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Streaming, draadloos, design, apps, digitaal, kleine actieve luidsprekers, touchscreens en multifunctionaliteit in één enkele behuizing zijn momenteel populair in de massamarkt. After the introduction of the analogue-only PM8006 integrated amplifier with phono stage (£1,099) at the end of last year, Marantz kicked off 2018 by unveiling its matching ND8006 – a digital music … Co spoustu lidí u integrovaného zesilovače PM8006 potěší patrně víc, to je o nějaký ten tisíc nižší cenovka, než jakou měl model 8005, což jde příjemným … The Ethernet connection removed the need for Wi-Fi set-up — the HEOS app was instantly connected to the ND8006 and once we’d entered our (free) HEOS account details it immediately got to work initiating a firmware update. The soundstage changed slightly, bringing the drums closer to the front of the soundstage. While Marantz (and Sound United as a whole) are doing their own thing with HEOS, the lack of Roon and MQA capabilities do stand out, to some degree. HiFi-Regler hat das Gerät gestestet und ist zu dem selben Ergebnis gekommen. With the network connected the ND8006 gains the ability to stream via Apple AirPlay, which also makes it accessible at CD quality to Roon software. Ook de achter- en onderzijde zijn mooi verzorgd. ConclusionThe Marantz ND8006 impressed me when I wasn't expecting to be impressed. More to the point it proved itself to be of a high quality technically and musically, so that it delivers fine sound quality into amplification of its own level or, indeed, significantly above. Click here for more information on Sound+Image, including details on how you can subscribe. The ND8006 headphone amp could drive often demanding cans such as my Audeze LCD-XC and Sennheiser HD700s without a hiccup. The DAC can receive digital signals from the internal Compact Disc player, as well as a plethora of external sources, as it is a virtual Swiss Army knife for audio. As it turns out, it continued to improve, but seemed to reach sonic stability at about the 100 hour mark. Nejnověji se oba modely v této sérii honosí Å¡estkou na konci svých názvů. By which time HEOS was ready to go. Wszystkie elementy zamontowano na trójwarstwowej płycie nośnej – sztywnej i stabilnej mechanicznie. We exhumed part of our largely boxed-up CD collection and started loading silver — once we’d located the eject button, anyway, since it’s not on the remote control, nor under the CD control section of the HEOS app, but hides as the top quadrant of the silver control ring to the right of the CD tray on the ND8006 itself.HEOS is, of course, a multiroom platform, and if you have other HEOS devices — standalone speakers, or the soundbar perhaps — you can group them easily together in the HEOS app and enjoy playback from the ND8006’s sources to these other units. Adapted for the ND8006 hardware design, the solution is called Marantz Musical Digital Filtering. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. We did so, also opening an envelope of HEOS information that came with the player, which gave details of the main HEOS range and reminded us of its Australian connection, HEOS having evolved from the Avega system developed by Peter and Tom Celinski; one of the HEOS development centres is still in Sydney. The HEOS app interface also gives you access to content on your smart device itself, to Music Servers (network music shares from NAS drives or computer, served via DLNA), and the ability to select the ND8006’s individual inputs or CD player. I've connected it through analog conection, switched off all sound effects in the reciver and listend … Yamaha has MusicCast to compete with HEOS, but I was surprised to see that Yamaha does not have a MusicCast Compact Disc Player, especially given that they have a turntable with MusicCast built-in. I've read that Marantz is better build, and costing a £100 more than yamaha seamed to be a better choice. The Marantz Hi-Fi Remote app should offer an easy control method to browse music libraries, build playlists and control further Marantz devices. This song sounded much more enjoyably full and bouncy with the ND8006’s choice of headphone sonic signature. The digital conversion uses the audiophile-level ESS9016 Sabre DAC with dual crystal clocks, and the ground circuit for the digital inputs is isolated from the audio circuits to prevent noise via your PC connection in particular. I listened to Dire Straits' iconic album, Brothers In Arms, (Mobile Fidelity, CD/SACD) as well as several TIDAL tracks in HD resolution. And while Marantz’s PM8006 might be the obvious partner in terms of amplification, this ND8006 does offer a variable output under the volume control of the remote and/or the HEOS app, so you could equally connect it directly to a power amp, or to a pair of active speakers. As you can see from the price, this is no entry-level unit. The sliders move, but have no effect — even if within the HEOS app you use settings to select variable output. We note the ND8006 has also been recently enabled for TV Sound Grouping, by which it can play TV sound being sent to it from the HEOS HomeCinema bar. Série 800x od japonské značky Marantz vždycky nabízela "hodně Marantzu za rozumné peníze". There’s a CD player, which