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It's a spectacular citrus-flavored vodka that forms a super-smooth base for the cocktail. Thank you for visiting my blog!! Pour in the orange juice, … Pour vodka on top. I also get commissions made through other affiliates through this site. See more ideas about orange vodka, summer drinks, cocktail recipes. Love the vodka based ones and I’m a big fan of blood oranges! This elegant and lightly sparkling cocktail from Julie Reiner tops a … Not harder to make than a regular screwdriver....but oh, the color! BlackStorm Vodka; 1 oz. Looks amazing Katie!! Blood Orange Cocktail, Orange Vodka Cocktail, Vodka Cocktail, Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Yummly (Opens in new window), Click to share on MIX (Opens in new window), Farro, Dried Figs and Walnuts Dessert – Albanian Hashure ». part BlackStorm Vodka; ... BlackStorm vodka is hands down in the top 5 as one of the best. El azúcar en la mayoría de los cócteles es lo que hace que me produzcan dolor de cabeza. You can make similar vodka cocktails by mixing vodka with tonic water, orange juice, sprite, ginger ale etc. Some people like to go for a 1:1 ratio. Fill two tall glasses with ice. Signing up for our newsletter means you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Vodka quality will make a big difference in how this cocktail will taste. A passion for discovery runs through all eight generations of the Whitley Neill family tree. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Then add the spakling water and the freshly squeezed orange juice. Lately, my husband and I are trying to avoid sugar and processed foods. Slice one half in round slices and squeeze the other half. When I was a coming of age drinker, a Screwdriver was one of the first drinks one encountered. Add the crushed ice on top, then another slice of blood orange. Or call us on 0161 438 4066. While their gin took inspiration from Africa, their Blood Orange Vodka … Not harder to make than a regular screwdriver….but oh, the color! Sparkling water tastes great with freshly squeezed orange juice:). Your email address will not be published. A sweet fruit burst of Sicilian Blood Oranges offers a smooth crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun. It looks very simple and its sugar free cocktail. I slice half of the orange and juice the other half. Made this recipe? Mea culpa). The Whitley Neill range has branched out from gin and is explore new lands with their first flavoured vodka! (¾ cup) fresh squeezed blood orange juice, Three Cheese and Prosciutto Stuffed Biscuits. Blood Orange Paloma Blood Orange Elderflower Garden Whitley Neill Persian Cooler RHUBARB & GINGER SPRITZ Quince Apparition Quince Tea Raspberry Garden RASPBERRY COLLINS RASPBERRY GIN & TONIC Sicilian Sunset Christmas Crumble Collins Whitley Neill & Juice Martinez Clementine Negroni Decorate with a slice of blood orange and the rosemary twig, serve right away. Blood orange juice is not only deliciously sweet, juicy and … You can also mix the blood orange vodka with orange juice and triple sec for a Blood Orange Martini, which is more a vodkatini rather than having any resemblance to the original Martini. As s single mom of two teenage boys, I think she can do whatever she wants. I live biting the orange slices once I’m almost done with the drink, that’s why I like adding them in the order described in recipe instructions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Feel free to shake your cocktail too. It’s so easy, hope you can make it at home. I ❤️ blood oranges, you still get the citrus flavor just a little sweeter:)). Fill two tall glasses with ice. Blood orange vodka cocktail are one of my favorite drinks. I’m writing this recipe for people who are legally allowed to consume an alcoholic beverage. You need good quality vodka. Blood Orange and Prosecco Cocktail Leite's Culinaria prosecco, lemon, cold water, liqueur, granulated sugar, blood orange juice and 1 more KINKY Mango and Blood Orange Sparkling Sangria My Life as a Mrs blood oranges, blood orange juice, lemon, mango, liqueur, mango nectar and 3 more Like this recipe? 37 1/2 ml Blood Orange Vodka, 12 1/2 ml Blue Curacao,12 1/2 ml Orange Juice. of lime juice; 1 blood orange; Watermelon Cocktail. All Rights Reserved. I use sparkling water but you can use sprite or ginger ale if sugar is not a problem for you. Possibly even a little earlier in the day (oh, see, I did dip down into kids-alcohol territory. If you would like to save this recipe for later, please pin the below image to Pinterest. Very smooth the way I like it. Some links in my posts may be affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you purchase items by clicking on these links. Divide the vodka between the glasses. Sonila was born in Albania, her heritage inspires her Mediterranean recipes while that of her husband the Latin ones. Shake well for 10 – 15 seconds. 2020-09-16T21:05:14+0000. