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The move is often difficult to punish due to its high range, especially when autocanceled. Cloud was slightly nerfed in update 1.1.5. Like down aerial, it autocancels from a full jump and has low landing lag in relation to its range and power, however, it has the slowest startup of his aerials, making it his riskiest aerial to use regardless. His grounded moveset is not quite as overwhelming. Finally, Cloud lacks custom moves like his fellow DLC characters, and while this does not seem to be a problem considering his Limit Break-boosted specials, the lack of variety for the normal special moves does hinder his matchups against more optimized custom characters. The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U community is divided over Bayonetta. Cloud (SSB4 - SSBU)Otros personajes Up throw has too much ending lag for reliably comboing, while down throw doesn't have reliable combos at low percentages and loses all of its combo potential past low-mid percentages if the opponent DIs properly. For a gallery of Cloud's hitboxes, see here. Cloud can charge Limit Break by dealing 250% damage, receiving 100% damage, or by instantly charging it with his down special, Limit Charge. スマブラSP(スイッチ)の「クラウド」をコンボから最新評価まで、クラウド使いが知りたい情報を掲載しています。クラウドのキャラランクの解説や技考察、キャラの出し方、カラー紹介もしているので、スマブラSPのクラウドで気になることがある方は、要チェックです。 Su aspecto está basado en el spin-off de lucha para la PlayStation Portable Dissidia Final Fantasy, el cual, a su vez, está basado en su aparición en su juego de origen, Final Fantasy VII. People that have datamined patch 1.1.3 for Cloud… Su Smash Final, Omnilátigo, consiste en avanzar hacia adelante y, si atrapa a un oponente, alzarlo y arremeterle una serie de golpes, concluyendo con una gran explosión que daña a todos los rivales cercanos, pudiendo noquear fácilmente si se encuentra sobre una plataforma elevada durante su realización. It is Cloud's strongest non-Limit Break move, KOing middleweights around 100% at center-stage, but it has high ending lag and deals below average. Es una animación casi igual que su burla normal y su pose de victoria de. Finishing Touch deals only 1% and has very high ending lag that renders Cloud vulnerable if the slash or whirlwind do not hit. Due to several controversies regarding doubles in tournament, Cloud was considered broken enough to be banned from certain tournaments listed. These nerfs, however, have not significantly impacted Cloud's viability, compared to the more severe nerfs to fellow top tiers Meta Knight, Sheik and Bayonetta in updates 1.1.5 and 1.1.6. Para atacar utiliza su arma, pero también se vale de patadas para efectuar su ofensiva. Si tiene su Límite al máximo, Cargalímites se transforma en Toque final, un ataque de enorme potencia pero que solo produce un 1% de daño. The community has received critical attention to his play style along with extreme advantages which allowed Cloud to consistently win throughout doubles. En el art oficial de su traje alternativo, al igual que en el trofeo "Alt." The first two hits combo into the third, which has higher range and immense knockback for the move's start-up (19 frames). If the special button is pressed again, it is followed with a descending reverse gripped slash. Thanks to his range and speed, Cloud can space out the opponent quite easily, stuff out opposing approaches and adeptly punish most careless attacks. En lo que respecta a sus ataques especiales, Cloud utiliza varios de sus ataques Límite procedentes de su juego de origen. On contact with an enemy, pressing the special button allows this slash to transition into a series of follow-up slashes, together spelling the kanji, 3% (hit 1), 4% (hits 2-3), 3% (hit 4), 6% (Limit Break hit 1), 7% (Limit Break hit 2), A leaping reverse gripped slash. Cloud Matchups See the win percentage for Cloud vs every character matchup in Smash 4. In all regions, Cloud is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, his official Japanese voice actor from Kingdom Hearts onward. KOs grounded middleweights around 135% when hit clean. Cloud's primary flaw is his poor recovery. There may be some human errors because of this. Cloud (クラウド Kuraudo) es un personaje descargable de Super Smash Bros. para Nintendo 3DS y Wii U. Cloud's poster used on the official website. The last hit can be used to, An inward slash. Además, si el oponente se protege correctamente justo antes del ataque deja a Cloud muy expuesto a un contrataque. These traits make it a phenomenal anti-air … Pose de victoria 2: igual que la pose anterior, pero la cámara enfoca la espada de Cloud, y al final este mira hacia ella. Climhazzard is also a terrible recovery move for many reasons: it grants below-average vertical distance, little horizontal momentum, its ascending hit is completely incapable of edge sweetspotting, and its descending hit cannot edge sweetspot until it covers some prior distance. It is also very fast on both ends, can autocancel from a short hop, and has a low launching angle, all of which make it a great edgeguarding tool despite its low knockback. His combo game and KOing ability, while unique and powerful, can sometimes be inconsistent. In addition, all of Cloud's special attacks are given a single-use power boost, with all of them dealing more damage and high knockback to the point of KOing reliably around 90%-120%. It also stalls Cloud in the air, giving it additional, if situational, utility in guard breaking. Using the Limit Break-boosted Cross Slash on Ganondorf. (, Pose de victoria 1: hace girar su espada delante suyo y la coloca a su espalda. In reference to Final Fantasy VII, Cloud possesses a unique Limit Break mechanic. The Buster Sword grants him some of the greatest reach and longest disjointed hitboxes of any character; furthermore, he is highly mobile both in the air and on the ground, with quick, high jumps and a fast dash. (, Normal: hace girar varias veces la espada delante suyo y la coloca en su espalda mirando hacia la cámara. Smashpedia es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. Under