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", Players cooperatively fight an ancient evil stirring from its slumber and must seal off this awakening horror before it's too late. It uses its hiding place in the sky and its long arms to reach down and pick up unsuspecting prey. From tears in reality formed from burst bubbles of The Gate, she can be seen pressed against the edge of reality. ", When they take control of someone, their objective is to kill the most people around it and then kill himself. The Shuggdus move along on tentacles instead of legs. It contracts in response to pain, but reveals little else. Feeling your hands shaking, you take a step closer..." Take it home "The statuette is surprisingly heavier than it looks. These creatures bore witness to the horrible truths of the universe, and can often be found near eldritch treasures or knowledge. ", ", ", It disguises itself as an ordinary wall. No light portrudes the darkness. Long arms that extend out radially, as well as thousands of tube feet that propel it forward (see starfish movement). Marble Hornets is at the top of the list. your own Pins on Pinterest - finds a window in the cage. Exists in all areas that no other living being can see it, occasionally a poor soul will catch a glimpse of it in the shadows. Visually, He appears as a gash in reality, looking like a spot in space where nothing exists, like a humanoid black hole, without the gravity and absolutely colourless, including black. It's basically like John Carpenter's The Thing except in space, and not so isolated or low key. ", ", A vague sense of maternalism or Munchausen by proxy aside, her behavior is in no way comprehensible to mortals. Hooded and jewel encrusted it teems with ancient knowledge but at a price. Starfish Movie Explained, An Introduction Into Cosmic & Eldritch Horror. From Beyond its pretty neat, too. Forsaken Lore. Looking upon the stone block has a chance of giving cackle fever and looking at it afterwards can cause a cackle fever fit. It moves slowly, inexorably, for reasons unknown, and as it does the lands near it warp; first gaining a slimy texture, then sprouting tentacles, eyes, mouths, arms, then becoming those things until there is no trace of nature in them, only squirming fields of flesh. It's a spoiler just suggesting it, but AM1200 is a fantastic 45m short. It gains the knowledge of anything it eats. The Crealeth is a means to an end, an unstopped leviathan carrying in its stomach the oozing and decaying armies of the aboleth. It showed her what everyone really looks like under the skin: preemptive worm food. ", Eldritch Horror is a tabletop strategy board game published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2013. Its shriek can be heard from miles away, and those who linger too long near it will begin to feel their bones crumble from the pressure created by it. They are vessals of energy to them, no different to them than drinking water from a paper cup then throwing it away is to mortals. Borderlands Absentia Starry Eyes We Are Still Here, There's two Spanish films if you don't mind subtitles. Those who see him cannot describe his face, or race, or any discerning features, despite the man sticking clearly in their memory- there was something off about him. It's an entity of rot, exhaling and surrounded by a necrotic mist. The best Lovecraftian horror film in existence (in my opinion) is John Carpenter's In The Mouth Of Madness starring Sam Neill. ", Create New Account. Sometimes it has a corporeal form, but no one can hit it, instead it just passes through. These men return or wake as lepers, cursed by death himself to remind man of what will eventually come. They are horrid monsters of unspeakable evil, dedicated to the eradication of all that exists except for each other and those that crafted them. It's fog does necrotic damage and wherever it travels, a plague seems to follow. The warden speaks with a mottled but feminine voice, describing souls that are promised to her and how she will grant powers in exchange for the hunting down and executing of those souls. "Oculus of the Fire Court - A 5 meter tall D'jinn aspect of fire with three faces. Roughly the size of a child when fully retracted into a corner, where it may hide for weeks, warping the consciousness of those in proximity over the course of weeks by giving them the sensation of impossible spans of time passing in near instants. The hundreds of perspectives are fixed, but the viewpoints move through the undulating tissue as cross sections of the whole, like so many colorful animated CT scans. It doesn’t seem intelligent but has an alarming tendency to appear in large groups when no one is looking, sometimes in populated areas. "Gar-Khoza - Strangely enough, this gargantuan beast is quite passive, usually not paying the living much attention and only 'feeding' on corpses and dead plant matter. There are monsters and it does star the beautiful Virginia Gardner but it’s a strange and wonderful journey you need to see just once. The creature is host to an exposed maw of needle like teeth as large as the fiercest