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Expertise is just one of many sources of power, so work to build your strength in other areas, like information. Get the advice of your influencers, other peer leaders, and your boss about what’s most important to focus on. 18. A better approach is to talk about not making big changes until you have had a chance to get your feet on the ground. First off, decide what your authenticity lies in. How do you demonstrate authenticity in your branding? It is a process with many components. Keep your messages consistent. You may want to change how they think, feel, or act. Look for opportunities to showcase your authenticity. Peers at your level can provide useful insights and perspectives. Amplify your business knowledge and reach your full entrepreneurial potential with Entrepreneur Insider’s exclusive benefits. 1. Lack of credibility -- how believable your are -- can cause others to withhold trust. Let’s jump right in. One of the easiest ways to build your business’s credibility is to use your customers’ words to your advantage. To establish your credibility when you’re giving a speech… Trust your audience. Satisfied customers will share their experiences with friends and family, and if the company stays true to its message and continues to provide products that are in line with the customers’ expectations, it’ll be on the way toward developing a brand that will be able to stand the test of time. Helping your audience see the human side of your company will go a long way in building credibility. To build a great business, you have to set standards, and you have to live by them. Your loyal customer base will have your back! In the first post of this series, we recognized that when you have a significant knowledge or experience gap, it’s not something you will be able to overcome overnight. Credibility is absolutely essential to leadership, it is what give us a “seat at the table.” To build credibility with others, we must start by building rapport. Many authors do, and the title does indeed help! Building your credibility is an ever evolving part of your business strategy. It should go without saying that in order to build your credibility as a small business owner you must be honest across the board. And if customers are leaving your business some solid reviews, don’t sleep on … Four Ways to Establish Credibility Right from the word go, others will form a sense as… You are also setting an example that says it’s OK to bend the truth a little. Also sort out what gives the greatest bang for the buck (think 80/20 rule). If you prove yourself to be trustworthy, then everything else gets easier; this video explores the six C’s of trust if you’d like more of my thoughts on that subject. You can begin this process of defining your credibility by making your physical appearance presentable. But listening to customers and simply parroting back what they say isn’t going to build customer loyalty. Is your personality and your brand’s personality aligned? Do these things every day to demonstrate your respect for everyone around you. Building leadership credibility as a new leader puts you in a position to make change by building trust. It’s a sobering statistic, but hardly surprising given our penchant for new and better, and the rapid pace at which business operates today. If you don’t know something, don’t pretend that you do. People outside your team who can influence the outcome of your team’s efforts. Whatever it is, it’s important to own it, so choose something that you’re passionate about. It’s not about trapping customers with incredible promises. Focus on building relationships with your key influencers, and building your credibility with your team through learning, communicating, and respecting. Authentic brands are able to secure a loyal following -- a tribe, if you will. As you can see, there are tons of options to build credibility with your audience. Related: The Business Impact of Authentic Leadership. Blog Often According to a recent study, traditional media and online search engines are the must trusted forms of media. Embracing authenticity isn’t for everyone, but those who choose to use this as the basis for establishing a business or a brand will find that building a company on a solid foundation provides tremendous, lasting stability -- no matter what changes may be ahead. There are specific ways in which you can build trust and credibility. Dan Rockwell over at his excellent Leadership Freak  web site talks about how scholars believe that respect is the most important leadership behavior employees are looking for. Researchers say that 48% of employees who experience disrespect at work. Satisfied customers will share their experiences with friends and family, The Business Impact of Authentic Leadership, Why Authenticity Is Key to Mastering Social Media Marketing, Authenticity Can Sell Even Better Than a Great Product, This Entrepreneur Unlocked the Simple Secret to Scaling Your Business, 3 Business Lessons I Learned, Believe It or Not, From Watching the 'Jonas Brothers' Documentary, The Lessons, Surprisingly, That Marketers Can Learn From John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight', Craft Your Personal Brand by Embracing Your Weirdness. Use your social media network to gain and share information. Maintaining a professional appearance at work will help to quickly establish your credibility with the team. As soon as it was over, I assembled my team and shared relevant information with them in a quick stand-up. So how do you begin to build your confidence and credibility? Act in the best interest of others. Take a moment and jot down a few things you consider yourself to be an expert on. Your reputation is their first impression. For the first time, trust and transparency are just as important to corporate reputation as the