gets a pretty brief description these days in Marantz literature next to all the other digital goodies, but is of course a high-quality tray-loading transport mechanism with all the accuracy you’d expect from Marantz’s 30+ years of experience in control and stabilisation. The results with Spotify were excellent, with no indication of Spotify’s lower-than-CD quality other than slight rounding to the treble, a tad less sparkle than we were able to enjoy from some more direct digital sources. Plugging up our gorgeous silver ND8006 (the front section is slightly champagne gold, really), we gave it Ethernet, USB-B from computer, connected its fixed outputs to a visiting high-end integrated amplifier, and finally power. But look what you do get! De ventilatieope… Switching to the USB-B input and our Mac Mini, we noted that despite Marantz specifying that future-proof 32-bit/384kHz maximum sample rate, it was offering our computer even higher — 32-bit at 768kHz if we liked! It looks like many other traditional audiophile Compact Disc players. It also offers a choice of two digital filter characteristics, one with a short impulse response, the other asymmetric. The sound was warm, natural, and cohesive, with good dynamics and detail making for enjoyable long listening sessions for that nearly endless supply of music. Submit a ReviewContact Editorial Policy About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate policy. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. Marantz ND 8006 apresenta-se vestido de preto e prata. It’s solid, and it’s heavy for a source, with a rigid, double-layer chassis on the outside, a shielded toroidal transformer inside and a 3300μF block capacitor in the supply. De Marantz ND8006 is een volledig digitale muziekspeler, de eerste in de netwerk audio productlijn van Marantz die zowel cd’s afspeelt, muziek streamt en nog veel meer. That’s quite the claim in an age when digital sources are evolving every year, and with no shortage of manufacturers aiming to deliver the ultimate do-it-all product. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Best Apple AirPods alternatives 2020: budget to premium, Best wireless earbuds 2020: budget and premium. © EISA STEREO SYSTEM 2018-2019 La combinazione streamer e amplificatore integrato ND8006/PM8006 offre eccellenti prestazioni rispetto alla fascia di prezzo in cui viene proposto, riproducendo praticamente ogni formato musicale da qualsiasi sorgente. I was expecting a competent Compact Disc player that would also let me bring HEOS connectivity to a legacy system, but the ND8006 turned out to be much more. Marantz proprietary HDAM-SA3 circuit: Wide dynamic range and famous Marantz soundstage Shielded toroidal transformer: Delivering high level of clean power for pure amplification without distortion Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support: Improved network stability even in Wi-Fi crowded homes The Carpenters’ Superstar was clean as a whistle from our 24-bit/96kHz file, and we followed it with Diana Krall’s more recent version from the ‘Wallflower’ album, a DSD 2.8MHz file. We were able to compare directly these files through the same amp via our $1600 reference DAC, and the Marantz didn’t quite match it for absolute openness but came impressively close. In addition to all those sources, the ND8006's HEOS ecosystem makes it a truly multiroom product. Marantz ND8006 receives EISA 2018-2019 Award Best Product of the Year! High quality headphone jacks are something I find myself appreciating more and more frequently, and I was happy to find one on the ND8006, especially as I was able to adjust the gain to accommodate a variety of headphones. The DirectStream sounds noticeably better but costs nearly six times as much at $6,899, and does not come with a disc transport or a HEOS-type ecosphere. Marantz ND8006 Network CD Player/DAC Reviewed. In addition to all of the HEOS app and voice control methods (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and, the ND8006 comes with a well thought out remote with direct-access source selection buttons and RS-232 and IR inputs, as well as a remote pass through connection for integration into other control systems. It looks like many other traditional audiophile Compact Disc players. It most certainly supports the DSD file-type as used on SACDs, however, when the NA8006 operates as a DAC, with its two optical inputs, one coaxial input, a USB slot on the front for sticks or drives, and the essential USB-B socket on the back for playing direct from your computer. Lastly, the headphone output has its own dedicated HDAM-SA2 amplifier module with adjustable gain, and proved to be a significant step up from the typical headphone jack. It uses Spotify Connect, so you simply use your usual Spotify app and select the ND8006 as the receiving device, and the Marantz takes over the internet stream. Marantz has announced its first complete digital music source player. It plays CDs and recordable CDs (and MP3, WMA and AAC files burned to CD, if you must), though we note no SACD compatibility here... which points to the CD section being comparable to the Marantz CD6006, as you might expect, rather than its very highest players, which do support SACD. Rather more practical is