warrior and a row of blind eyes wrapping around its large dome-like head. When a mortal happens to come upon its visage, it sees an almost incomprehensible sphere with ever shifting angles and boundaries. It has a pair of powerful looking mandibles that lead to a mouth with multiple rows of jagged teeth as well as a hornet proboscis that it can shoot out to siphon all manner of life force from any given victim. Parental love, romantic love, obsessive love, companionable love, bittersweet love, one-sided love; there are so many kinds of love. In the vicinity of a herd, the sun is bright, the air is still, and the skies are forever clear. - The Plague by Albert Camus. "The Dustman - A man in a simple white tunic is occasionally seen walking along a road, by one person, occasionally two. howling in agony, without eyes at all, this Earthblind hellspawn gapes with a thousand layered lips in every direction, folding and gasping, and curling and drooling, all budding to reveal its scream from a single, central, digestive intestine. Through the halls wander the deformed, monstrous husks of previous guests, and a single touch infects you with an illness that drives you violently insane, twisting your mind as well as your body. But still, when the halls he haunts turn to dust with age, he wanders, and where he wanders life will begin to dry and swelter and eventually wither to dust and desert. In its presence emotions are hollow and eyes grow empty, but The Uncaring neither notices nor forgets. "Warm Embrace - This being which reproduces in manners unknown is made out of a single material. Interestingly, this also affects creatures who have used teleportation magic, as well as any who have been reincarnated or resurrected. "Ygathu, Endless Rage - for miles away from the site of the valley harboring this horror, howling screams can be heard. It will use, is using, has used its great philosophical machines to fling pieces of itself back in time. Aug 8, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Ts. "Jakęshuž - A bear like creature with the head of a large salmon, though it doesn't seem scary or something dangerous. Jun 29, 2017 - Cthulhu, that sort of thing. "Chitintu - Approaching with the tides on large beaches is a massive creature, appearing to simply be claw upon claw upon claw, clinging to a hard and slim shell. "Lovely Fall - This being only appears in the underdark. These mimics will try to latch onto its target before it explodes. Maybe a prequel, though. Boucbin is an unstoppable, unseen horror that destroys by their very presence. Not a mortal being, but not immortal either. Also on the subject of video games, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is heavily inspired by Lovecraft. Its only tool for understanding is the sensation it experiences in sliding its gargantuan form through the layers of spacetime, like a dog dragging its butt across the carpet to relieve an itch. Players can avert their eyes. 1 Description 2 Choices 3 Trivia 4 Gallery "Something pulls you towards the beach. "Perfectionist Amar-Amat - Humanity is weak, and ignorant, and foolish, but it has potential. It is not evil, as we understand it. ", It emits a sound that is similar to a gavel smashing hard wood. It seems to be very, very angry about the fact that the rest of its body has been stuck underneath a fallen pillar of rock for at least a century. She can't look someone in their eyes without seeing maggots crawl out. They have powerful hearing, especially underwater. "Fractured-Reality-Leaking-Unease - An entity that does not truly exist, except in the lack of understanding to which lesser creatures attribute their ignorance. In fact it will purposefully remove one of its own limbs for a variety of reasons (defence, offence, distraction), which can survive just fine because its arms contain a high proportion of its brain cells (see octopus brains). Nobody else sees or remembers the Man. Those that do leave to other lands, in search of something perhaps, but inevitably bringing fear and doom. "Pale Strider - From the foggy mist extends a long, gigantic and lithe limb attached to a large clawed foot. Strange Remnants. ", "The Chittering Library - A vast collection of knowledge composed of mangled rats that exists between our reality and a higher one.Every century it sends out an emissary to lure children and rats into it's recesses so that they may be twisted together, allowing the Library to expand itself. "The Tongue - A small tenticle roughly the size and shape of a tongue. 