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It is the second-largest body of ice in the world and accounts for 10 percent of the world’s fresh water. greenland winter. This, coupled with our trademark colourful houses poking out of the wintry landscape, completes the unique and iconic scene of Greenlandic winter. These temperatures are only advisory and are averages over a period of years. There is a noticeable shift in the weather in April and May, but we do not really refer to it as Spring, as it’s not characterised by blooming flowers and trees leafing out – it’s more melting snow and higher temperatures. 8 Best Vegan & Vegetarian Cafés in London, 10 Best South/South-East Asia Destinations for Chill Yet Adventurous Budget Travel. See you in the winter. These temperatures are only advisory and are averages over a period of years. We will go through a number of risky moments that you, as a guest in Greenland, should be particularly aware of, in order that you can have a safe and secure trip. Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Nuuk – Greenland for November 2020. Experiencing Greenland from the air provides a new perspective of the enormous size of the country, and the conditions for life in the Arctic. Rental companies and tour operators are aplenty and they are available all over the country. As sailing is not an option during the windy and chilly winters, summers are a perfect time to sail the glorious fjords of Greenland. Seasons in Greenland are different to the seasons you probably know from back home. Icebergs are one of the Big Arctic Five experiences in Greenland, and you can see them by the thousands from air, water, or land at the Ilulissat Icefjord. The dogs and humans share a unique bond and those furry friends are so much more than pets to them. This is why winter is possibly the perfect time to visit it. A visit to Greenland during serene winter nights is an experience like no other, largely due to its excellent location on the aurora belt to catch sight of those famed Northern Lights – it's one of the best in the world. From there, visitors can embark on an adventure to the giant Russel Glacier that will take them through the valley veins created by the retreating ice. Modern Greenland is a diverse, geographically extensive society with an adventurous population. If you’re planning a Mediterranean vacation, Northern Cyprus is a beautiful option to consider. Is it safe to travel via Turkish Airlines? In a country with extensive permafrost and just a tiny bit of arable land, Greenlanders get creative with flavors from both land and sea. On top of that, kayaking and taking boat tours are also a fantastic way to sail along the ice-covered shores. In Nuuk, the capital, average winter temperatures are only −9 °C (16 °F). On the other hand, the humidity is very low here. The sun in Ilulissat never sets from approximately May 21 to July 23. Keep your memories close to your heart as reindeer horn, soapstone and muskox wool turn into souvenirs like symbolic statues, beautiful jewelry and clothing for you to carry home. Some of the world's most beautiful and amazing airports are here. Here you can find everything you need to know about the ferry. During these months the days are mostly dark, with only a couple of hours of daylight though sometimes there is no light at all. Experience colossal icebergs grounded in the Ilulissat Icefjord or find them along Greenland’s coastline like floating sculptures. Of course you do – that’s totally normal. Although the COVID pandemic has us locked inside, it doesn't mean you should not plan your next winter holiday because things can change for... We don’t all have the luxury of an unlimited cash supply. This made me think that, ‘finally we are in the middle of the winter’. The gorges wind through the endless ice, tightly nestled between crystalline ice walls. Best Places to Visit in Europe when you are on a Budget. Are there any special holidays or events in the winter? Though the locals are accustomed to this extraordinary occurrence, first-time visitors to Greenland will surely find it mesmerizing. The snowmobile tours usually incorporate a visit to the Oqaatsut, a small Greenlandic settlement outside Ilulissat. The sea near Ilulissat is always very cold; in winter, it sometimes freezes completely, while at other times it can be partially clear of ice, as usually happens in summer. Flight delays are less painful inside a gorgeous, well-designed airport. Greenland’s major physical feature is its massive ice sheet, which is second only to Antarctica’s in size. Step By Step Guide To Get Mobile Phone Service In Thailand, 7 Ways to Unlock the Best Deal on Spirit Airlines. Explore Greenland on skis and get access to the snowy backcountry on both short, easy runs around many towns, and on longer trips with guides. Greenland is a true winter wonderland for most of the year. 6 years ago. The temperatures in summer become higher and the air is noticeably warmer. The Greenlandic roots are an exciting mix of various immigrating peoples and their ability to adapt to the Arctic challenges on the world’s largest island. Take a look at our. Last night I dreamed about Iceland. Although the average temperatures don’t exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you will probably feel as if it were much warmer because of so little humidity in the air. Snowmobiles are an integrated part of everyday life in Greenland, they give us freedom and mobility during the winter, and we use snowmobiles for transportation, work and sports. It typically has short, cool summers and long, moderately cold winters. The average temperature in Nuuk in February