pickled vegetables bdo

Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. - Price: Silver 50 DAE. - How to obtain > There is a slight chance of obtaining Sour Pickled Vegetable when making Pickled Vegetable if your cooking level is Skilled Lv.9 or up. 1 Pickled Vegetables: 5 Bird Meat: 7 Blood 2: King of Jungle Hamburg: 4 Lion Meat: 4 Teff Bread: 2 Pickled Vegetables: 3 Nutmeg: Pickled Vegetables: 8 Vegetable: 4 Vinegar: 2 Leavening Agent: 2 Sugar: Recipes Shown: 3 Show ALL Let say you make a batch of 2,000 Pickled Vegetables and chose to buy all the fruits and vegetables from the NPC. Deselect All. - Cooldown: 30 min. - Effect Gathering Speed 1 - Duration: 75 min. Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable. Unique Average. – Description: Vegetables soaked and pickled in vinegar. Cooking Ingredients: Cabbage x8 + Vinegar x4 + Leavening Agent x2 + Sugar x2Seasoned vegetables flavored with vinegar. BDO. 3 Egg2 Fruit And Vegetable Salad3 Olive Oil2 Salt2 Shrimp Seafood Cron Meal Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.6 sec, Life EXP +10%, Processing Success Rate +10%, Gathering +2, Movement Speed +2, Fishing +2, Weight Limit +50LT for 120 min 1 head cauliflower, trimmed and separated into small florets. Most of the mats needed to make them can be vendor bought (fruit and veggies), also making it … This dish is sour of taste and the vegetables are fresh and crispy. - Usage: Fruit and Vegetable Salad, Pickled Vegetables, etc. An imperial cooking box.It can be sold to an Imperial Crafting Delivery Manager. Ripe veggie pickle with an additional soury kick. 1 pound carrots, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch slices on the diagonal. It was originally made as a means to preserve vegetables, but has become a commonly eaten side dish. Cooking Average. Your total ingredients and utelsils cost should be roughly 20,000,000 silvers. BDO recipe calculator and information for King of Jungle Hamburg. - How to obtain > You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Apprentice Lv.1 or up. 0 ... Pickled Vegetables. - Cooldown: 30 min. x. - Effect Gathering Speed +1 - Duration: 60 min. Rare Proc - … - How to obtain: You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Beginner Lv. Pickled vegetables are considered the best for leveling cooking because of the good amount of exp you get. Gathering speed +1 for 60 min. 1 or higher. Cooking - 0.10 LT. Extra AP against Monsters +13, Attack Speed +2, Casting Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Weight Limit +100 LT, and Down Attack Damage +5% for 120 min

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