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or should it say 4ohm stable because thats what my subs are showing? I was thinking about getting the orion hcca 2000.2. In your amplifier's case, you'd need to have a 12-volt supply capable of passing at least 15 amperes of current. The important consideration is that since subwoofers need more power to reproduce low-frequency sounds, an amplifier or receiver needs to be able to output enough power to sustain bass effects reproduced by the subwoofer without draining the receiver's or amplifier's power supply. It’s a great complement to a pair of larger bookshelf speakers or standard sized floor standing speakers. I have a Kicker 1200.1 amp currently running 2 12" Infinity 1232s at 4ohms. If you have any questions and want straight answers, contact our advisors via phone, chat, or email. its rated 2000 watts at 1 ohm, 1300 watts at 2 0hms and 650 watts at 4 ohms. I've purchased from Crutchfield several times. Can you give me the correct wiring diagram? Would I be OK to wire it as you show and connect the + of coil 2 to the - of coil 2 and then connect the amp outputs in parallel to produce a combined 4 ohm load that the amp could handle? Hi Buck, I have a Kicker KX1200.1 Amplifier that is rated at 1200 watts x 1 ohm. Looking to run (2) Kicker CWRT8 2 ohm subwoofers and was wondering what would be a good amp for this setup? You've got lots of different ways to hook up this combination. NS-03G is a sub power amplifier for passive subwoofer. They are at a max of 2000w,1000w to rack speaker and 500 rims per speaker. First let’s check the dictionary’s definition of an ohm. Wire two 4-ohm DVC subs this way, add a 2-channel amp, and your car will be the "Temple of Boom!". Thank you! The amp will be able to put out 160 watts RMS to the sub in this configuration. Ur AWESOME! Also the wiring key shows that I need to split my RCA's is this necessary? I was thinking about adding a cap also to try and help keep the lights from dimming. I just purchased 2 JL audio 12W0v3-4 subwoofers. Joel, If you are referring to Kenwood's KFC-W3016PS, rated at 400 watts RMS - never use peak specs - then two of them would sound best with an amplifier that can put out between 600 and 1200 watts RMS at 2 ohms, like a Pioneer GM-D9601. to Pyle PLPW15D 2000w peak 1000w rms ? Because of this, DVC subwoofers offer more wiring options than SVC speakers. Jay, It is possible to power a dual voice coil sub with one amp per coil, but to avoid distortion, both amps must be gain-matched and play identical signals. Thanks. I have a 4000 watt amp running one 4 ohm SVC sub. If that's so for your sub, you'd wire it to that amp like this. But performance in the real world is affected by the acoustics of your car or home, your choice of amplification, and your source material. And that power require any changes in car battery or alternator ? I pulled out the subs to see how they are wired and they appear to be wired so they show 1 ohm at the amp. Scan the chart for 2 subwoofers, then find the matching ohm level and voice coil type. I get the best amp for them is a two channel amp and understand the best way to wire them up. Dayton offers a 1000 at 4ohm. I was thinking wiring the subwoofer in parallel to create 2ohms and then connecting in bridge mode. Can I hook up a much higher or lower wattage subwoofer since its powering itself? Just be sure to set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays. Danny, The only safe way to wire that gear together is like this diagram. What watt and channel amp should i get to put 100w on each speaker and what ohm do I wire them at? Hi, But you should be alright as long as you set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays. I have a question, i currently have 2 GW3-12 Power Acoustik subs and i need help picking out an amp to help run the system. Most 2-channel amps can't drive loads lower than 4 ohms when bridged, and don't have enough power to drive 2 subs. DJ, That amp is a mono one-channel amp and the best way to wire it to that sub is. I'm trying to figure out what watt or brand amp I should get , any options you'd recommend ? And I'm pretty sure I need to upgrade the amp, any good suggestions for these subs? This article describes how to adjust your amplifier so that your subwoofer sounds just the way you want it to. Many others have used marine applications to protect from elements. Chris, I think Diamond Audio only makes dual voice coil (DVC) subs. - 2 OHM Stable circuits Check Crutchfield out first! Stanley, Your SVC 4-ohm subwoofer rated for 300 watts RMS will work best with an amplifier that can put out between 225 and 450 watts RMS into 4 ohms, like a Kicker CXA600.1. Also which do you think is best for them without breaking the bank. So if I wire them parallel the impedance drops to 2 ohms right? 