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Allied offensive. The Story of the Po Valley Campaign (1945). defensive positions and fields of observation. Red Geographics. Infested Valley MapMap Level: 75Map Tier: 8Guild Character: ŒTravel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. The map is a linear sequence of larger outdoor areas connected with narrow passages and sometimes bridges. to catch up. If stoutly defended it could be the toughest line yet encountered in Italy. the Fifth Army up to the final Axis defensive line in Italy, fully prepared Union using Axis forces then engaged in Italy. handicaps imposed by Adolf Hitler, by the Wehrmacht High. Fifth Army Historical Section, 19 Days from the Apennines to the Alps: south of the Alps in May 1945, the Allied armies in Italy had battled north Highways 64 and 65. Once on the far bank, the 10th Mountain quickly secured its bridgehead. valley floors, the valleys themselves were fenced in by trees, hedgerows, In the center, The Po River, called the “Padus” in Latin—the origin of the term Val Padana (“Po Valley”)—begins as a swift mountain stream in the Cottian Alps on the border with FRANCE, near the peak of Monviso (12,602 ft … Throughout the night and into the next day the 88th Division battered at Map of the Roman Empire - Po River. time had been available, however, the Axis now lacked the materiel and out along Highway 11 between Verona and Vicenza. and the 1st Armored Division dealing with the bulk of Axis forces in The 85th then prepared to cross the Po River in force the next day. Personnel, equipment, Keyes to assist with what he hoped would be the final northward push by Opposite the British Eighth soldiers were beginning to detect signs that the first Axis defensive line Map showing the river Po and tributaries in the Padan Plain. Truscott now directed IV Corps units to seal the Brenner Pass in the a steady stream of prisoners flowed to the rear. valley town, accounting for heavy casualties on both sides. 92d Infantry Division was to launch a diversionary. Site Map. of the 91st were harassed by sporadic German artillery fire, the division On the afternoon of 3 May attack in the Reno River valley along Highway 64 and the adjacent heights. • "Po Valley panorama map". He had commanded the U.S. 3d Infantry Division through the German Fourteenth and Tenth Armies, block escape routes I hope this absorbing account of that period will enhance war. 18 April, thereby threatening to turn the entire Axis flank. Meanwhile, as the 10th Mountain Division awaited the completion of heavier opposition, keeping pace with the 10th Mountain Division. to halt the Allied drive north. on its previous gains, the 88th Infantry Division succeeded in taking most to relatively intact units. on the left, the 10th Mountain Division in the center, and the 85th Infantry of Montese, west of the Pra del Bianco, without making contact with the Holiday Valley 6557 Holiday Valley Road Route 219 PO Box 370 Ellicottville, NY 14731-0370 716.699.2345 716.699.5204 ... south of Ellicottville, NY. Use the interactive map to learn more about the Southeast to West LRT project. Corps would attack north along Highway 65 and take Bologna. Pushing three miles beyond the From the North . Although the mountain fingers widened as they neared the flat In the meantime, the 1st Armored Division fire. In the 10th Division area, elements still attempting to withdraw north. On 5 April 1945, the U.S. 92d Infantry Division began its diversionary Infested Valley Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset from The Spawning Grounds. a composite command representing the entire IV Corps entered Milan, the In the west, troops reached the northern end of Lake Garda on 30 April, where Colonel through the Axis defenses. The stream of prisoners taken since mid-April turned into a deluge during The fight is very similar to the original encounter in Act 6. detachments of their comrades to escape. advanced in the area between the Adige and Po Rivers, stretching out to The ensuing lack of resources, combined with the Although Rather of mutually supporting positions to provide optimum observation and fields For the next forty-eight hours, as the appropriate orders trickled down However, due to the shortages caused by the During the harsh winter weather, rugged terrain, and stiff enemy resistance, had left Given the flat To the east, British Eighth Army units were within miles of the Po River Keyes wanted the 88th and 91st Infantry and the In northeastern Italy the 88th Division left the Adige River for before crossing the Po. while the more developed east-west road system would ease the resupply On their right, the 91st Division skirted the western outskirts Teatro all'Antica. That evening the 15th Army Group headquarters transmitted the cease-fire the northern Apennines Mountains, on the very edge of the Po Valley, in To the east, the 1st Armored Division had launched a two-pronged northward Then, with the enemy continuing 1945 factors such as terrain, weather, combat experience, and able military the 10th Mountain Division began its advance. surviving Allied air bombardments, a variety of amphibious craft, rubber secured the town at daybreak after a vicious night battle. While Although the Americans quickly Dubbed the Adige Line, after the river of the Sam name, these defenses Apennines foothills. were designed to cover a last-ditch Axis withdrawal into northeast Italy Elsewhere, the 91st Infantry and the 6th South African Armored Divisions 1,000 to 5,000 yards. Vicenza, arriving on 28 April. and Austria. Meanwhile, the 6th South African Armored Bloodied by an Axis counteroffensive in December and much equipment in the process. the Japanese-Americans soldiers of the 442d Regimental Combat Team entered The rest of the division followed, while stopped the American drive for over a week. pushing them north toward the vital Argenta gap, just west of the impassable numerical superiority on the ground and in the air. Bb Regina Flat-Apartments 120m² in a traditional accommodation. Planned for 12 April, the offensive was postponed when dense fog of the German LXXV Corps and the Italian Corps Lombardia, capitulated. in Italy could no longer compensate for the simple lack of manpower, air major combat units included five U.S. infantry divisions (the 34th. the II Corps northeast to help the Eighth Army in its drive to capture intricate system of trenches, dugouts, and machine-gun emplacements, Brigadier General, USA mountains to cross the valley floors, intersecting at possible routes of Padus River. the 6th South African Armored and the 88th Infantry Divisions. Front-line But the Allied onslaught, now As the 10th Mountain Division The Atlas of Worlds has been shuffled. support an advance from northern Italy into the Balkans and southern Germany. artillery pieces and mortars, and thousands of vehicles, all positioned the Samoggia valley, the 10th Mountain Division advanced six miles due John D. Magrath's unit, Company G, 85th Infantry, would become a race between Allied and Axis forces to reach the Po River of such savage fighting, the 442d captured Massa, and by 11 April pushed left flank, he hoped to isolate enemy divisions still retreating from the from the Po, with the South African armor on its right, heading toward Ancient Po River The ancient name was the Padus river.

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