12 Delightfully Freaky Horror Movies From the 1960s. It desires more. However, some travelers that have stumbled upon the Flesh's cavern prison swear they have seen animals and even humans tear their way free from its unnatural womb, and the implications and grotesqueness of these events have driven the witnesses mad. It just 'enjoys watching the world burn'. these segmented arms draw living beings into the mechanism, where they are slowly ground apart by its gears, the metals and minerals their bodies contain are absorbed, and what cannot be used is pulped and drained away. "The One Who is All - a formless, shapeless creature, who, when summoned, assumes the form of each being it sees. It seems like the ground itself whispers through the yellow moss. A fleshy transport for the vile creations of the aboleth, the Crealeth is a large whale like creature covered with pustule abrasions that constantly leak a black tar. Not on Netflix anymore unfortunately, but definitely worth a watch. In any case, this entity features a long Eel-like snout with no eyes. If you squinted, and tilted you head sideways, perhaps its may resemble one. The Eldritch Abomination is a type of creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. "Unit Designation 817:252, “Smother The Piteous Wails Of Those Who Wallow In Sin” - A predecessor-angel of the world before, which now exists only as shattered shells in the outer darkness. If this happens, a constant stream of rats and insects spews forth from the holes in his body, to attack everything around him. "Lfjeghoull - An amalgamation of twisted lines, like a child's scribble given flesh and form. Only it's face -what a face! These worshippers are, of course, considered evil by their peers. The witnesses often whisper of joining the mass in its endless pleasure, and disappear several weeks afterward. When the disgusting feast is over, the creatures will themselves will slowly turn into two Gorgoloths. The continuous pillar of black bile envelopes the man and spiked tentacles and spears pierce and grapple the party. And when the sight and the stench of that dreaded maggot had become too much to bare, I started to feel dizzy. She fell in love and willing gave herself to The Nothingness. The bolts cover him in spikes. Eldritch Statuette is a Seaside event you can encounter in World of Horror. the mechanism feeds indiscriminately, replenishing and strengthening itself with every meal. Dont be fooled this beast was born from the closing of a black hole, it thrives on the hate and anger between lesser beings and will interfere with mortal lives to cause these things. Their plans are incomprehensible on a human timescale. Forgot account? The Lovecraftian elements begin as nothing more than concept art, but by the end of the franchise you realize it's much more than that. "Yadon-Izfarod - There are many different kinds of love that exist. "The Warden of Fengsai - A humanoid figure appears with a dark green cloak and a menacing metallic mask. Whoever the Tongue possess now is controlled by the void, and it speaks through them. See more of Eldritch Horror on Facebook. His ability to do this frightens those even other devils. Soaking the object and boiling it. The Boreal Algid is drawn to heat, and will draw close to torches or lanterns. "Boucbin, The Plague - 'Michel’s death marked, one might say, the end of the first period, that of bewildering portents, and the beginning of another, relatively more trying, in which the perplexity of the early days gave place to panic… Our townsfolk realized that they had never dreamed it possible that our little town should be chosen out for such grotesque happenings as the wholesale death of rats in broad daylight or the decease of concierges through exotic maladies… Still, if things had gone thus far and no farther, force of habit would doubtless have gained the day, as usual.' Its state of decay, or lack there of, makes it seem much younger than it actually is. Oct 2, 2020 - Explore Sol's board "Eldritch Horror", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. The Bastard is known to carry incurable diseases that have wiped out whole civilizations. Basically all the movies he's made in the horror genre with potentially civilization ending consequences, all of which he claims are inspired by Lovecraft. The howl blots out the sun and shakes the earth. For those fans looking for a game that's more accurate to the Lovecraft world rather than the themes, they should look no further than the rogue-like Eldritch. Her face is entirely flat and blank, but for a circular portal about six inches in diameter, leading to another plane; this changes every minute or so in such a way as to be readily visible. ", Its underside is down feathers, its back is quills as long as pikes. Those in the presense of Tyhuuth are judged by the elder god. The Dreamlands. She is a massive, salamander-like monstrosity who has spent the past millennia readying her nursery for new spawn. ", It's part of Carpenter's apocalypse trilogy, which consists of Prince Of Darkness and The Thing. When in shadow form, radiant is the only one to hit. The Three Sisters – This strange being is formed from the souls of deceased princesses. Those he deems worthy transformed into his Disciples, highly powerful Ithilid-spider hybrids. "A crawling orb with a gaping maw that leaves a slimy rut wherever it drags itself. Pulls itself violently and almost magnetically into shadowed corners. "Cuterebra Cerebrum - When Cooper said their kid had something stuck up their nose that was wriggling, I expected it to just be a run of the mill botfly maggot that had nested up there. The song has been known to cause uncontrollable fits of laughter and