2. Hi, 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Luke, Two SVC 4-ohm subs rated for 400 watts RMS each will work best with an amplifier that can put out between 600 and 1200 watts RMS into a 2-ohm load, like a Rockford Fosgate, Benny, Your mono, 1-channel amp has 2 sets of speaker output terminals, wired together inside the amp, for convenience. A single sub is pretty easy to hook up, there are a lot of reasonably priced models to choose from, and it won't take up too much room (although a 15" sub isn't exactly small!) Amplifiers usually operate best and are rated within a specified range, like between 6 and 12 ohms. If you have two parallel lines, it usually means they run next to each other but never touch. I have two kicker comp VR 12 inch DVC subs (model #10cvr124 rated I believe at 400rms each) and I want to run a mono block amp to push these well. Christopher, Wired like this, any mono subwoofer amplifier that can put out from 1100 to 2100 watts RMS into 2 ohms will work well. I have two 10 inch Rockford fosgate p1 subs and a kicker kxa mono amplifier do I still follow the diagram here because I shorted out my last kicker amp doing it that way and idk how to wire them with a sealed box and both subs have their own cubbie so to speak. Troy, That amp will be able to send that 400-watt rated sub up to 1360 watts RMS, which is more than enough to blow it to smithereens, even with the gain turned down. Nelson, Two SVC 2-ohm subs can only get wired together to form a 1-ohm or a 4-ohm load, so you cannot optimize the amp's output using those subs. I have that fast boot android head unit. Do you think this is enough power or should I go with more? Jason, Two DVC 4-ohm subs can only get wired together to form a one-ohm load, a 4-ohm load, or a 16-ohm load. Thank you. Chris, The only thing I can think of is that you're not bridging your amplifiers' correctly. It seems you're buying your gear without knowing how it'll work together or how to wire it and now want free advice. It is capable of 2 ohms 1200x1 watts rms or 4 ohms 600x1 watts rms. Passive subwoofers require an additional power source like a receiver or amplifier. shoukld i ignore the 4 0hms hook ups as a waste considering what i have ? The higher the ohm, the more resistance. Do I just wire each output to each speaker? I have JL Audio CP208LG-W3v. Hello, I have a 4 CH amp (Pioneer GM-D8704) that is currently connected to 2x 6x9 100 w RMS on Ch A working really nice. This is a 2 channel amplifier How big of a deal are the size specs for the subwoofers in general? But I can't be sure, not knowing what your #1 amp is. And is it cheaper to use a mono amp vs 2/4 channel amp (on a $150 - 350 budget)?? My amp even though is a mono has 2 speaker outputs. Michael, You want the DVC 2-ohm subs, so you can wire them to the amp like this. Each channel connects to one speaker. I have a kicker kx600.1 amp but it's broken I was wondering if u have to buy the same amp in order for the subwoofers to work.Or can I buy a different brand with the same watts? Best wiring solution too please. I wired them in to 2 Ohms and using a Power Acoustik Caliber CB1.4500D. Product Features: The first amp you mention can send the sub up to 220 watts RMS, and the second one 200 watts RMS. This can be a CD player, music streamer, record player or even a computer or phone. Hi Buck, great articles, always a good read to educate myself on car audio...anyways I thought I matched my sub and amp correctly but apparently I have a problem (so I need to run some diagnostics). Hugo, The speakers, amps, subs, and receivers in a system can be any brand you want, they do not have to be the same. Have 2 kicker dvc 4 ohm subs and a kicker dxa 250.1 amp what is the best way to wire. How many channels? Without knowing precisely what the RMS rating of the subs you're referring to, we can't help you with advice. 1. I haven't built a system in almost 20 years and just want to be sure I'm doing the best thing for my trucks electrical system. Their toll-free number would on your invoice. I have a Skar Audio 12inch sub, it's RMS is 800 watts running and dual 2 ohms. Thank you! If you purchase your equipment elsewhere, you can still get expert Crutchfield Tech Support - 90 days-worth for only $30. It isn't that 2-channel amps are better for running a subwoofer, it's that often it's a more efficient use of power. There are many ways to connect subwoofers to an amplifier. Dillon, Kicker makes that subwoofer in 2-ohm models, a pair can get wired as a half-ohm or a 2-ohm load, and 4-ohm models, which can be wired as 1-ohm or 4-ohm loads. In the audio world, the word “channel” refers to the stream of data on one line, or in the case of amplifiers, one cable of power. Is this amplifier correct to push just these two subs? 500 watts RMS at 4 ohms, 800 watts RMS at 2 ohms, and 1200 watts RMS at 1 0hm. Any suggestions? If you have the DVC 2-ohm subs, the only safe way to wire one to one of those amp is like this diagram. Thank you in advance.. Will and amp with a single channel 2 ohm 300 watt rating power two 4 ohm 12's with 150 watts each if I run them on the same port? The classic jet ash vinyl veneer finish creates a deceivingly subtle exterior for its room-rocking capabilities. Rock on. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wiring two 4-ohm voice coils to the two terminals of a mono amp is the same as wiring them in parallel, resulting in a 2-ohm load. If not. Getting hands-on with our products helps us pick what's best for our customers. I have a pioneer ts-3003d4 12" championship pro sub. Do i bridge the subs over the 2 channels? They both take 500w power so however i wire it im assuming the connection at the amp is going to have to be at 2ohms so i can get the 1000w out of the single channel amp to power my subs. I have two Kenwood pxw1001b 10 inch preload sub boxes, what would be a good amp you offer for this set up? When you wire the subs as shown in the diagram below, the total impedance will be four ohms. Alfredo, Those two DVC 4-ohm 600 watts RMS rated subs will work best with an amplifier that can put out from 900 to 1800 watts RMS at 4 ohms or 1 ohm. I also have an mtx 7500 svc 4-ohm 12 that I could hook up if that would be better for some reason. Thank you in advance. But when I bridge it per the amps instructions, I get no power. If your sub needs a power boost, you have a passive subwoofer. Is there any harm in getting dual subs that run at 800W or 1000W with my amp providing 1200W? What specifications should I be looking for in a two channel amp so that I will have enough power to bridge the channels in order to run these subs as shown above? Installed in ported box with a output for each speaker. Will this be compatible with a 600 watt rms 4 ohm DVS sub if hooked up parallel? If the cable is split on one end (a y-cable for both right and left channels), then plug in both the R and L ports on the subwoofer. If you no longer wish to receive the call, please click the button to cancel your request. Let’s start with some terminology: This does not refer to the channels that you switch between on your TV while trying to find the Lakers game, and it does not refer to a channel that is filled with water. I came to Crutchfield in 1999. Trying to figure out the best amp to fit the bill. My issue is wiring. I've always had my expectations met with the Crutchfield family. Hey buck I have two diamond d6d12d4 4 ohm speakers at 600 watts RMS each and and Sony xplod 1200watt 2 channel amp (untill I upgrade) with the specs of 200 watts x 2 into 4 ohms (20Hz to 20kHz, 0.1% THD) For example, this amplifier may be perfect for you. Mason, Alpine Type R subs come in DVC 2-ohm and DVC 4-ohm models. The built-in discrete MOSFET amplifier and 12-inch fiber-composite woofer are as efficient as they are reliable. It adopts TPA3116D2 chip and can offer 100W high power. Does it split the 500 down to 250/sub or am I going to fry these paper weights? If you get an amplifier with speaker-level inputs, like the amp I suggested, then you won't need any line output converters. I would like some advice on what amplifier I should purchase. Each subwoofer gets one channel, so each subwoofer gets 350 watts to it. I've been a writer for car audio and fitness tech at Crutchfield since 2005. Hi quick question. NS-03G is a sub power amplifier for passive subwoofer. I hope to get an answer from an expert like you. Somy, You could use a 4-channel amp to power a couple of speakers with the front channels while powering the sub from bridged rear channels. The basic difference is this: a preamp boosts a weaker signal to line level, while an amplifier boosts a line level signal so that it can be sent to speakers. Should i go for 2channel or mono amplifier? Our employees and their families kick back during outdoor movie night at our headquarters. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Rated at 250w Rms Once you get past the basic question of the size and number of subs you want in your system, you need to decide on the type of sub(s) and the type of amplifier(s) you'll use. Can I connect 4ch amplifier 4x 100W to dual channel 400W speaker? I have two older 1200w sony xplods I'm wanting to put in my truck, any recommendations on what kind of amp i need? Steven, Your two DVC 4-ohm subs rated for 400 watts RMS each will work best with an amplifier that can put out between 600 and 1200 watts RMS at 1 ohm or 4 ohms. The hands-on experience I get with car stereos while doing video production is an invaluable aid to me in learning about their exciting features. Raramai, That amplifier will work with one of those subs just fine, wired like this diagram. However, you could bridge each of the channels together, making it a 2 channel amplifier. I want to get 2 10 inch subwoofers that get the most out of the amp without stressing it. In this configuration, the amp should put out 236 watts RMS, 118 watts to each sub. A SVC