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Strange, though…. The Forum Badge Guide? The Gutsy Bat (ガッツのバット) is considered Ness' ultimate weapon in EarthBound. It may have been an early version trying to make this game slightly easier or something. “The other scientists called me crazy… They said a bionical kraken just couldn’t be done… But I did it!” the scientist said, with a wicked grin on his face. I can also confirm 100% that you get the Gutsy Bat from a Bionic Kraken in the Cave of the Past. I feel I was pretty lucky on that one ^_^. My friend and I spent quite a while farming them, and I’m sure the drop rate is very low. I’m confirming they do beyond that too even on the 3-4 carts ive played on. In my many playthroughs of EarthBound, I have gotten the Gutsy Bat 4 times. The Krakens do not respawn, so after you defeat them, they are gone for good. I, BlackEagle, am writing this article to help all of you people who have this problem. I now enjoy Magicant much more and it is nice to finish those epic 1/128 runs with the final piece of the puzzle. If you did, that means you either It increases his offense stat by 110, making it more powerful than the Gutsy Bat, though it lacks the Guts bonus the Gutsy Bat provides. For further reference, here are those two entries in an editor: HONK This site is a personal blog and is not affiliated with Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi, Brownie Brown, or any other companies. Unlike the normal kraken who would give the bat with honor after defeat, these new upgraded bionical kraken will die trying to protect the gutsy bat!” he mentioned with his wickedness. They’re dropped by Bionic Krakens in the last dungeon of the game! So get everything you need before entering the Phase Distorter. All the info is here! Goddess ribbon can be a bit annoying, for Gutsy bat SNOT in the last corridor in cave of the past until there's only one diamond, it's gonna be either a Kraken or Final Starman, so you ahve more chances. No, you didn’t. The Gutsy Bat is obtained by killing Bionic Krakens located in the Cave of the Past (1/128 chance). In the "second" and "third" sections of the cave, you'll occassionally encounter the Bionic Kraken enemy. Heh, I had started that page but never really got into it. Get help with games! 16, 2013 Honestly, since I have horrible luck in RPGs when it comes to trying under-leveled plays, I don’t think I’ll ever use this. Perhaps at the time of writing, it was possible to get the Gutsy Bat in the Sea of Eden. Why would they do that? I’ve never got a Gutsy Bat or Sword of Kings, and I’ve never bothered with trying. I clearly remember reading this part of the guide and swelling with pride that I was extremely lucky. Gutsy Bat - 279 Gunma and Dakota Get the Spotlight - 281 When Penguins and Planets Collide - 282 The Villain with the Shape-Shifting Name - 286 The Traumatic Inspiration Behind Giygas’ ... EarthBound is known for its unconventional ideas and creative gameplay mechanics, yet the game wasn’t designed by a normal game designer at all! Legendary Bat: The second-strongest bat Ness can get. So yeah, I was a bit of a lonely child with a lot of free time, but I did fill up that chart eventually, just like EarthBound filled up my heart. Why, the player’s guide that came with the game, of course! I was trying to grind enough levels so Kumatora would learn PK Ground right before the Masked Man. My guess is that the guide was made with some sort of hybrid-game between Mother 2 and an English-translated EB. has a page of the spelling/grammer errors and remnants of Mother 2 in the official game guide if you want to check it out. “Yes, Master giygas, I took the rarest breed of Kraken, the ones that drop the gutsy bat! The official strategy guide actually lists that as a drop from the Kraken in the Sea of Eden, which is total bullshit and something I grinded hours for when I was younger, before I discovered that was false. Move back and forth between the corridor, as you will find that the Bionic Krakens have a higher probability of appearing there. He possesses the mighty Gutsy Bat, but once again, you only have a 1/128 chance of getting it. Want to to get Gutsy Bat (I have Sword Of Kings, Broken Antenna, 3 Star Pendant, Magic Fry Pan and Goddess Ribbon) but I'm worried about running out of inventory (everybody is level 99) and haven't gone to the Cave Of The Past yet, too worried I will not have the right stuff to beat countless Bionic Kraken and still face Giygas. I just got to the Cave of the Past and got a Gutsy Bat on the first freakin' try. Here’s a raw dump of the enemy data: The Gutsy Bat (ガッツのバット) is considered Ness ' ultimate weapon in EarthBound. Just to lie to people? When Ness first arrives, he is unable to get through because of an Iron Pencil blocking his way, so he asks Apple Kid for help. However, there are other weapons that all users can equip, but when Poo equips them, his Offense decreases. Does anyone remember? @LouIsCool No. Ness (ネス, Nesu) is the silent main protagonist of Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan) and is analogous to Ninten and Lucas in their respective games. CREMATION. =D. Wanna know more about the staffers? Another jaw dropper. Just a theory. Oddly enough though, despite those enemies being brutally hard, the Krakens really aren't a problem at all (bash fest). here mato this is a Mr.saturn c(‘=) (happy one) c(^=). To add to my last post: I also can’t fathom how I misses this particular tidbit of information over the years. One that also points out obvious instances where they used a screenshot from MOTHER 2 instead of EB. I have never ever, EVER had a Gutsy Bat drop for me in my many playthroughs. It can only be obtained by being dropped by Bionic Kraken in the Cave of the Past, with a 1/128 chance. A language-related line that a Flying Man shares with Ness, and how the execution of this line was changed in EarthBound; A two-page feature on the false information about the Gutsy Bat, the history of this false information, a question about false memories, and quotes from EarthBound … The Gutsy Bat can only be obtained after traveling to the past with the Phase Distorter.

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