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. However, I’ll tell you that for myself I include a bit less vodka as I don’t want my drink to be too strong. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. It’s just few ingredients and no added syrups & mixers. Right up my alley – wink wink! Whitley Neill's Blood Orange Vodka is a handcrafted vodka of exceptional quality, that’s bursting with … If you are feeling adventurous, you can make this cocktail with other vodka like drinks i.e. One is the pomegranate juice. No one minds that there are cocktails on a blog called The Mom 100, right? The sweeter, less acidic orange plays a vital role in the almost a collins recipe. Add the pomegranate juice and liqueur and stir again. Thank you!! una de mis frutas favoritas. Thank you Estefania, me too!! Pour all the ingredients in a tall glass with ice and stir. Give the drink a stir. Cocktail is made with fresh orange juice, no added sugar, vodka, crushed ice, slices of blood orange and sparkling water. I love that. My name is Sonila Zarate and I was born in Albania, a Mediterranean country in South-Eastern Europe. There are three things that are optional, and if you skipped all of them you would still have a wonderful drink. Cheers:). Maravilloso coctel y lo mejor es que es sugar free! 2 oz. The mixes vary in degree of sweetness based on what you decide to mix this alcohol with. FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Blood Orange Negroni. Post a photo of your delicious creation on Instagram with our hashtag #dinnersolved. Blood orange vodka can also be created at home, by simple infusing 3 Blood oranges, cut into wheels or slices with a 1 Litre bottle of Vodka and leaving to settle for 3 days. Thank you Roxy:)). The other is St. Germaine liquor, which is a liqueur that’s been very popular for along time with the cocktail crowd because of its bright slightly haunting floral flavor. Serve cold. Adjust the recipe as needed for yourself. The Bitter Orange is an orange colored drink made from Ketel One Oranje vodka, honey anisette liqueur, Peychaud bitters and orange juice, and served over ice in a rocks glass. Add 1 slice of blood orange to the bottom. If you want to make a mocktail, just skip the vodka but follow the rest of the steps exactly the same in the recipe. Totally trying this!! Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. My friend like to pretty much reverse the proportions of juice to vodka below. You can add additional mixers and syrups that will give this cocktail a more professional look, but for what I need (a low carb, without too many processed ingredients) this is just perfect. Éste además de refrescante, luce hermosamente provocativo con ese color intenso! This unique and refreshing drink pairs blood orange juice and soda with a fine vodka and cinnamon syrup for an easy happy hour cocktail. Apr 21, 2020 - Explore Marianne Murphy's board "Orange vodka drinks" on Pinterest. It will deepen the color as you can see below, and add another layer of sweet, but a tiny bit tart, flavor. Buy Skyy Blood Orange 70cl, part of the All Spirits, Flavoured Vodka, Vodka range at Click N Drink. This Blood Orange Vodka cocktail is low carb and fizzy. I’m clearly incorrigible. It’s this recipe that led to the creation of Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka. See, I devolved into the boozy parent jokes again. A sprig of fresh herbs adds prettiness and a slight herby flavor (it would add much more if you let it steep in the vodka, or muddled it in to the drink and then strained it through a cocktail shaker. Without sliding into the kids=alcohol jokes, I think it’s safe to say that most of us with kids surely do enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail or a beer as much as the next child-free person. Pick a wide cocktail vase. This is what I was thinking when I was unpacking some beautiful blood oranges sent over to me by my pal Robert at Melissa’s, who keeps me stocked with those more unusual produce items. The blood orange tastes similar to raspberry but it also has orangy citrus flavor that helps making excellent martinis. Mmmm! Colletti Royale. Mom of 2, wife, engineer, food blogger & recipe creator! Blood Orange Cocktail. You don’t have to follow the same order in which I have added the ingredients. I can’t drink more than 1 so usually I want to make sure that one cocktail is a really good one. More on that in a bit. This is a simple cocktail made with freshly squeezed blood orange juice, citrus vodka and orange liqueur like cointreau or triple sec. Since we are trying to avoid sugar, I decided to use slices of blood orange, fresh blood orange juice (less sugar than store bought juice) and sparkling water to add some fizz. You can replace blood oranges with regular oranges, sumo oranges, grapefruit or cara cara oranges. One you cut open a blood orange you know that you are not going to want to hide this gorgeous color by mixing it into a stew or a dip or something. It deepens the color and adds a layer of sweet and tart flavor. Slice one half in