is 14 degrees Fahrenheit, though the temperature can go lower. Until recently, locals and hunters were reluctant to receive visitors on board the sleds but luckily, times have changed. How Long does Winter Last in Greenland? The times of sunrise and sunset in Greenland are significantly influenced by the country's very northern position in the hemisphere. We only really have two definitive seasons – a long winter and a short summer. As long as you dress right, you can enjoy the magic of Greenlandic winter in comfort and style. The winter darkness (three to four hours' daylight) … But winter temperatures vary greatly between regions, and in places where conditions are very dry and still, like Kangerlussuaq, -40ºC does not feel as bad as it sounds! The best way to experience the towns and natural wonders of Greenland is through the eyes of a local guide who lives there. Snow carpets every city, town and settlement in fluffy white. Greenland winters can be fierce and the temperatures may drop to – 68°F, especially in the North of the island. In December and January, the light might emerge on the horizon for an hour at best and in February it might last for two and a half hours. The most populated parts are South Greenland and West Greenland where the capital Nuuk is located. Discover (and save!) Take an adventure and dive among whales and icebergs in the glow of the midnight sun. Greenland in winter. A special bonus to the winter wonders is the incredible Aurora Borealis. Tourist flights, boat trips, and the only road to the Greenland Ice Sheet bring one of only two polar ice caps in the world directly to your doorstep. , which is the day on which towns and settlements above the Arctic Circle see the sun again, sometimes after months of darkness. In cold weather, layering is the key. To begin with, the ice sheet in Greenland covers 1.7 million square kilometers. The transition from winter into spring happens very quickly in Greenland (mid April to mid June at best). But do not fear – this doesn’t mean that we are freezing cold and off-limits for most of the year. During summer the nights are bright throughout Iceland and in June the sun in the north never fully goes down. There are so many interesting things to do that you will probably have a hard time deciding what to do first. See more ideas about Greenland, Greenland travel, Scenery. Summer is a season of the midnight sun, while winter is for dog sledding, northern lights, ski trips, and star gazing. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, as it is scientifically called, … Today, you can hop on the sleds and whizz through the icy deserts as you sit behind an experienced musher. Of course, winter adventures in Greenland don’t idly dwell on the vistas alone. In the cities, short days mean warm lights in windows and long, cosy evenings enjoying local cuisine and culture. Do such cruises exist? You can see the lights, which are caused by solar winds, almost anywhere in Greenland from September through March. Ski touring in Greenland is an active backcountry experience dominated by silence, grandeur, and first runs from peak to beach. With up to approximately 21:20 hours the longest days happen in Juni. Not only is the ice sheet in Greenland one of the oldest in the world but some parts of it are even the thickest. It is a big day of celebration, but it happens on a different date depending on where you are, so make sure to check if you want to be a part of it. Behind Greenland's largest travel site is the Visit Greenland that is 100% owned by the Government of Greenland, who is responsible for marketing the country's adventures and opportunities for guests wishing to visit the world's largest island. If you know where you want to go or what you want to do, head to. This phenomenon is also called the midnight sun and it refers to the period between late April to late August when the sun never actually sets. 10 Most Beautiful And Amazing Airports In The World ! Of all of the experiences that you could possible have on a visit to Greenland, dog … The Norsemen inhabited Greenland for more than 400 hundred years and created a tradition of farming which today has become a corner stone of everyday life in Southern Greenland. Greenland’s coastline is absolutely riddled with fjords and inlets, through which the magnificent ice sheet seeps out into the surrounding oceans. The 10 Best Romantic Getaways in Tennessee Mountains, The Best Non-Touristy Things to Do in Florence, How to Find Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights. Unlike long polar nights in winter, summers in Greenland are characterized by perpetual sunlight. Even the regular daily routines need adjustments, let alone long-distance travels. This is the time when hiking and cycling become the activities of choice for many tourists. You come in a period where there is sunshine during the day, and it is also warmer than in the coldest months. Although brief, summers are really intense and enjoyable. Greenland winter daylight hours usually never last for more than a couple of hours. On the other hand, it freezes during winter with temperatures getting as low as -10 °C (14˚F). The shift from winter to summer in Greenland is strong, so spring is an intense period in Greenland, where, day by day, you can see how the winter snow melts away, the days get longer, the nights are brighter, and everything germinates. The winter months cover the period between December throughout March. Average air temperature in Greenland at spring is -10 °C (14 °F) and March is completely winter month in terms of weather conditions or tourism value.

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