quality of products and services, according to the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey on trust and credibility. In fact, in the U.S., these two attributes even rank higher than product quality. Get down in the trenches. Here are a few ways to accelerate your learning and understanding: Be honest. Don’t let this discourage you or distract you from your values and mission. *  Connect with the front line, not just the top dogs Instead, it’s about boldly proclaiming what you believe, and then stepping back to see who is drawn to the message. Your customers need to know not only that you will do as you say you will do, but also that you have the skill, knowledge, and resources to do it. While new brands come and go, a few exceptions stand out. If you can use another method to communicate your credibility, do so. If you know that you’re not a good or effective writer, hand the task of maintaining your company blog, website and social media posts to someone who is. Copyright © 2020 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Lack of trust in a business relationship costs you customers and diminishes your ability to work with coworkers. Another word for credibility is trust. Warning: Don’t half-heartedly commit to a set of values that you’re not fully ready to embrace. One of my favorite techniques is to ask someone on the team who knows a skill to have him show you. Dress in the proper attire suitable to your specific workplace. To learn more about building trust, read this post: How Leaders Can Build Trust at Work, and Why It’s Crucial. Get comfortable in front of a camera or behind a microphone. No need to panic. By doing this, you may gain their support, access their expertise, and buy time while you are coming up to speed in other areas. Being proficient in the multimedia world can also build credibility. Focus your learning effort. Build Credibility Everything else you do really amounts to one thing: building credibility. Discuss the skills you have that make you a capable employee. This allows you to sell your ideas in a way that people want to take them on. Whether it’s online with social media or your blog, or in behind-the-scenes interactions with others, get to know your audience and allow them to know you too. Create your business plan in half the time with twice the impact using Entrepreneur's BIZ PLANNING PLUS powered by LivePlan. Figure out who these people are, and go meet them before you need their help. Researchers say that 48% of employees who experience disrespect at work intentionally reduce their effort. 12. They really appreciated my efforts to let them know what was going on. Keeping all of your communication with customers, vendors, and employees genuine and honest will help you establish your trustworthiness as a business owner. Add your thoughts in the comment box below. As a memory jog, I’ve put together a free infographic you can use as a reminder of the many ways to start building your credibility fast. After all, anybody smart enough to want to consult with them can’t be all that bad, right? These products have an average 85 to 95 percent failure rate. Credibility with your customers will go a long way to establishing a trusting relationship. Get a key person to show you how. When you gain a certain level of publicity, you’re going to have haters. 7 Ways to Build Credibility When You're a New Leader 1) Actively listen. Maybe you have a great deal of knowledge in gardening. link) — her book where she gives us the keys to confidence and credibility. If you’re thinking of launching a startup or developing a brand, here’s how being open and credible can help you to lay a solid foundation and build for lasting success. To do that, you have to establish and build your credibility online. If you’re thinking of launching a startup or developing a brand, here’s how being open and credible can help you to lay a solid foundation and build for lasting success. At the end of the day, credibility: Opens up a ton of opportunities that allow you to grow more Is the door to converting audience to clients (because they believe you can solve their problem) Here are two groups to add in to your network. An estimated 250,000 products are launched each year. Sharing appropriately and dependably will be appreciated. 6. I’ve asked hundreds of consultants, accountants and lawyers over the years how they establish their credibility, build rapport and trusted relationships with clients and colleagues. A couple things to keep in mind as you take on your duties. Question:  What will you do today to build credibility? Several teammates told me later that no one had done that before. For just $5 per month, get access to premium content, webinars, an ad-free experience, and more! Your trust account is more important than your bank account. Using this approach, you are recognizing his ability, learning the needed skill, and getting a chance to know a team mate better all at the same time. . Better to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”  Then make sure you do, quickly, and get back to the person that asked the question. You have to know when to speak up, when to listen, and when it’s best to stay silent. Leadership is challenging enough when you know what you are doing. First, don’t operate in isolation. 