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The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. In Season 1, there were shelves in the kitchen between the refrigerator and the door to act as a pantry, but the shelves are not there for subsequent seasons. Game of Thrones: 10 Major Relationships, Ranked Least To Most Successful, Friends: 10 Hidden Details About Chandler & Joey's Apartment You Never Noticed, Friends: 10 Hidden Details About Monica And Rachel’s Apartment You Never Noticed, Friends: 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To A Romantic Partner, Friends: 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Chandler, Ranked, The Big Bang Theory: Leonard's 5 Best Traits (And His 5 Worst), Seinfeld: 5 Times Elaine Was An Inspiration (& 5 Times She Was A Hot Mess), 90 Day Fiancé: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Other Way, Better Call Saul: The Main Characters, Ranked From Most Heroic To Most Villainous, Mad Men & 9 Other TV Shows That Take Place In The Swinging 60s. Chandler and Joey ultimately won the contest, forcing Rachel and Monica to move into their apartment. "I stole it and gave it to him, so he's got it. Jump to. It was also the home of The Chick and The Duck and the entertainment unit. Rosita eventually dies a cruel death after her back falls off, but it’s a nice little tidbit to know her name, especially considering the pun. Viewers may have overlooked the Magna Doodle that hangs on the back of Chandler and Joey’s front door as purely a decoration. When Rachel breaks Joey's barcalounger 'Rosita' she gets him a black La-Z-Boy E-cliner 3000. There are some decorations in Chandler and Joey’s apartment that appear throughout the series. Eventually, Rachel began to see the benefits of living with Joey, as there, she was allowed to be messy and carefree. "The One With Frank Jr." is when Joey decides to build a place for the mail. Joey is making marinara sauce and filling every container in sight. ... the tv guide comes to Joey and Chandler's Apartment. 'Get out' – after winning the apartment back, we're guessing the girls wrote this before the boys moved all their stuff back in. Just like Monica’s apartment Joey and Chandler’s flat was occupied by all of the main cast of Friends at some point in the show, and went through several changes over the course of the series, from it’s original appearance to being robbed, before being re-fitted by Chandler, lived in by Monica and Rachel after losing a bet, and having a number … 17 At One Point, They Had … What was it called? This floorplan: Made by fans after apparently watching hours of episodes as detailed here, shows this better than my description. Magna Doodle Back In Joey & Chandler's Apartment - Friends S04E20 Monica and Rachel’s apartment, as well as Chandler and Joey’s unit, was supposedly on the third floor of the walkup building. For a … You can watch his interview below: With an ensemble cast starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, the show revolves … During a seemingly harmless contest between Monica and Rachel and Joey and Chandler, Monica raised their apartment as one of the stakes. Chandler enters. Rachel living with Ross doesn't prove to be very successful and after a heated argument with Ross, Rachel moves back in with Joey, with Emma in tow. 2010-02-18 19:42:19 2010-02-18 19:42:19. It’s a fun game to be on the lookout for this moving toy. The guys' apartment is the only place, other than Monica's apartment, that all the friends have lived in; The only relatively consistent decorations in the apartment were a framed picture of Laurel and Hardy, statues of The Three Stooges, the two reclining armchairs, the Foosball table, a poster for the 1914 French silent film and novel Les Mystères de New-York, a large white plastic dog that Joey had acquired while working on Days of Our Lives and a Magna Doodle on the front door, on which little jokes were often written. This is another one of those items that it’s fun to keep an eye out for from episode to episode. When Friends started Chandler and Joey lived in apartment number 4 but mid-way through the first season their apartment number miraculously changed to apartment 19. Why two microwaves, guys? However, he decides to take his construction "to the next level", and evolves the place for the mail into a fully-fledged entertainment unit. please don't copy, but do enjoy. Fans can only wonder how Joey or Chandler ended up with that in the apartment. Directed by James Burrows. Chandler and Joey's apartment is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Late in season 4 Chandler and Joey make a bet Monica and Rachel over who knows each other the best. The same thing happened at Monica and Rachel’s apartment across the way, switching from number 5 to 20. The logical conclusion is that the showrunners wanted to imply they were on a higher floor, but it’s never addressed, and viewers are only left to wonder when they catch this little detail. Discover (and save!) There