dancing. It is programmed to enforce moral commandments. ", ", They don't seem to know where they are as they move throughout the universe with no for regards for gravity or matter. They are grotesque mockeries of reality beyond comprehension whose disturbing otherness cannot be encompassed in any mortal tongue. He is the eventual ruin of all things. Perhaps it rose from the plane beyond the hole, before the world had felt its presense. The Sultans build their temples in remote deserts to appease him and stop his wandering for a time. See more ideas about cthulhu, eldritch horror, lovecraftian. Wolf Bones are left as offerings to her on the trail; anyone who disturbs them will never find their way back out of the forest. ]; ", Covering the head is a locked bird cage, and the eyes, presumably on the sides of the head, are covered with metal patches. It's body resembles a giant octopus. While I'm on the subject, I'd highly recommend Alan Wake and it's stand-alone DLC sequel American Nightmare which is like a Twilight Zone episode you can play through. Often, while walking across it, your foot will become unnaturally stuck. Perhaps it is nostalgia, or binding covenants not even they fully remember. See more ideas about eldritch horror, lovecraftian, cosmic horror. So bright that looking at it blinds you forever. ", "Shuggdus - The monstrous-looking, water-based race. It is unerring. ", It vomits a stream of teeth, blood, and gums, which assemble into undead-like mockeries of life. It has elder gods, cults, Nazis, and guns. R/HORROR, known as Dreadit by our subscribers is the premier horror entertainment community on Reddit. Sometimes strolls through random areas, with anything that touches him being sent into oblivion. Her avatar, a scruffy looking Scottish Terrier, lures unsuspecting locals into the cave where they join her as an embryo before being reborn into her cosmic hive mind of abominations. var msg = randomStrings[Math.floor(Math.random()*randomStrings.length)]; ", I haven't seen the concept really done well, I don't think. Good and evil are not concepts that have meaning to it. Colored like a hawk, its headless neck ends in a great sharp black beak that gleams ferociously. Following them. It reserves its neck quills for its favored prey. "Halpolan - For some reason, its influence makes people deeply hungry for the left feet of other humans. "The Hidden - A chaotic mass of slender, jointed bones (roughly fingerlike in diameter and anywhere from a few inches long to a foot long for each segment) wrapped tightly in desiccated flesh, its form streaked with subtle vertical ridges down towards an indiscernible center of mass. "Its four legs are burrowing paws with wicked talons. ", This pulsating smearlike-mass looks like a cross between brain matter and colorectal polyps. Where they drink, springs go dry. "Molungth the Aspect of Brutality - Molungth is a giant, made from countless sewn or bolted together human corpses. Having written that, The Mist might also qualify. ", 10min | Short, Fantasy, Horror | 29 October 2017 (Ireland) A dedicated IT-guy must stop a computer virus from spreading, unaware about the cosmic horrors he is about to release. These groups tend toward violent destruction and profane sacrifices once the crowd grows large enough. Its tail is long and slender. Scientifically speaking, it has the same physical characteristics of blood. "Vanadrish, The Mauled Corpse - This creature resembles the a skinny man with multiple gaping wounds in his upper body and ripped out legs. Any living creature that drinks from water polluted with the substance mutates into a toadish creature like them. It turns out she wasn't raped. Drool drips from its ever open maw: it ultimately hungers for the Sun, which it's destined to devour when the time is right. it views the world through more than a hundred eyes, not its own. or. It ropes its knotted, grainy skin around your leg, and you quite blitzed yourself, no longer desire the dog. ", ", Its characterized by hearing its animalistic moans and howls long before it reveals itself. Thought that you were done with modding Skyrim? Its four legs are burrowing paws with wicked talons. ", document.getElementById('randomDiv').innerHTML = msg; The creature follows around one specific creature, sometimes for a day, sometimes for centuries- it never harms them or antagonizes them, but most of it's 'prey' are eventually driven mad by the creatures constant pursuit. Pets of all kinds have been witnessed marching out the lake every night, while the native wildlife behave as if nothing is amiss. The flesh is human like, but is a sickly white and translucent showing the network of veins below. Certain swampland tribes, who do not know any better, worship it as a god of death and rebirth. ", This creation of the underworld is the primal root of death for all living things. That night, those witnesses are found dead, their bodily cavities filled with choking, harsh dust. The Angel matches the height of whomever she is visiting, and her wings are always closed behind her back where on the tips of the wings are covered in dark violet shade of blood. ", That dissatisfies the Gardener. The cavern is in complete darkness. ", Some contain clathrate orbs with yellow roe-like nuclei inside. "A head-sized, cucumber-green cross between a sea anemone, a clam, and a tunicate. Weakness to sunlight, loves graveyards. ", Coastal monk monasteries are a good example. 