the full-size headphone socket on the front, which is powered with a high-grade headphone circuit using the same Marantz HDAM S2 as is used for the main output buffer. “A unique complete digital music source player”? The unit’s front panel wasn’t so well informed, however, and required a few more button presses to confirm connection, and that seemed to confuse the firmware update, which froze, so we closed the app and redownloaded it, which time the update was under way anyway, since we’d told the Marantz to autoupdate, and it did this on its own. The ND8006 delivers renowned Marantz sound from literally unlimited music sources, including online music services, HEOS multi-room technology, locally stored high-resolution audio files, CD audio playback, AirPlay, Bluetooth and more. Emmanuel Millot, from Sound United (Marantz's parent company who also owns Denon, Polk, Definitive Technology, and others), was on hand to walk us through the new Marantz ND8006 CD and network audio player/streamer. Zo is er een nieuwe lineaire volumeregeling en ook een verbeterde phonotrap. Het is een streamer, een cd-speler, een DAC en zelfs, zo u wilt, een voorversterker. I use and like both the HEOS and Sonos wireless music systems, and... Warner Bros. Will Release Entire 2021 Slate on HBO Max, Schiit’s New Three-Input DAC Doesn’t Force You to Compromise, Hulu's Watch Party Now Available for All Subscription Tiers, Sonos’ New Upgrade Program Includes More Eligible Devices and Allows You to Keep Your Old Device. And while Marantz’s PM8006 might be the obvious partner in terms of amplification, this ND8006 does offer a variable output under the volume control of the remote and/or the HEOS app, so you could equally connect it directly to a power amp, or to a pair of active speakers. The most obvious competitor to any HEOS product is Sonos, but Sonos does not really have any components like ND8006. Awards 2020The PM6007 delivers Marantz’ .. Add to Cart. Aktuell sind wir gemeinsam auf der Scuhe nach eioner Lösung. The variety of sources and wide range of compatible file types makes for a nearly endless supply of music. Through it all the Marantz just stood out of the way as the music flowed. Hierzu ein riesen Dankeschön an das Team für die Unterstützung. Allemaal niets mis mee… I have to admit that I was somewhat lukewarm to the idea of reviewing the Marantz ND8006 Network CD Player/DAC in conjunction with the company's AV8805 preamp. Dit is helemaal geen Network CD Player, zoals de naam suggereert. How exceedingly tight the 24/96 of Donald Fagen’s Morph The Cat (reprise) sounded, how highlighted the individual elements against the entire absence of audible noise floor, even when kicking its groove at the highest level. While HEOS when it began was delivered in Sonos-style standalone speakers, squirters and soundbars (we can say ‘Sonos-style’ now that the litigation regarding claimed similarities has been settled, the platform becomes even more powerful when in a device like this with a high-quality DAC and output circuits. My reference DAC, the PS Audio DirectStream, is also a network DAC. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! The ND8006 makes it easy to play back just about any audio file, whether it is on a network drive, thumb drive, computer, streamed, or even an old-fashioned CD. The app gives the input selection button a circular symbol like a CD, which is a bit confusing, but this device control is an excellent addition to HEOS itself (for a while such control required toggling between separate apps). The DirectStream was able to pull out more detail and provide a deeper soundstage, but the differences between the two were much smaller than anticipated given the steep price delta. PLAY SOUND. A few months into the review process, I am glad that I've had some timed to spend with the ND8006 in my system. It asked for a language confirmation using the supplied full-size remote, then went into a ‘Quick Setup’ mode, after which it settled at a ‘network control ON’ screen, which encouraged us to download the HEOS app. Far lower and more compressed in quality are most internet radio stations, audibly so when played through the ND8006’s DACs and a good amplifier. From computer, however, this rises up to a thoroughly future-proofed 32-bit/384kHz maximum for PCM files and 2.8/5.6/11.2MHz DSD through the USB-B input. Add to Cart. BA1 1UA. Sennheiser HD700 - Ausführliches Review (German/HD) ... Marantz PM6007 + ND8006 ... HIFI-REGLER ist autorisiert, Marantz-Produkte zu verkaufen. With the new Marantz ND8006 multi source player, you get a high-end Hi-Fi device in line with the other creations from the brand, in the format of a traditional player, and which will allow you to access the playback of dematerialized music in every shape and form while also enjoying your CD collection. The update took seven minutes, after which a mechanical click indicated a restart, amd the ND8006 stood ready to play. De Marantz ND8006 is veel meer dan dat. The company’s award-winning Premium Range 10 Series products and other premium components use something called Marantz Music Mastering technology, based on a Marantz original DSP and digital filter design. The audio quality of the analog outputs is very good by audiophile standards. Visit