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Expansionary fiscal policy – increasing government expenditure and/or decreasing taxes to increase aggregate demand. Proudly created with Wix.com. Supply Side Policy. Next, take a look at this article from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Franciscoon the pros and cons of inflation targeting. Fiscal policy and its impact on potential output: Evaluation of fiscal policy: 2.5 Monetary policy: Interest rates: Interest rate determination and the role of a central bank: The role of monetary policy: Monetary policy and short-term demand management: Monetary policy and inflation targeting: Evaluation of monetary policy… An effective way of learning how to write good essays is to read essays that would be awarded high marks in an exam and then analyse the reasons why they would be awarded high marks. The central bank usually controls the money supply, such as … They are independent from the government, so they are less prone to political pressure from the government. ACTIVITY 9: VIDEO - GENERAL EVALUATION POINTS FOR MONETARY POLICY. Conclusion (75 words) – concludes your main ideas in 2-3 sentences. Evaluation of the monetary policy Unlike the fiscal policy, the monetary policy is actually relatively immune to political interference and so it can work solely on achieving the desired macroeconomic … Monetary Policy; This is when the central bank* tries to control the economy by changing interest rates and the money supply *(e.g. More specifically, the study sought to assess monetary policy and economic growth in Nigeria. This video activity takes you through some of the reasons for this. If the base rate decreases, commercial banks lower their interest rates so loans are less expensive and with more loans the money supply increases and interest rates across the whole economy falls. ACTIVITY 3: GAME - MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. LS23 6AD, Tel: +44 0844 800 0085 Exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IB, Eduqas, WJEC. Measuring inflation and the impact on our everyday lives, Unintended consequences of inflation targets, Resources from the Reserve Bank of Australia, How the Fed Works: After the Great Recession, How the US Federal Reserve sets interest rates, Why the Bank of England has raised interest rates, Interest Rates - play the 'Reach the Peak' Activity, The absurdity of controlling inflation by adjusting interest rates, UK interest rate rise a sign of economic healing, International Institutions (Online Lesson), Correcting Balance of Payments Imbalances (Online Lesson), Introduction to the Balance of Payments (Online Lesson), International Competitiveness (Online Lesson), AQA A-Level Economics Study Companion - Microeconomics, AQA A-Level Economics Study Companion - Macroeconomics, Advertise your teaching jobs with tutor2u, A review of the main types of macro policy and key aspects of monetary policy, Evaluating monetary policy and its effectiveness by looking at why the interest rate transmission mechanism may not work in practice, The need for alternative monetary policy approaches, around 30 minutes of guided video, spread over 5 videos, and supported by an accompanying worksheet, around 20-25 minutes of student thinking time and activity, spread throughout those 5 videos, an independent reading and ranking activity on inflation targeting, which could take students anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour, depending on their level of involvement, 2 interactive games testing their application and knowledge of monetary policy, a synoptic thinking activity (solutions available within the activity download), an essay-based activity, in which 2 example essays on monetary policy are provided (along with some examiner commentary) and students need to consider the strong features of these essays. ACTIVITY 2: VIDEO - MONETARY POLICY KEY TERMS. IB Macroeconomics HL&SL. Evaluation of the effectiveness of monetary policy to increase aggregate demand. an evaluation of the impact of central bank of nigeria monetary policy on the development of the nigerian economy by adam, muhammad danladi mba/admin/41920/2004-200s (g04/bamf /7007) … You can follow this up with a slightly more in-depth explanation of inflation targeting from the IMF here. However, this point is highly debatable! To increase money supply and decrease the interest rate, the government will: Buy bonds from banks, giving the commercial banks more money to lend. This is designed to decrease aggregate demand in the economy by decrease the money supply and increasing interest rates. Evaluation of monetary policy Evaluation of Monetary Policy in reducing inflation- 4 If inflation is due to cost push factors (rising oil prices) we get higher inflation and lower output- difficult to solve both cost push inflation and lower … The interest rate transmission mechanism has broken down in parts. IB Syllabus Requirements: The government budget. Higher interest rates will decrease