Limit Break status, his mobility is even better; his traction slightly improves, his … Cloud también tiene un traje alternativo, en el que viste la ropa del largometraje Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, además de llevar el arma que utiliza en dicha película, las Espadas de fusión. Has some startup (15 frames) and moderate ending lag, and its KO power is only average compared to most other up smashes, but it has long range in front of, above, and slightly behind Cloud. While Cloud also possesses an abundance of strong finishers, his KOing ability is somewhat inconsistent. Ultimate SSBC +12 3 Super Smash Bros. Many top smashers have also talked about Cloud's exploitable recovery and how many top players have become better at gimping him. He had achieved strong results at both singles and doubles play right before the first tier list was released by the 4BR, thanks to professionals like komorikiri, Mew2King and Tweek. Both games feature identical character rosters. He has above average falling speed and high gravity, however, preventing him from staying in the air for long despite his good aerial maneuverability. It is easily punished when shielded or avoided, however. It makes precise use of his special attacks mandatory, as his Limit Break specials are still blockable and possess limited range; while Limit Blade Beam can be used as a ranged KOing option, it can just as easily be reflected or otherwise avoided at the tip of its range, leaving Cloud wide open to punishment. His dash attack is a fast punishing tool from a distance and, due to its power, can put opponents in a bad position. Pose de victoria 3: realiza dos cortes hacia el frente y pasa a ponerse en su pose neutral con la espada enfrente suyo. (, Coloca la espada frente a él verticalmente en pose de batalla. También es parecido al segundo movimiento del ataque PV "Bravura", basado a su vez en el primer límite de Cloud en. Another glaring flaw is his grab game. Cloud (クラウド, Cloud) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about Cloud's appearance in, Tier placement, history and bans in double tournaments, Single Game Championships: Umebura X Single-Chu, Panda Global Rankings v3 X-Factor adjusted rankings (subjective), being more dominant than Meta Knight in Brawl singles,, A side kick, followed by a mid-level roundhouse kick, followed by an outward slash. Pulls the Buster Sword back and rubs the edge of its blade. Cloud also has no reliable means of escaping pressure. (, Agarre: agarra al oponente con su mano izquierda. Cloud's forward smash is his most powerful non-Limit Break move, though to compensate it also takes the longest to start and is very punishable if it whiffs. Limit Charge is also converted to Finishing Touch, a spinning slash with such tremendous knockback that can KO most characters around 60%-70%. Cloud can also force approaches by using Limit Charge, while a full charge boosts his mobility even further and significantly strengthens his special moves. None of his strongest finishers are easy to land in the neutral game and they can be easily punished if avoided or shielded, his weaker moves such as his forward tilt and back aerial require good positioning to KO reliably, and he lacks reliable set-ups into his strongest or best finishers. This article is about Cloud's appearance in Super Smash Flash. En general, Cloud tiene ataques aéreos tanto de gran alcance (como su ataque aéreo normal o su ataque aéreo hacia adelante) como de escaso alcance (como su ataque aéreo hacia arriba), lo que equilibra su juego aéreo. Super Smash Bros. - Cloud Storms into Battle! (, Pone su espada frente a él horizontalmente y coloca su mano libre cerca de su filo. Smash 4 Rivals of Aether Melee Glossary Cloud's Frame Data [1.1.6] Statistic Value/Rank … One of the most powerful. Finalmente, su ataque especial hacia abajo, Cargalímites, permite aumentar su medidor de Límite más rápido. A downward thrust. As a result, his Limit Break status only marginally benefits his aerial mobility, but it can nevertheless help him move along the ground better. His forward and back throws' decent speed are significantly offset by the problematic combination of their virtual lack of combo potential and low knockback scaling. Climhazzard is similar to Aether and Final Cutter, as it is an ascending slash, but differs from them in that it can be followed by an optional descending slash. These matchup numbers are based off 16,709 games featuring Cloud in the SSB World database. [Smash 4 Mod] Cloud - English Voice (Final Version) - YouTube Roy's aggressive playstyle can also put Cloud into an uncomfortable position due to his lack of get-off me moves, although Roy himself has Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the PGR 100, which recognizes the official top 100 players in Super Smash Bros. 4 of all time. At Frostbite 2018, a Smash 4 tournament earlier this month in Dearborn, Michigan, Smash 4 … Despite his aerial maneuverability and an effective wall jump, Climhazzard gains very little height and no horizontal distance; its inability to sweetspot edges for most of its duration also leaves him vulnerable to gimping. This led him to be ranked 12th on the first 4BR tier list, placing him at the middle of the B tier, which confirmed his high-tier status. The Limit Break mechanic itself is also problematic. Pese a esto, el ataque es un buen sistema ofensivo, además de que puede mejorarse su recuperación con el uso de su salto de pared. With the exception of Finishing Touch, all Limit Break specials are also granted brief intangibility upon start-up, as well as additional properties: Blade Beam is faster, stronger, and has transcendent priority; Cross Slash requires no additional button inputs and strikes five times immediately, has very low ending lag in relation to its immense power, and stalls him completely in the air; and Climhazzard grants more vertical distance and much more horizontal momentum, as well as having the ability to edge sweetspot at any time.

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