are so many questions about this. Observant fans have noticed something really odd in Joey’s oven. Chandler and Joey, who live across the hall from Monica, console Ross after his wife Carol, has just left him for another woman. In an episode, everything got robbed from their apartment(except The big white dog). From the fine Italian craftsmanship of Joey’s entertainment center, a canoe and patio furniture, to matching recliners, their stuff runs the gamut. After kissing Kathy, Chandler re-furbishes the apartment with a new entertainment unit (one which opens and closes with a remote), a new big-screen TV, a stereo, and two new brown barcaloungers. There is also a Scarface poster in Joey's room, as well as a great Guinness poster. Sections of this page. Nice décor! Sees their phone number The extreme cost All the 900 numbers Forgot to call his mom back Joey doesn't take a whole lot of responsibility in managing the apartment. The Apartment Numbers In Friends Changed And You Didn’t Even Notice. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. but i really like this one. More than once there was a message for Joey to call some girl and after 9/11 there were often tributes to NYC and FDNY on the board. The previously dull brown carpet is that familiar '70s matted down shag that seems to grace all run-down apartments. The apartment has an open plan for the main living space, mainly comprised of the kitchen and the living room. Although Chandler highly disapproves of the unit (mainly because its construction phase was characterized by a series of accidents in which he ends up with a varnish lid stuck to his pants and almost gets his face drilled by Joey), he puts up with it through the third season, by which time the unit also becomes a home for the chick and the duck. One of the funniest episodes of season 4, the bet ends with them all swapping apartments. Chandler and Joey's apartment is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Monica, a chef, falls for "Paul the Wine Guy" only to be crushed that their night of passion was merely a one … These remain in the apartment until "The One With The Cat", when the guys are robbed of everything except for the white dog and the entertainment unit built by Joey. When Friends started Chandler and Joey lived in apartment number 4 but mid-way through the first season their apartment number miraculously changed to apartment 19. The apartment is Chandler and Joey's at the time, so probably a phone message from Joey's agent :(12 of 88 Warner Bros. Television via Season 4, Episode 19 - The sign says "What's up?! With Chandler already having made up his mind on who to select, Joey's interview was rushed and Eric got the apartment. Everyone remembers the entertainment center that Joey built, the foosball table instead of a kitchen table, the giant white dog, and the film noir poster. bro?". Joey ends up getting trapped inside the unit while all the guy’s stuff gets stolen. Speaking of the Magna Doodle, at the beginning of season 4 Chandler and Joey get robbed. When their kitchen table broke, rather than replace it with another, they instead purchased a Foosball table and resolved to eat over the sink. After leaving her fiancé, Barry, at the altar. After Rachel and Ross convinced Chandler that Joey wasn't going to move back in with him, Chandler found a new roommate. Joey is making marinara sauce and filling every container in sight. Adds Wood, "Joey also kept Dr. Drake Ramoray's magazine cover and, of course, Pat the dog," the only piece he managed to hang on to from his fancy new apartment in season 2. It was generally a mess, in stark contrast to Monica's apartment, which she always kept neat and tidy. It's a Barcalounger Recliner. Or maybe one of the microwaves broke and the broken one hung around for a while until they finally got rid of it. One decoration that fans might have missed are the masks that move around the apartment, hanging on different walls in different episodes. Not many options are left to Chandler and Joey so at this point, and they are forced to trade their unit for a canoe. It would cost around $7,000-$8,000 a month to live in a West Village apartment this size today. However when the two visit the apartment, they discover that the apartment now has just one bedroom and Rachel couldn't possibly move back in. While Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Rachel had most of the major storylines in Friends, there were lots of child stars who joined them on sets for smaller roles. What were the names of … In fact, the number on Monica's apartment door changed from 5 to 20 without her moving at all. However, as Eric was moving in. RELATED: Friends: 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Chandler, Ranked. 19, and the girls at no. First, it was a couple of Black recliner. At least one of the masks can be seen as early as season 2 in the episode when Joey makes it big on DOOL and decides to move out on his own.

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