sony a6000 astrophotography lens

It comes equipped with autofocus which works fantastically and extremely fast. ISO 100 and 200 show the heaviest amount of grain and a fairly strong color shift towards the green. And that is it for this list, folks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 77,00 EUR. It took a little bit of trial and error to find the best settings, but overall, the a6000 served its purpose well that night and I’m very happy with its performance, even with the f/4 lens. When it comes to best lens for Sony a6000, there are so many options that it can be a little overwhelming to choose one. The FE 24mm f1.4 GM, which is also called SEL24F14GM, delivers you a wide field-of-view, wider than 28mm without the distortion related to wider options. The tilt screen of the a6000 is standard by most measures but allows for low-slung landscape shots, a must-have feature in my opinion for astrophotography. In January I embarked on a personal challenge to spend #100NightsUnderTheStars. Back to top #2 Cajundaddy Cajundaddy. The f/4 aperture of the 10-18mm lens really gave me a challenge at first. The G masters series is described to have “supreme blend of high resolution and beautiful bokeh” and this lens lives up to this claim. If you are looking to upgrade, I would highly recommend this telephoto. Are you looking for a best lens for Sony a6000? It’s compact, it offers a lot of customizability, has a good selection of low f/number lenses available and at its price point, is within reach of most photographers on a budget. Is anyone doing astrophotography with Sony's APS-C-format mirrorless ILCs? The lens also has built-in Optical SteadyShot; thus you can use it as a decent video lens as well. Fast telephoto camera lenses are always quite expensive, and this is no exception. All with the Laowa 15mm lens and Sony a7III at ISO 3200. Also, for focus aids, you get focus magnification and peaking. The a6000 has an APS-C sensor with 24.3 Megapixels, 11 frame per second continuous burst, ISO up to 25600, 1080p video up to 60 frames per second and Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for sharing photos. The Sony a6000 (Amazon / B&H) is almost always one of my first recommendations. Are you looking for a best lens for Sony a6000? From that point on, to compensate for the high f/number, I started dialing in longer shutter time. In order to more fully characterize the a6000’s low-light sensor noise performance at different ISO settings, I decided to run an ISO-invariance test. Copyright 2013-2020 Ian Norman and Diana Southern. After our brief romp in the cold, I started packing up for the night, thinking that we had captured all we would be able to see but Diana convinced me otherwise. Like other Sony Alpha cameras, the a6000 can have most of its buttons assigned to a custom function. Started by Michael ... topic starter; Posts: 6,685; Joined: 13 May 2014; Loc: Athens, Georgia, USA; Posted 02 April 2017 - 10:19 PM. Versions of the lens are available for full frame Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax cameras. Other than that one caveat, great lens. She wanted to try one more stop along the road as we started to return towards Anchorage. For astrophotography, I carry the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 12-24mm f/4 G, the Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8, and now, the low light monster Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was so mesmerized by the display that I never bothered to switch to the Sony a7II that I had originally intended to use. I would recommend this to hobbyists and beginners; professionals might want to look at other entries. Its come down to two cameras at the moment, that being the Sony A6000 and the new Nikon D55000, both with a standard 15 -55 lens. Your email address will not be published. With heavier lenses, the mount doesn’t feel super stiff, giving the mount a little bit of wobble. One of the things I like the best about this lens is it has optical image stabilization, which a lot of Sony lenses do not, making it quite good for video as well. ... What are the best Sony lenses? Furthermore, the mount of the a6000 uses the older, half plastic version of the E mount. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy. My wedding photography style has been heavily influenced by my landscape and adventure photography. This lightweight, reasonably-priced telephoto zoom Sony A6000 lens was made for Sony’s APS-C mirrorless cameras. It’s been an amazing experience for us to see a community develop around learning astrophotography and we’re so happy to be a small part of it. The lenses are numbered in no particular order, so select whichever one meets your requirements and fits your budget. If a camera sensor has similar noise characteristics at many different ISO settings, (all other settings being equal) the sensor is often regarded as “ISO-invariant” or “ISO-less”. If you don’t see yourself needing an eye-level viewfinder, consider the even cheaper Sony a5100. This lens also offers you the ability to shoot it at f/4, which give you fantastic results edge-to-edge. The newer models are slightly improved for video but also significantly more expensive than the bestselling a6000. If you have any questions about photography or just want to share a story, contact us! Focus hold button, programmable for multiple functions. Rounding off the list of best lens for Sony A6000 comes Sony FE 200-600mm lens which is yet another black and white lens. Anyways, looks aside, the Sony FE 70-200mm is a fantastic telephoto camera by Sony. Good thing she suggested that last stop. I do think that it falls a little bit short of the low-light capabilities of the latest Fujifilm cameras like the X-T1 (Full Review). We also witnessed a variety of other colors from reddish to magenta. Presently use dedicated astro-imaging software for Canon DSLR's but am unable to find similar for Sony Alpha 580 With that said, you will not find this lens to be disappointing but neither very impressive. The tilt screen makes composition easy and focusing tends to be easy. The a6000 is a fine low-light performer, even on modest equipment. This camera in my testing performed great. The Sony 10-18mm f/4 is perhaps of the best E mount landscape lenses for Sony a-series users – especially for those who are all about shooting “ultra-wide”. Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 1:4.2 (0.24 ×). With that said, electric as its issues: not with this one. Rokinon 21mm f/1.4 (Amazon / B&H). Meike 35mm F1.7 Manual Focus Lens APS-C for Sony E-Mount NEX3 NEX5 A5000 A6000. It’s is high enough to avoid some of the heavy grain visible at the lower ISOs but low enough that we’re not sacrificing too much dynamic range on the bright portions of the image.

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