consumption and investment which are components of AD. Used in attempt to close inflationary gaps. quantative easing). If you are doing AQA Economics then download this AQA-style data response. Increased foreign investment. Some are advantages of this approach whilst others are disadvantages. Interest rates as a tool of monetary policies. … Finally, download this tutor2u resource On Target. Federal … Greater political stability. The effectiveness of these policies, however, depends on just how responsive the private sector is to decreases in the interest rate initiated by the central bank. In your A level exams, you will need to be able to use your economics in a synoptic way i.e. You could also read this opinion piece from CNBC, which considers whether inflation targets should be scrapped in light of the impact of COVID-19. Lower prices for consumers. Expansionary/Reflationary/Loose monetary policy. Monetary policy involves altering base interest rates, which ultimately determine all other interest rates in the economy, or altering the quantity of money in the economy. 1 . 2.4 Fiscal Policy: The government budget . Decrease savings, as there is a lower reward, Increase consumption, as there is less incentive to save and real income increase as mortgages and loan repayments become less expensive. Evaluation of US expansionary fiscal policy in 2009. Lower interest rates will increase consumption and investment which are components of AD. Inflation targeting: the central banks of certain countries, rather than focusing on the maintenance of both full employment and a low rate of inflation, are guided in their monetary policy by the objective to achieve an explicit or implicit inflation rate target. Fax: +44 01937 842110, We’re proud to sponsor TABS Cricket Club, Harrogate Town AFC and the Wetherby Junior Cricket League as part of our commitment to invest in the local community, Company Reg no: 04489574 | VAT reg no 816865400, © Copyright 2018 |Privacy & cookies|Terms of use, in-depth explanation of inflation targeting from the IMF here, this article from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Download this tutor2u Synoptic Assessment Mat, download this Edexcel-style data response, Evaluating the effectiveness of inflation targeting as a tool of monetary policy, Evaluating the impact of monetary policy on economic performance. Inflation targeting and evaluation of monetary policy . Strengths of the monetary policy: 1. Monetary policy: the use of interest rates and the money supply to influence the level of economic activity. Ruth is passionate about boosting the quality of teaching and learning across all subjects in schools and colleges. The total demand for money is inversely related to the rate of interest. We've put together a data response set of questions that you could tackle. Check your knowledge in this quick review video. Monetary policy and inflation targeting: Explain that central banks of certain countries, rather than focusing on the maintenance of both full employment and a low rate of inflation, are guided in their monetary policy by the objective to achieve an explicit or implicit inflation rate target. From the 1990s onwards, a number of Central Banks decided to introduce inflation targets as part of their monetary policy approach. Evaluating Monetary Policy (Online Lesson) Levels: AS, A Level, IB. Small time … Evaluation of Monetary Policy Monetary policy is considered to be more successful during inflationary times because an increase in interest rates reduces the borrowings and thus stabilises the prices… This paper focuses on comparing credit easing with quantitative easing, and is worth a read. his paper focuses on comparing credit easing with quantitative easing, Macroeconomic Policy Revision (Online Lesson), Introduction to Monetary Policy (Online Lesson), Fiscal and Monetary Policy - Connection Wall Activity, The Government Game - Economic Simulation Activity, Macro policies to prevent an economic depression, Benefits and Costs of High Inflation for a Government, Macro Policies to avoid an Economic Recession, Exchange Rates: Impact of QE on the value of a currency, Synoptic economics: Micro and Macro Effects of a rise in Interest Rates, Economic Effects of Higher Interest Rates (Revision Essay Plan), Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative Easing (QE), Advantages and Disadvantages of Higher Interest Rates, Bank of England preparing ground for negative interest rates, Bank of Jamaica Inflation-Targeting Dubplate for 2020, From our Economics Correspondent: The state of the UK economy in 2025 [Year 12 Enrichment Task]. The evaluation of monetary system. For instance, in the UK the Monetary Policy Committee meets once a month to make decisions about the interest rate, whereas, fiscal policy may not be able to be changed until the annual budget. Download this tutor2u Synoptic Assessment Mat to help you practise this skill in relation to monetary policy.

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