post game meals for basketball players

Amateur teams will practice a couple of times per week and players will also partake in weight training and cardiovascular exercise at the gym three or four times per week. This meal helps replenish glycogen (energy) stores and electrolyte imbalances. Players should avoid empty calories from high-fat and sugary foods such as potato chips, cheeseburgers and cupcakes. Feb 3, 2019 - Explore Gina Allmond's board "Basketball Senior Night/Gift Ideas", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. The post-event meal is important for any athlete after competition. For a tasty and filling post-game family dinner, include all five food groups — protein, grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy. Nutritional Guide for Basketball Players by Alan Stein, CCS, CSCS Performance Director, ... Eat 5-7 "smaller" meals throughout the day (size of meal depends on actual goal: weight loss vs. weight gain). See more ideas about basketball senior night, senior night gifts, senior night. Few meals taste better than ones that come after a competition — particularly if you’ve won. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: Another grab-and-go team breakfast idea. LeBron James is one of the best basketball players of all time. Differences in strength, speed, and power differentiate skilled basketball players from the elite. Perfect pre-game meals give young athletes the energy to get through demanding physical performances without creating spikes and crashes in blood sugar. Make sure they’re fueling up with the right combination of nutrients before the game. Include whole grains, for example, whole-wheat pasta with a tomato or low-fat cheese sauce. Players (and parents) should prepare by packing a variety of food and beverages. Introduction: The Game of Basketball Introduction In order to determine the nutrition and hydration structure of the game as well as with consideration needs of a basketball player, and develop plans to help meet those needs, the structure of game day, practices, and the off-season must be considered. Meal Plan for Basketball Basketball is a game where players have to be very fit and ideally lean to optimise their power to weight ratio. Doing this will decrease the chances of muscle fatigue and performance. Post-game family dinner. Smoothies: Players might not be hungry before the early morning game, so make a batch of smoothies “to go” and they can sip on the way. ... Post-Game Rules: Consume carbohydrate rich foods and beverages (Gatorade) as soon as possible after you play. Post-Event Meals. This recommendation fits well with one we've previously seen about low-carb meals being great post … Pancake Breakfast: So easy that players on an older team can make their own! A good pregame meal for a basketball player should consist of a combination of protein and carbohydrates and should keep fats to a minimum. The rules of the game, which allow for frequent The basic goal for the post-event meal is to refuel the muscles and prepare for the next competition or practice. Top with fruit, nuts or whipped cream to add some fun. Student athletes want delicious food, of course. I also don't understand this: "Within 2 hours of exercise, go for a carbohydrate-rich meal. Building strength, speed, and power requires proper training AND nutrition. Serve baked or broiled lean cuts of meat, poultry and seafood, such as chicken breast, salmon or tuna.

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