round slices and squeeze the other … The key to the bloody look is the combination of dark grape juice and … Sign up now and receive my recipe newsletter full of dinnertime inspiration. grappa, pisco, singani, rakia, etc. Pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Blood Orange Martini The Blood Orange Martini is a red cocktail made from Smirnoff orange vodka, orange bitters, orange juice and cranberry juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. I recommend a standard 2 oz shot of vodka per one serving of this cocktail because that’s the standard mixing quantity. If you purchase any product through the Amazon links throughout my site, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Aunque no bebo mucho alcohol, de vez en cuando un coctail como este blood oraren vodka coctail apetece . But say it’s a little more of a special occasion, and you’re getting all dressed up and you want your screwdriver to get all dressed up, too. Cocktail fans and professional mixologists rely on it often. Instagram: mediterranean_latin_love or Twitter: MediterrLatin or Facebook: Mediterranean Latin Love Affair. Garnish with a sprig of herbs. Required fields are marked *. A good friend of mine still drinks her version of screwdrivers, and not much else, though the oj is more of a splash….almost a garnish. Divide the vodka between the glasses. Filed Under: Drinks, Recipes Tagged With: low carb. Pour in the orange juice, dividing it evenly, but leaving room to add the pomegranate juice and St. Germaine liqueur if using. This recipe is for one drink as usually I prepare this one drink at a time instead of in batches, even when I have guests over. of simple syrup; 1 oz. I usually use 1 big blood orange for 1 drink. Slice the blood orange in half. First, let me start this segment by saying that I hope you are 21 years old. Feel free to contact me in social media with any questions or tag me if you made my recipe:). “[Dinner Solved!] As I grow older, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten picky with my drinks. This is not a strong screwdriver at all – just add more vodka if that’s what a cocktail means to you. Also, blood like … So a low carb, fizzy cocktail with no added sugar seems like a perfect compromise, that’s how I put together this Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail. Your email address will not be published. Liane Ritchie-Strong. Social and Cocktail says: Do that if you like the idea of a really herbaceous note in your drink). 2 oz. Sonila has 2 degrees in Engineering from University of Miami. One important thing – the juice has to be fresh squeezed – this isn’t a real question most of the time, since blood orange juice is pretty hard to come by in all but the most upscale of food retail places. Bright, zesty aromas head up a clean, citrus Gin. Slice the blood orange in half. Can’t wait to try this cocktail! Pomegranate juice is optional in this Blood Orange Pomegranate Screwdriver. But you can stick to the basics – blood orange juice and vodka, and still have a drink worth oohing and ahing over. And somehow it seems perfect for year round consumption- refreshing in the heat, and good for you in the winter with all the vitamin c. Me encanta que nos propongas un coctail sugar free y además con naranja! A little splash is all it takes to add sophistication and intrigue to all kinds of drinks. Copyright © 2020 Mediterranean Latin Love Affair on the Foodie Pro Theme. is quite frankly, the most helpful and inspiring family-friendly cookbook on shelves today.”. How To make a AntiFreeze. They were easy to make (vodka and oj), they didn’t require any unusual for fancy or costly mixers, and if you had one bottle of hard liquor in your apartment, it was probably vodka. Blood oranges are a popular alternative to naval oranges, particularly in the winter months when they come into season. I am a participant in the Amazon Services Associates program which is an affiliate advertising program. Thirdly, if you wanted, you could make ice cubes from additional pomegranate juice or blood orange juice which would add more sheer gorgeousness to this drink, but as you can see, this drink is not exactly wanting in the sheer gorgeousness department. This vodka cocktail not only sounds delish, it is also so pretty! I’ve never been one to make her own cocktail but this one may actually have to do. This fruity vodka martini was developed by Ketel One Vodka to feature the brand's Citroen Vodka. I don’t want to get into brand recommendations, but believe me a good vodka will make all the difference. ©2020 Workman Publishing Company. Especially since the outside is allowing the orange to masquerade as just another juice orange, ho hum, la de da. For more details, please see my Disclosure Policy. And you’ll probably want to check out the gorgeous pulp for yourself – it’s a little bit of a thrill when you cut into a blood orange and see the brilliant deep reddish orange-pink inside.

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