas. If everyone in the Fort is killed with Boone present, he will acknowledge the death of Caesar and will proceed with a conversation about it. Where is Fortification hill in Fallout New Vegas? (3) (Optional) Upgrade the Securitron army, to use later for your own purposes. Fallout New Vegas Gameplay, Part 50. Hundreds of them! (2) Explore the bunker. About that Bunker at Fortification Hill... is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ... they are told that the secret bunker where the Platinum Chip needs to be used is located directly under Fortification Hill, the main base of Caesar's Legion. go behind caesars tent and go all the way down to that camp and thats pretty much it the bunker they talk about is that small shack looking thing at the very end the doors on the left side. Imagine how powerful they’d be if you upgraded them with the Mark II OS! I made a while ago that I felt that it would perhaps have been better if Lonesome Road was an alternative ending to Fallout New Vegas' main campaign, it actually taking place after the Second Battle for Hoover Dam. Yes Man gives it to the Courier after watching the demonstration of the upgraded Securitron's in the Lucky 38 basement. Developed by Obsidian, which includes a bunch of folks who worked on the original two games. Have I told you lately that you’re my favorite person? The war caught him unaware, and the bunker was never actually used for its intended purpose. So, I'm at the point where I am supposed to go into the secret bunker under Fortification Hill. there is a building all the way in back of fort that you go in and the door is on the floor. Fallout: New Vegas > General Discussions > Topic Details. Go away and stay away, NCR! Assuming he has not yet been killed by the player character, If choosing to fight Benny to the death in the arena, both participants will have, The Legionary guarding the entrance to Robert House's bunker pronounces Caesar with a soft, This location is actually far larger than the area that can be accessed. Love, The Courier must either be invited when exiting The Tops after completing Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, Vulpes Inculta (or Alerio if they have already killed Vulpes, who will comment on this) will be waiting outside, or if For the Republic, Part 2 has been completed to the part one must report to Colonel Moore to inform her that the Great Khanshave been dealt with. Alright, so right now I'm at the point where I already showed Mr. House the platinum chip and also found Yes Man, and now Mr. House wants me to go to the secret bunker at Fortification Hill and reveal something there. and Wild Card: You and What Army?, which is to find Mr. House's hidden bunker buried beneath Fortification Hill. In Fallout 3, the color of the menus and icons of the Pipboy are greeen tint at default. I was looking forward to a boat ride! ... Now. All but forgotten, the bunker location was passed down as a family secret from one generation to the next. Dagspoket 9 years ago #1. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest stages 4 Notes 5 Bugs Mr. House has big plans for his Strip and he needs a proper army to enforce them. (3) (Optional) Upgrade the Securitron army, to use later for your own purposes. 5 Answers. Prepared speech of Gus Olson, ombudsman, for the annual overseer election, System recording: Vault 11 front entrance, Western reflector control terminal password, Vending Machine Code - ".308 Rifle Rounds", Vending Machine Code - ".357 Magnum Rounds", Vending Machine Code - "Automatic Rifle - Upgraded Internals", Vending Machine Code - "Bear Trap Fist - Heavy Duty Springs", Vending Machine Code - "Demolition Charge", Vending Machine Code - "Hologram Rifle - Advanced Calibration", Vending Machine Code - "Hologram Rifle - Focusing Lense", Vending Machine Code - "Hologram Rifle - Reinforced Components", Vending Machine Code - "Microfusion Cells", Vending Machine Code - "Return Outfit Item", Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song, Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (cut), BEWARE - A VENGEFUL SPIRIT STALKS THESE CANYONS, Auto-Doc Upgrade: Hair Styling Enhancements, Dog and lobotomite splicing experiment holotape, Dog and robot splicing experiment holotape, Main Computer Upgrade: K9000 Mod "Mentat Chow", Main Computer Upgrade: K9000 Mod "Resla Roil", Main Computer Upgrade: LAER Mod "Auxiliary Recharger Chip", Main Computer Upgrade: LAER Mod "Prismatic Lens", Robot and nightstalker splicing experiment holotape, Sink Project: Biological Research Station, https://fallout-archive.fandom.com/wiki/About_that_bunker_at_Fortification_Hill...?oldid=1808565. Author(s): Nathan Garvin ... starting after you travel to Mr. House's Bunker under Fortification Hill and activate his Securitron army... no, your Securitron army. You are! (2) Explore the bunker. It’s only a problem when I do it! Southern Lights. To reach the Fort, the Courier must use the barge at Cottonwood Cove. Anyway, now that you’ve installed me on the Lucky 38’s mainframe, I can peek into Mr. House’s data. Secret Bunker under The Fort (Full Walkthrough in 1080p HD) - Duration: 8:01. In New Vegas it is Amber. Just to clarify - anytime YOU want to repeat yourself, go right ahead!

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