5 Ways To Build Online Credibility. *  Invite people to teach you If you are interviewing for a managerial position, make … I was recently lucky enough to attend a seminar by Cara Hale Alter, the author of “The Credibility Code”, (Amazon aff. Related: Why Authenticity Is Key to Mastering Social Media Marketing, For all commercial enquiries related to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, please contact [email protected], For all editorial enquiries related to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, please contact [email protected], For all contributor enquiries related to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, please contact [email protected]. For example, pay attention to cultivating good grooming habits. One of them is by allowing other people to know what you have done and how well you have done for others. *  Practice transparency and candor *  Apologize. However, if you are like most people, and do not have an advanced degree in a specific field you will need to do a little leg work to establish credibility. It’s OK if you don’t know everything at first, but it’s not OK to stay that way. web site talks about how scholars believe that respect is the most important leadership behavior employees are looking for. You are also setting an example that says it’s OK to bend the truth a little. If your team develops confidence in your words and actions, your abilities, and your intentions, then they will be more likely to follow you. Your customers will see through the ruse and it will only damage your reputation. Being honest with your team means that you should stop sugar-coating the bad news, avoid hiding things from your employees, providing realistic feedback, and never promise something you know you cannot deliver. Control your emotions. Plain and simple. There are a lot of ways to reward your team. On the other hand, if you don’t bother to ask, you miss out on all that good knowledge, you risk sending the opposite message, and you lose the opportunity to build connections and loyalty with your team. If you sit back passively and contribute nothing, even if you’re in broad agreement with everything that is being said, believe me, you will not be seen as having credibility or gravitas. Talk about tools you would use to establish credibility such as asking questions to understand the situation or implementing a 30 day plan. 13. Pick one thing on the infographic and decide what you are going to do today. In order to build credibility, you first need to build meaningful work relationships based on trust. Do not feel guilty; if you ever have to refuse, do it. In the end, embracing your startup's authentic self is about being true to your values and following through on your promises to customers. Then make a plan for your release. Are your core values linked with your branding or business strategy? What behaviors will build these key skills? Like your audience. *  Say, “Thank you” a lot Your ability to build trust and credibility is crucial to maintaining relationships. When you get other members of your team involved, they develop a sense of ownership. Tell us in the comments section below. It’s important to be aware of your boundaries and to know the difference between stretching yourself for growth and allowing others to push you past your comfort zone. There is probably no quicker way to learn about a job or a process than to actually spend some time doing it. Team management is no easy task. Wary of scams, rip-offs and shady marketing tactics, customers are starting to see the world more in terms of real and fake. You can have the most brilliant ideas in the world, but if they’re not being communicated correctly and effectively, you’re undercutting your credibility. Even if you don’t end up going with what they recommend, the fact that you consulted with them first can make a big difference. Maybe it’s marketing, finance, a committee member, or the bosses administrative assistant. I mean, I can only listen to my mother’s story about the deer eating her hydrangeas so many times, right? Although this only represents 10% of a credibility score, it is nevertheless the foundation. In the process, you will gain valuable first-hand knowledge and experience, as well as earn some respect from your teammates for making the effort. Credible companies are not created overnight. That leaves you more time in the introduction to accomplish your other 4 goals. If you don’t know what you are talking about, you have no credibility no matter what else you might bring to the mix. You may not agree with them. Help build the correct picture of your team in their minds. Get heaping discounts to books you love delivered straight to your inbox. When an issue comes up, talk to people, solicit opinions, ask for suggestions. Good intentions are just the beginning. When people believe you are truly acting in their best interest, they tend to trust you. Respect your audience. What makes you credible to one audience may make you incredible to another. Talk to your more experienced peers and see what they do; look it up on the internet; ask your boss; take a class; read a book. Instead, they try to build their companies around what they think people want to hear. You will find that in giving it, you may get it. You cannot prove your trust by words; you need to place yourself in positions that demonstrate your trusting abilities so that your followers believe what they see. Assuming you are trustworthy, here are five additional things you can get started on. Make a point to cultivate friendships and get to know other people outside your team. 2. Focus (15%) – The next level up according to Mr Jones is focus which constitutes 15% of the total score. 3. More often than not, they’re basing their purchasing decisions on how genuine they perceive an offer to be. But when your teammates happen to have more knowledge or experience than you do, it can get a little tricky, especially in the early days. My thesis is that these skills are the foundations of building a sustainable practice. Add information to the conversation that they don’t already know. Stay true to your beliefs, and you’ll gain respect from those around you. Do your homework. If people like you they will trust you, and if they trust you they will do business with you. You’ll need to choose which values you are ready to commit to unwaveringly. Use your experience to build your credibility: There are a few things that will help you to build your credibility. 