our corporate site. This player very well could be a solution for music collection of silver discs with an eye toward many of the cool features and formats of the future. Dat is een ontwikkeling die past in het huidige tijdsbeeld en iets waar iedereen achteraanloopt, omdat anderen dat ook doen. De PM8006 volgt na 3 jaar de PM8005 op en introduceert hierbij een aantal verbeteringen. The analogue circuits include audiophile-grade film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and cylindrical surface-mount MELF resistors, while the company’s Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) are used, rather than all-in-one ‘chip amplifiers’. The ND8006 has an Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi network connections, as well as more traditional coaxial and Toslink inputs and even a USB Type A input for thumb drives. En dat alles voor een aanschafprijs van 1199 euro! The power supply is particularly important for Marantz's proprietary HDAM-SA2 amplification circuits, which are fed by and augment the analog side of the popular ESS9016 32-bit/192kHz DAC chip. Het is een streamer, een cd-speler, een DAC en zelfs, zo u wilt, een voorversterker. The tone of this track’s viola-led string break was delivered with such grace and energy by the Marantz that most of the album drifted by delightfully before we made our next CD selection, the wonderful Gold Note CD release of The Weavers 15th Anniversary concert at Carnegie Hall. The ESS DAC along with the HDAM-SA2 circuitry and Marantz Musical Digital Filtering converted the wide variety of digital files into music I enjoyed listening to. Add to Wish List Compare this Product Quickview. Marantz ND8006. Despite the potential to resolve frequencies up to 192kHz, the analogue audio circuitry limits output to a specified 100kHz, and within a -3dB response envelope to only 50kHz. I use and like both the HEOS and Sonos wireless music systems, and the HEOS lineup already has other sources in the lineup. I suspect that this is due to the HDAM circuitry being in both units. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. New complete digital music source with network music streamer, CD player, DAC and HEOS multi-room support. You certainly could hear the recorded noise-floor on Neil Young’s See the Sky About To Rain from the ‘Live at the Cellar Door’ set, and more coughing from patrons here too, over the intro and elsewhere in the song, but hey, it was 1970 (and early winter in Washington D.C.), and it affects not a jot the immediacy of Young’s youthful croon and the impressive dynamics of his piano playing on the resident “nine-foot Steinway”. So is the ND8006 really ‘complete’, and what makes it ‘unique’? Please refresh the page and try again. A few months into the review process, I am glad that I've had some timed to spend with the ND8006 in my system. It says ‘network CD player’ on the box, but Marantz’s byline for the ND8006 is that it is “a unique complete digital music source player”. Dit is helemaal geen Network CD Player, zoals de naam suggereert. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Waarmee we meteen bij het eerste aandachtspunt zijn aangeland. But then we might say rather less about the human ear, and most likely your speakers too; meanwhile the calculative benefits of super high-res can be yours. In order to further improve audio performance, the Marantz utilizes multiple clocks to reduce jitter and allows the user to turn off functions that are not being used, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, headphone circuit, etc., in order to minimize interference. In this article, we are going to review the super-integrated amplifier, Marantz PM8006. We had the Marantz HD-DAC1 on our desk for several weeks, and what a pleasure it was. The $1,199 price point may seem a bit steep to some, but when you consider the ND8006's 17.6-pound heft, it becomes apparent that this is not some repackaged big-box silver-disc-spinner. There is Bluetooth, though it has no AAC or aptX codecs so is limited to the base-level SBC codec. Yes, we reckon the ND8006 ticks that box rather nicely. ... Marantz ND8006 CD/network player KEF LS50 and Spendor A2 loudspeakers Lumin L1 … L’ND8006 legge CD e offre stream tramite AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify … For all these the NA8006 can play high-res audio as well as CD quality and below, with slightly different top-outs depending on the input — you can play up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM and 2.8/5.6MHz DSD files from the optical, coaxial and USB slot inputs, or over the network, assuming your network speed supports it. Easily upgrade any existing audio system to the best of Digital music - along with a mega … Oder direkt an den Garantiegeber von Marantz: Marantz Deutschland Sound United DVD Review; Hifi News Marantz ND8006: network music/CD player, with DAC-Mode and HEOS support Posted on 21st December 2017. The HEOS app lets you choose any HEOS source on the network and even specific inputs for those sources, but strangely I could not select the CD that was playing except by playing the disc and combining the ND8006 zone with HEOS device I was listening to into one zone.

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