how deep is valdez glacier lake

If you have concerns about Valdez Glacier, send those in and we will forward those on to proper care takers.If you have insights you would like to share we welcome those as well. heads 0.7 mi. This will get you to the lake. A former Gold Rush town, it is located at the head of a fjord on the eastern side of Prince William Sound. The streams draining into Port Valdez are home to spawning salmon, and as those fish spawn and die, there is an abundant food source which halibut love. Gold-seekers crossed Valdez Glacier during the Gold Rush of 1898. Getting ThereFrom downtown Valdez get on the Richardson Highway, turn left on to Airport Road stay on it to the end(even as it becomes Glacier Campground Rd). Trip Planner. In spring of 2012 three scientist (Anthony Arendt, Gabriel Wolken, Alessio Gusmeroli) were able to snowmachine (snowmobile) up to the summit of the glacier since the 400+ inches of snow that fell that winter provided plenty of protection from the glaciers many crevasses. Valdez Glacier (GC1BAPR) was created by chiefsfan19 on 4/17/2008. The victims were identified by the city as two Germans and an Austrian and were found dead on Tuesday morning in Valdez Glacier Lake, about 120 miles (193 km) east of Anchorage. Though it is physically possible to reach the glacier clinging to dear life traversing through the brush. Sunday: Closed, FALL | WINTER | SPRING HOURS: About 5 miles back from the terminus on the east side of Valdez Glacier there is a valley with a retreated fork of glacier that drains into the valley. The lake is a popular destination for paddlers in the summer, and offers impressive views of the Valdez Glacier. The City of Valdez 212 Chenega Avenue P.O. According to the 2010 US Census, the population of the city is 3,976, down from 4,036 in 2000. Those broken chunks of ice, some the size of city buildings dam up the drainage creating a deep lake. Valdez offers unparalleled natural scenery that is matched only by the abundant activities offered throughout the year. During the last several decades, Alaska has warmed twice as … Since the fork had retreated the east edge of Valdez Glacier spills into the valley. Only a few miles odd the main Hwy. The lake is approximately 7 miles northwest of Valdez and 120 miles east of Anchorage. Valdez is a city in the Chugach Census Area in the U.S. state of Alaska. It’s a nice place to get unimpeded views of the Chugach Mountains and the Valdez Glacier. Read more. Our Valdez Glacier and Iceberg tour begins at Valdez Glacier Lake, past the airport at the end of Airport Road. The glacier occupies a deeply-incised U-shaped valley and terminates into Valdez Glacier lake, a proglacial lake located about 10 km (6 mi) east of the town of Valdez. In the winter crossing the lake to explore and climb inside the glacier itself is an incredible adventure with the crystal clear blue and black ice that spans deep into the glacier. Observe and follow posted danger signs.". Lt. Abercrombie may have ascended Corbin Glacier in 1884, but no lake is visible from either Corbin or Valdez Glacier's summits. Let us know how you think this page on Valdez Glacier could be improved, what questions were left unanswered. You can also see Valdez Glacier from the beach as it flows down through the Mountains. When the lake reaches the height of the glacier the largest chunks of ice still damming the valley float upwards and the lake drains underneath Valdez Glacier. It suffered catastrophic damage during the 1964 Alaska earth… To reach the glacier a boat is recommended. Email: [email protected], 2020 SUMMER HOURS He was the first president of the National Geographic Society and regent of the Smithsonian Institution. The Valdez Glacier is a 33 km-long (20 mi) valley glacier located in the Chugach Mountains of south-central Alaska. By continuing to use our site you agree to our privacy policy. As of 2019 there is a large crevasse running across the glacier that it only passable by repelling in packrafting across and climbing out. About Winter travel to the glacier will depend on wind and snow depth. The runoff of this gorgeous glacier is so vast it creates a lake in front of the terminus. Head through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Terminal and Columbia Bay before arriving at the glacier. S of Mount Cashman, trends SE to its terminus, 2 mi. Add a Campsite. One day there can be 3 feet of snow on the lake and a couple days of strong wind will have it down to bare ice. It’s 25% larger than the state of Rhode Island. Spencer Glacier rises 3,500 feet in a stunning, natural ramp from a lake of royal-blue icebergs in the Chugach National Forest just 60 miles south of Anchorage. Only a few miles odd the main Hwy. One of my most favorite places to visit. If lake canoing is more your pace, then stop at the Valdez Glacier Lake and paddle up close to ice bergs and ice caves. The original town of Valdez, founded in 1898, was created via a scam to lure prospectors off the Klondike Gold Rush trail. The Valdez Glacier Lake is not really marked on the main road but we saw it in the map and decided to take the road there. See the blue glacier ice and possibly enter an ice cave or tunnel through an iceberg. Pictures of, from, or near Valdez Glacier. Telephone: (907) 835-2984 Rolling icebergs and underwater calving pose serious danger. Valdez Glacier provides breathtaking sights and a glimpse into the local history and culture of the area. The glacier has receded up between steep walls it carved out, and it resting behind the lake. September 1st - April 30th © 2020 Alaska Guide Company - All Rights Reserved. If ice was released and struck their boat, it could have tossed them overboard, she added. Please be sure to check and make sure this lake is completely frozen before going on it. Valdez Glacier is an amazing experience both in the summer and winter seasons, the opportunity to canoe around the icebergs in summer leaves me in awe of the grandeur every visit. Can walk around and see the iceberg pieces floating in the lake, too (a sight to see). Please be sure to wear your lifejacket, as this glacier-fed lake is approximately 640 feet deep. Independent travel on the glacier is not recommended. Private Valdez Glacier Tours. Kayak tours of Valdez Glacier and Valdez Glacier Lake are available with our local kayak guides. Find a Campsite. But Port Valdez is nearly 800 feet deep in places, and halibut move into this area the same as they do elsewhere, and for the same reasons.

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