3. To cultivate credibility you must build trust, earn trust and get trust. Is it your commitment to supporting a specific cause? Related: 5 Steps to Becoming an Authentic Leader. Few will be fooled, and you lose credibility if they know you are fudging it. Maybe you want to start by talking with your most experienced people, or making a list of people outside your team that you need to get to know. Do it Right. Figure out who or where you need to go to get the information you need and go there and get it. Focus on learning about the things that will make the most difference. Unfortunately though, many companies don’t practice authenticity. RAPIDSTART LEADERSHIP © 2020   Ι   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If there is a conference or presentation program, ask to include your credibility information in that. I did this with my Soldiers all the time. Keep that distinction in mind to build credibility. Not a good direction to head. 3. Learn to say “no” Sometimes it is easier to gain credibility by saying “no” than by agreeing with everything. A good strategy is to pick one thing, learn it well, then move on to the next. How to Build Credibility with Customers. In personal life, lack of trust can kill a … Once, in a new job, I attended a routine staff meeting. 1. The longer you lead, the more likely you will find yourself in charge of groups that are more experienced or knowledgeable than you. You can do this! Rockwell’s post on earning respect lists many things you can do to build respect with your teammates; among them: *  Lift others up That comes in the form of testimonials. Decide which things you will be unwavering on. “I was wrong” earns more respect than, “I told you so.” (But don’t be wrong the same way twice!) How far should you go to demonstrate your authenticity? Not a good direction to head. Your Loyalty Goes a Long Way Levis, Ford Motors, Apple are  well-known and enduring names that have survived over a number of decades. A better strategy is to focus on building relationships with the key influencers on your team. So how do you build credibility online? With that said it is important to increase your search traffic and articles about you online. Create the message that cuts through the clutter and captures people’s attention. There’s more detail about this approach here. One of the fastest ways to build credibility with your audience is to understand the frustrations and problems they are experiencing and be able to articulate them. To cultivate credibility you must build trust, earn trust and get trust. It also helps you avoid the awkwardness of “selling yourself” to the audience. This tactic reduces fear of dramatic change, while leaving the door open to make adjustments as you learn what needs to be done. And if you liked this post, be sure to sign up now for twice-monthly Leadership Updates with more tips and exclusive content not available elsewhere on the site! Building credibility takes real commitment. Finally, be prepared for opposition. This is the best way to kill a brand. It’s OK, though – it turns out that there are lots of ways to address this situation quickly and effectively. Plus, enjoy a FREE 1-year. The following list represents 55 ways to build trust and credibility: It takes many years to become an overnight success. A simple thank you note, an invitation to lunch, a small gift. Draw a line in the sand, and as important issues arise, take a stand. Few will be fooled, and you lose credibility if they know you are fudging it. If you don’t know something, don’t pretend that you do. While many people know they aren’t getting the results they want, they don’t necessarily know why. Speaking up is a fantastic way to build credibility at work — when it’s done right. Is it your dedication to building products that will change people’s lives? I don’t know about you, but I’m not surprised to learn that we only remember 25% to 50% of what we hear. In today’s marketplace, brands and products come and go at supersonic speeds. What’s the secret to some brands’ staying power? The messages that you’re sending out through marketing, promotions and social media should be in line with the in-person experience that you provide to customers. You are the face of your company, and it’s important to make sure your branding is compatible with who you are. Get to know them. If you need to learn about how your team operates, or about issues they face, make some time to put yourself in their shoes and stand with them as they work. Try risk free for 60 days. Why do some stick around while others fizzle out or go bust? In this second of two posts I’ll talk about five positive steps you can take right away to help you establish credibility and become an effective leader of your experienced team. We’ll feature a different book each week and share exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. If your team develops confidence in your words and actions, your abilities, and your intentions, then they will be more likely to follow you. In order to earn credibility, you need to convince people that you are worthy of earning their trust. Determine where you will demonstrate your values and how far you want to go. They may face similar issues as you and have the experience that you don’t. *  Ask, “What matters to you?”. All of these tips are great for building your credibility, but remember that the process can take years of hard work and diligent execution. Another word for credibility is trust. Get plugged in with higher, figure out what the flows and rhythms are, attend key meetings. Everything else you do really amounts to one thing:  building credibility. If people like you they will trust you, and if they trust you they will do business with you.

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