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But since you are the only Human that can see the difference between 120hz and 144hz on a Monitor, maybe you will notice something. CDN$ 397.99 CDN$ 397. Google what the latter does for the "non existing motion blur". Still no solution though. Ghosting and motionblur are not noticable. So I recently purchased a Zowie XL2411P gaming monitor it has a 144hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. On the first night it made me very motion sick. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. espr3ss0 27 inch 1800R curved gaming monitor with ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate designed for professional gamers and MOBA aficionados ASUS-exclusive Extreme Low Motion Blur for blur-free graphics and Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) technology for no-tearing visuals Posted in Graphics Cards, By I recently got a new AOC G2460PF monitor and the 144 hz is noticeable but it feels like there is increased motion blur especially when I swipe quickly in game (csgo), I do not have motion blur enabled and I am sure the monitor is set to 144hz thru windows settings. 27" Full HD gaming monitor with an ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates; Certified as G-SYNC Compatible, delivering a seamless, tear-free gaming experience by enabling VRR (variable refresh rate) by default. Tbh the "1ms" thing doesn't bug me, it's just a number. Waterhead It's easy! Hey there Shadow, you seem to be literally everywhere! Ships from United States. Alright let me give you a more specific example then: How about, the LG 34UC79G vs the Acer Z35 (or the similar ASUS panels)? Let's just accept that I'm in the market for high refresh rates, for whatever reason. Clevo W110er - 11.6" 768p, i5 3230m, 650m GT 2gb, OCZ vertex 4 256gb,  4gb ram. Gaming Display ASUS Official Store | Free Shipping and Financing Available ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ 23.6” Curved Monitor 1080P Full HD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz FreeSync 1ms Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) Eye Care DisplayPort Dual HDMI, 23.6-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) 1500R gaming monitor, 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms (MPRT) response time Started 10 minutes ago kyo_ Troubleshooting. Albeit without the curved screen. Home of the computer component that you see most, your Monitor. Stuck on VGA LED after restart/shut-down and shows a blank screen. Unfortunately the problems started with it immediately. It shouldn’t be any worse than the prior LG 34” ultrawides, but reviews also showed they were slow compared to others. There are no better Gaming Displays than IPS 144hz Gsync (freesync). Mila Welcome to Blur Busters UFO Motion Tests. personally would never touch a TN panel ever again, - my panel isnt even that fast its a PLS, Agreed. I can, of course, do as many tests as people would want but the short of it is that even on fast/est with MBR on even at slow speeds I am getting a ton of what I believe to be ghosting and trailing. 31.5-inch WQHD (2560x1440) 1500R gaming monitor with ultrafast 165Hz refresh rate (supports 144Hz) designed for professional gamers and immersive gameplay ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB ™) technology enables a 1ms response time (MPRT) together with Adaptive-sync, eliminating ghosting and tearing … It is blurry when not focused on but my eye can almsot track it. STAY AWAY from this monitor if you cant stand motionblur. It features ASUS-exclusive Extreme Low Motion Blur and Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync?) Yes, when I say I hate motion blur I really do mean it, haha. Incredible 1ms Rapid … Started 22 minutes ago I believe the 34UC79g-b is the same basic panel and rtings shows a 4.6ms 80% response time and a 13.5ms 100% response time. Like, disabling ULMB actually makes things "unplayable" for me (not really, but I can tell the difference a lot).Â. As for why IPS is better - 100% color accuracy - TN cannot go above 70% - even the best TNs can't get more than that. I call mine Big Bertha because she takes … Is this a good budget build? I splurged on a 4k 144hz monitor from ASUS and no dead pixels but I had this issue where I would get static while playing games, I know it was the monitor because I tried another monitor and didn't have that issue. Higher the monitor’s refresh rate, more frames per second (FPS) will it support resulting to a significantly smoother gaming experience. Use headphones / speakers across multiple devices. As you can see the ghosting on the newer LG 34GL750 is awful. at 960 pps the alien is not remotely visibly crisp in any way at either 60 or 120hz. This screen compares multiple framerates. Though my old IBM ThinkVision had a LOT of that - it was TN though. I've tried 6ms IPS and 45ms IPS - not a damn difference - response time is a MARKETING gimmick as Shadow pointed out. The question for me right now is whether the monitor is superior to the competition even at 144 Hz and Adaptive Sync Off. MBR On, 1920 PPS 120hz has a distinct ghost with some trailing. Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 2. Started 15 minutes ago The effect is the same in games. - http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/440190-can-we-start-calling-windows-10/page-6, Maybe its measurable, i cant see any if it.