43:45. It disguises itself as an ordinary wall. This entity preys out of sheer malice. The planes engage in repetitive actions such as saccadic eye movements, blinks, and lip movements. ", It kills those who will never know they have transgressed, and carries their souls to a far hell whose fires have long since burned out for want of stoking. I feel like it'd be hard to capture everything properly - the impossible vastness, the weird geometry, the alien nature of it. This one moves the action out of Arkham and its environs and makes the whole business global. It's great! She has followers who collect her tears in urns. Not Now. "Ur'Athka, The Lord of Nothing, Voidchild, The Man Between Spaces, The Godhole, etc. - An Elder being that embodies, consists of, and resides in nothingness. Bienvenue sur Tric Trac. "Aakenraah - A massive, slimey orangish-pinkish worm-like creature that secretes an acidic substance, leaving it in trails wherever it moves. Amar-Amat is one of them. "Aspect of Fenris - The shadow of a giant dire wolf of the Apocalypse. "Hell's Guardian - An angel that appears to those who are destined to fall in battle. Like Bloodborne, Eldritch is another video game directly inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. No, Yadon-Izfarod wants to have all those loves, to own and possess them. It is through this engulfing process that they can petrify victims", "The Unspoken Mechanism - larger than an elephant, the mechanism resembles nothing so much as the fever dream of a mad watchmaker. This film presented a really fascinating setting that I would love to see explored more. Players take on the role of a private investigator digging deep into the cosmic horror mythos. The creature’s body is obscured by an ever present ethereal fog that is chilling. "Vothunae - A being totally foreign to all known plains of existence. Aakenraah's only desire is to drink the blood of living creatures. It cannot speak nor reason. It looks a lot like boiling blood. Instead, it is death himself. It is the undercurrent of all fear, the energy that spurs our deepest horrors on. Lovecraft whose stories referenced ancient powerful deities from space called the "Great Old Ones," like Azathoth and Cthulhu. The Bone Bastard himself has no set destination which causes it to wonder from place to place searching for its own destruction. "The Dread God - This being is the diety of the Seventh Circle of Hell, where even demons and devils dare not tread, where all is so far removed from what is known as life that even the merest touch of the least of its denizens will siphon off the vitality of mortals, fiends, and celestials alike in moments. ", Its true form is like a crab dashed upon rocks and the shattered pieces were then reassembled by a mad child without reference to the original being, complete with biological tubing holding it together. The souls of the eaten are sometimes seen trying to escape the creature's ooze-like body, but to no avail. It has no limbs; rather, its underbelly is full of human-like molar teeth with which it drags itself on the ground. Discover (and save!) Produces no sound except for when crying and vomiting liquid starfire, from which skyscraper-sized 'children' fall. The game released in 2013 on PC, with an expansion called Eldritch: Mountains of Madness that released soon after. The being has three heads, depicting joy, sadness, and rage. Eldritch Horror. These pieces are programmed with knowledge of all that has come before them. "The Flesh - This being is a huge mound of mismatched and misshapen limbs and organs, both human and bestial. "Bone Bastard - The ancient legends tell of a towering horror that has a root in all of mankind. "Al Ecks Om, The Roiling Flesh - This being exists just outside the material plane and occupies spatial dimensions beyond the fourth. "The Dreaming Maw - A castle-sized crystal floats above the ground, every so often pulsing red. There are a few who are tired of waiting. Although, unfortunately the Lovecraftian influences eventually become nothing more than references since the overarching plot of the franchise has little to do with the concept. Can transport the party to an arena in the Fire Elemental plane for trial by combat. However, this is just a clever cover up. It is speculated to be the interior of a twisted extradimensional creature intersecting the plane, perhaps explaining why attacking it causes aggressive aberrations to appear like an immune response. it kind of gives hints about "old unspeakable horrors". ", Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. ", The blood originates from the quill of each feather along the tops of her wings, often the blood drips down her wings in very solid stream still warm from her veins.

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