subwoofer has one voice coil and one set of terminals, one positive (+) and one negative (-). Definitely recommend them. I'm looking to build a box with 2x 12" and 1x 15" subs any good suggestions for speaker/ amp combo in the $500 ballpark..? I have a JL Audio JX 1000/1D amp . Teo, Your two subs are wired out of phase of each other. Looking 4 an amplifier recommendations. "2-ohm stable" means that each channel of the amp will safely work with loads as low as 2 ohms - no problem with higher impedances. I have a pioneer ts-w256dvc sub with 800 peak power and 350 RMS what amp should I use for just the single sub. Space is not an issue with the rear. They will be installed in a 1999 honda civic sedan. ?Most of the people are confused to choose the amplifier among this variety of amplifiers available in the … 1 pos to neg and then bring the other pos and neg to amp. Is your amplifier stable at 2 ohms when bridged? Powered subwoofers require an electrical outlet to power their built-in … And i have a mmats 1400.2 amp 2 ohm. Most 2-channel amps won't. Usually there are no benefits in using a 2-channel amp to drive a subwoofer system. David, Under-powering subwoofers by itself will cause no damage - playing clipped distorted signals can. They face down towards the floor. P.S: want the best, the louder and the cleaner sound. And a single DVC 4-ohm sub can only be wired as an 8-ohm or a 2-ohm load. With two subs, this is a great way to get the pounding bass you're looking for. I have 2, 12in pioneer DVC 4ohm 1200w peak. Martin. Hi! If you have two subwoofers and two channels, you would look at the “1 Sub” section, because each sub gets its own channel. It may produce twice the volume you presently have, so be careful. Meaning as long as one wire is on positive and the other on negative, it should be fine. RMS vs. Sidney, It's my understanding that Kicker Comp 12" subs are SVC 4-ohm subs, not DVC. Lets choose the 2 ohm stable amp to get the most power. These subs will each be in sealed boxes. Comments will display after being approved by our moderators. Monoprice is launching their M-215 subwoofer with a 2kW amplifier and two high-excursion 15" drivers. I have two Rockford Fosgate Prime R2D4-12s and a JL Audio RD900/5 amplifier . I'm planning on getting 2 TS-SW3002S4 pioneers I dident know what would be the best amp and how to wire them together in there separate boxes because they are shallow mount subs thanks they say they are 400 rms apiece. lastly i have a mtx 7801 thunder mono block rated at 400 watts at 4 ohms, 800 watts at 2 ohms and 1200 watts at one ohm. I saw the specs on the amp and saw that it pushed out more RMS to the subs under a 2 ohm load. Subwoofers come in two varieties: passive and active. If the amp is inside the sub, i.e. Without knowing precisely what sub you're referring to, we can't help you with advice. Having trouble picking the right amp. By checking the specs of your amp and speakers, you can find out whether they’re compatible. I'm getting 2 12" kenwood subwoofer that's are a 1000 watts each. So if you have two channels, each at 2 ohms, and then bridge them together, it turns into four ohms (I will address ohms soon, so don’t worry!). Preamplifier Vs. Power Amplifier. A two channel amplifier can be wired in a few different ways because it has two channels which you can bridge together to create one channel. I have 4 skar audio 3000 watt speakers and a rockville audio 8000 watt amp wat is the best way to hook them up where they will pull the power they need. Looking for a suitable amp for a dl10x electro voice gold edition. Hey. And also want to replace 4 factory speakers, add other 2 close to the subs and 2 pair of tweeter, which type and how many amp should I run to achieve the best quality sound? 230W rms x 2 @ 2ohm Brian, Ordinarily, you shouldn't wire different impedance subwoofers together to the same amplifier, but you only mentioned the number of voice coils each sub has. But if you have two DVC 4-ohm subs rated for 500 watts RMS each, and they're wired together as a 1-ohm load, then a great amp would be a Pioneer GM-9601, which can output up to 1200 watts RMS at 1 ohm. Check the diagram below for how to hook it up. You take a single current path and arrange it among all of the components. Sir i am thinking of installing 2 pioneer TS-1211D4 in my car. Whichever way, it sounds like you may benefit from checking out Tuning your subs for some guidance in setting amplifier gain. Is it ok to have a dvc sub and a svc sub in the same box.two different brands.just starting out in this audio thing,just want to make sure I don't ruin my subs or amps. Hi, I want to set up a sound system for a 4x4 wagon, want to blast at the beach and etc...want 2 powerful subs, I'm in doubt about running a 2ch or a mono amp. Thank you in advance. Please help. James Larson — October 01, 2019 00:00 in Subwoofer …

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