Â, Well, I'm really talking about fine details here, not something too obvious. qextr With advanced motion-blur reduction, this curved monitor has a super-fast 1ms MPRT (motion picture response time) for amazing gaming performance without motion blur across the entire screen. personally would never touch a TN panel ever again, - my panel isnt even that fast its a PLS, it possibly is, but honestly most people dont notice it, But you get better colour accuracy and viewing angles, since viewing angles are SHIT in TN that mattters with 27" size and up displays and with curved etc This produces an incredible image with stunning clarity and life-like fluid motion, so no matter how hectic the action gets, you can react faster with more precision. It just depends if a flat monitor is a deal-breaker for you personally. ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q Gaming Monitor – 63.5cm (24.5 viewable) Full HD (1920x1080), 144Hz, 1ms, IPS, G-Sync compatible, Extreme Low Motion Blur, … Gsync terminates tearing to 100%. Started 4 minutes ago - Duration: 6:29. The longer response time of a gaming monitor can lead to motion blur when playing fast-paced games. ? Let's not turn this into a debate, the purpose of this is to figure which panel has the minimal amount of blur/ghosting, not what you personally feel is "enough". Refresh rate means the … It's funny you keep bugging me about this when you're using standard 60hz monitors. When I play it seems to have this weird distortion, blurring or ghosting as I look around. For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "60hz gaming with no motion blur>144hz gaming with motion blur" - Page 3. This is MUCH easier on my eyes motion sick wise. And you can adjust the refresh rate to 60Hz/120Hz when needed. Overall for the price point it is ok. any suggestions to reduce the blur are appreciated (monitor settings, in game settings etc) Press J to jump to the feed. MBR On, 960PPS 120 hz produces a reasonably clear main alien but a ghost trail of 5-6 ghosts, all behind, MBR On, 960PPS 60hz produces ghosts both before and in front of the alien but looks fine in peripheral vision. The only reason I haven't is that I am not a monitor expert and I also don't yet have a GPU capable of freesync (pending on stock) so MAYBE by some miracle that could fix the issue, but I really can't wait for that unless I have good reason. ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync ELMB SYNC technology enables a 1ms response time MPRT together with Adaptive-sync, eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates. Nothing fixes it, even fastest and MBR on produces trailing and ghosts at 960 PPS. TN is bad and it should feel bad. Enough time wasted here. Acer … Started 26 minutes ago It's the one thing I can't stand.. hehe. Even the crappiest IPS display is better than a TN, Archangel (Desktop) CPU: i5 4590 GPU:Asus R9 280  3GB RAM:HyperX Beast 2x4GBPSU:SeaSonic S12G 750W Mobo:GA-H97m-HD3 Case:CM Silencio 650 Storage:1 TB WD RedCelestial (Laptop 1) CPU:i7 4720HQ GPU:GTX 860M 4GB RAM:2x4GB SK Hynix DDR3Storage: 250GB 850 EVO Model:Lenovo Y50-70Seraph (Laptop 2) CPU:i7 6700HQ GPU:GTX 970M 3GB RAM:2x8GB DDR4Storage: 256GB Samsung 951 + 1TB Toshiba HDD Model:Asus GL502VTWindows 10 is now MSX! technologies for incredible gameplay without tearing and stuttering. Sign up for a new account in our community. The worst of this is that even at 120hz with MBR on, if I take and drag around the discord window for instance it will create the most heinous instant motion sickness inducing trailing/ghosting around the text. Posted in Troubleshooting, By 1ms means nothing when it comes to motion blur, it all depends on how the monitor handles the pixels, best to read TFTCentral reviews on the monitors in question and compare the ghosting benchmarks, and total lag time (dont forget about input and display lag not just pixel response times), I'm looking everywhere for some reviews of those new 144hz IPS panels... Are they out yet? Off looks terrible. The Strix XG27VQ is a 27 inch curved gaming monitor with an engaging 144Hz refresh rate. Started 5 minutes ago On the monitor, at 144hz it did look closer that what my Plasma TV can produced, but there was motion blur and still pretty bad. Limit 2 per customer. Started 16 minutes ago Meh. On my racing SIM I could tell 120 vs 144 90% of the time. My pc is more than capable of handling the 144hz refresh rate and my frames are well over the refresh at a steady 180-230 FPS in Rainbow six siege … Well, that's just what you think  I've already done a blind test with a friend as a joke, it first started as a 60 vs 144 then moved up to 100, then 120. I guess I'll make a quick comparison here. 144 Monitor Motion Blur. 32-inch WQHD 2560x1440 1800R curved gaming monitor with ultrafast 144Hz refresh rate designed for professional gamers and immersive gameplay. This is the GL750 one:https://imgur.com/a/OePRQto, Old monitor Samsung SyncMaster 950D:https://imgur.com/a/Ne1WedJ. 6:29 . If the image is moving "normally" I don't notice anything but if it's moving too fast I can definitely tell the difference between 120hz vs 144hz for example. I guess I could try that, but the whole thing kind of confuses me. at 1920 PPS, the 120hz actually looks WORSE with MBR Off. As for why IPS is better - 100% color accuracy - TN cannot go above 70% - even the best TNs can't get more than that. zeli_666 Last week I bought my first 144hz monitor, an LG 34GL750-b. So if 5ms is essentially best case on the monitor, even this can produce some blurring at 144hz, and most pixel transitions are likely slower than this figure , potentially too slow to keep up with 144hz properly, as the prior models were. Been waiting and researching for too long... Btw, I'll probably never use G-Sync/Freesync because those usually don't work with motion blur reduction techniques and it's not like I'm letting my games drop bellow 100fps so there's minimal tearing. I had a friend come look this weekend and he thought he could see a bit of blur but still felt that the high refresh looked distinctly better. I have a 144hz ips gsync display my friend. 60hz alien at 1920 PPS looks bad when I try to track it, but when I focus elsewhere on the screen I do get skipping freeze-frame like pieces of clarity. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Define "feel bad" and "better". Powered by Invision Community, Mac Pro 2,1 (flashed) OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan 64-bit (NAS, Plex, HTTP Server, Game Servers),  2x Intel Xeon X5365 @ 3.3Ghz (FSB OC) |Â,  OWC 16Gb (8x2Gb) ECC-FB DDR2 @ 1333mhz |Â,  WD Black Series 3Tb, 2x WD Black Series 1Tb, WD Blue 2Tb |Â, MSI 780ti 16GB Vengeance Pro 2400mhz Crucial MX100 512gb Samsung Evo 250gb 2 TB WD Green, AOC Q2770PQU 1440p 27" monitor. I know IPS looks awesome, but not so much for faster movement. It has nothing to do with your not existing motion blur... Gsync is insane and i never wanna miss it again. Is that the cause of my issues then?? I'll try to give verbal explanations below with an assumption that the monitor is currently set at 120hz just for testing: Off, Normal, and Fast all look pretty much the same at both 60 and 120 hz. I never ever had these issues with my old 60hz monitor. Easy on the eyes. Started 10 minutes ago CruxYo For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "60hz gaming with no motion blur>144hz gaming with motion blur" - Page 2. Minimal Motion Blur. Gdourado I've tried 6ms IPS and 45ms IPS - not a damn difference - response time is a MARKETING gimmick as Shadow pointed out. Multiple Framerates. I have not noticed any motion blur - I've used 2 laptops and 2 desktop Dell screens - never had an issue. Unfortunately the problems started with it immediately. Asus VG248QG 24” Gaming Monitor, 1080P Full HD, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), G-SYNC Compatible, 0.5ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Eye Care, DisplayPort HDMI DVI,Black 4.7 out of … Yes I realize that. It's funny you keep bugging me about this when you're using standard 60hz monitors. Features such as Game Mode option, 1ms Motion Blur Reduction and many other can uplift your gaming experience to a next level . There is no "not existing motion blur". ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQR 31.5” Curved Gaming Monitor 144Hz 1440P FreeSync 2 HDR Eye Care with DP HDMI. Motion blur/Ghosting on a 144hz monitor. My eyes are trained for high refresh rates and smooth fast movements. Codelife Recommended for you. 8700 and Vega 56. I'm also not too bothered with ghosting, but what about motion blur? Blur Busters UFO Motion Tests with ghosting test, 30fps vs 60fps, 120hz vs 144hz vs 240hz, PWM test, motion blur test, judder test, benchmarks, and more. I really really hope what you're saying is true and I can finally grab a new monitor. At the end of the day, I just can't deal with this. If using a 120Hz monitor, then 120fps is automatically added to this test (30fps vs 60fps vs 120fps) in supported browsers. My new main until further notice, cant wait till they refresh this monitor tho with USB 3.0 Pass through and a new design. 99. I assume this is a visual representation of overshoot? Still looking for a damn high refresh Ultrawide that won't be a blur fest compared to my little 1ms TN panel :'(. Motion Blur in game is off Monitor Response is Normal (tried fast & faster just because) V-sync On & Off Change AF to every setting Nvidia Control Panel says 144Hz I've seen some posts mention an option on a monitor like "Tracefree". If you are looking for gaming monitors in India, LG 24GM79G 60.96cm (24) Class Full HD Gaming Monitor can be an ideal choice for you. Posted in Cooling, Linus Media Group Thanks for the reply. Started Just now Acer Gaming Monitor 27 Inches KG271 Cbmidpx 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate AMD FREESYNC Technology (Display Port, HDMI & DVI Ports) 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,558. codefined It makes me physically ill while gaming or even just doing productivity stuff (scrolling webpages). RTXPyrex I confused you with the other guy above then, my apologies. And it seems like the only IPS monitor even close to getting the 100% response close to that ~6ms range is the new lg 27. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services, Simple question: Which of the two technologies would have less ghosting and motion blur, on those new 144hz+ monitors?Â, Depends on the specific display,, there is no way to be definitive without directly comparing 2 specific screens as not all IPS or AMVA screens are the sameÂ, Desktop - Corsair 300r i7 4770k H100i MSI 780ti 16GB Vengeance Pro 2400mhz Crucial MX100 512gb Samsung Evo 250gb 2 TB WD Green, AOC Q2770PQU 1440p 27" monitor Laptop Clevo W110er - 11.6" 768p, i5 3230m, 650m GT 2gb, OCZ vertex 4 256gb,  4gb ram, Server: Fractal Define Mini, MSI Z78-G43, Intel G3220, 8GB Corsair Vengeance, 4x 3tb WD Reds in Raid 10, Phone Oppo Reno 10x 256gb , Camera Sony A7iii.

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