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source: Choosing a nutritious and diet for a little bunny is vital because it can help them to possess a cheerful, healthy and long life. Iceberg Lettuce is listed as a food that rabbits should not eat according to and, well everyone who knows rabbit health. However, not all lettuces are recommended for rabbit consumption, and several are considered harmful. Romaine and iceberg lettuce are commonly found in the market. It is probably the leafiest and greenest of the leafy greens. For more information about the nutritional value of a variety of popular lettuce types, check out the table below. However, dark-leaf lettuce, such as romaine and red leaf lettuce, tends to be the best option for your furry friend, while iceberg lettuce should never be given to rabbits. However, dark-leaf lettuce, such as romaine and red leaf lettuce, tends to be the best option for your furry friend, while iceberg lettuce should never be given to rabbits. Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce? They are widely available at any grocery, providing a variety of nutrients and a balanced diet. Because grass is accessible, it is their primary source of food. Required fields are marked *. Iceberg lettuce also contains lactucarium, a chemical that can potentially be harmful to your bunny. Both wild and pet rabbits can eat lettuce according to the House Rabbit Society. They absolutely can. The darker the leaves, the healthier it will be. Lettuce is particularly rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and other nutrients like vitamins A and K and potassium. They’re known to eat veggies like lettuce and cabbage, as well as grains, seeds, and nuts. Iceberg lettuce additionally has primarily watered and will include little to no nourishment to a diet. Greens of all kinds are an important part of any rabbit's diet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We already looked at whether rabbits can eat lettuce. A rabbit can eat cranberries, but not as a daily meal – the high water content may cause bloating. Unfortunately, cucumbers contain very little nutrients, so your pet rabbit … Rabbits are herbivorous animals, meaning that their diet is based entirely on plants. The rabbit’s diet consists of grasses, leaves, tree barks, and even roots. Butter lettuce is also OK to feed to your bunny. Also, there are some types that you must not give bunnies such as iceberg since as RSPCA notes, “they contain lactucarium which can be harmful in large quantities.” May 9, 2017 June 1, 2017 admintag Juicy food is a mixture of vegetables and fruits. As we've previously mentioned, rabbits can eat certain types of lettuce. This post may contain affiliate links. If lettuce doesn’t agree with their stomach, there are plenty of other delicious veggies your pet will happily munch on. Rabbits should eat lettuce in moderation, and not all lettuces are good for your bunny. Iceberg lettuce can cause diarrhea, and some cabbages are actually toxic to rabbits. Butter lettuce is a type of lettuce with soft and tender leaves. Rabbits can eat lettuce, however some types of lettuce can be dangerous to rabbits. Also known as cos lettuce, this commonly used salad green is a good source of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and a number of vitamins. Therefore, coriander is one of the best foods for rabbits. Best of all, it’s another lettuce variety that you can safely give to your rabbit in moderation. Leave it a couple of days to see how well the animal has managed to digest the lettuce.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'lionheadrabbitcare_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',106,'0','0'])); Always make sure that you wash the lettuce completely before you give it to your rabbit. Ensure these are as fresh as possible so they still include all their nutrients and minerals. Pet owners should feed rabbits a balanced diet of purchased food pellets, hay, fruits and vegetables. Iceberg Lettuce. As vegetarians, they derive their nutrients from both leafy and hard vegetables and fruits. The grasses they eat are: Bermuda grass; Clover ; Oats; Prairie hay; Rye grass; If a wild rabbit sneaks into your backyard, he’ll also munch on leafy weeds, shrubs and tree seedlings. But if you want to give your rabbit some lettuce, it’s safe to do so in moderation. Let’s take a closer look. In fact, rabbits absolutely love lettuce, its roots and leaves. As a result, you should never share iceberg lettuce with your beautiful bunny. If you think about what weeds rabbit can eat, so you should know that rabbit can consume chickweed, nettle, and thistle. 7. Lettuce may be commonly dismissed as “rabbit food”, but does that mean it should form a major part of your rabbit’s diet? As we discussed when looking at carrots and many other foods, lettuce is something that the general public believe rabbits can eat freely, but something that can actually do those bunnies serious harm if they do. Keep reading to find out why. Lettuce. He currently lives with his wife & three guinea pigs in Texas. Fresh hay should make up the majority of your bunny’s diet, while adding a limited amount of pellets and vegetables into the mix can help provide complete nutrition for your pet. Yes, but not likely, so long as you stay away from iceberg lettuce and avoid offering your rabbit lettuce at the same time as you provide other high-calcium foods. Lettuce is often referred to as “rabbit food.” However, this is somewhat misleading. Can rabbits eat lettuce? Because experts warn that Iceberg Lettuce has a chemical called “lactucarium” which act as a drug for rabbits, that … Although many may think that all lettuce is the same, this is simply not true. Just make sure you choose a safe variety for bunnies to eat, such as romaine, and never give iceberg lettuce to your furry friend. Boasting a peppery, tangy taste, arugula is low in calories but high in calcium, potassium, vitamin C and more. But can rabbits eat lettuce? The 6 Best Gerbil Cages (Buying Guide & Reviews), Top 20 Safe Woods for Rats (& Toxic Woods to Avoid). It is nutrient-weak compared to other lettuces – meaning it has no nutritional value – and due to it’s high water content can cause diarrhea. Sometimes rabbits Eat Lettuce. If the owner of the animal has his own garden, the animals can be offered fresh carrots, pumpkin, lettuce, zucchini, apples, lettuce, cabbage and many other fresh vegetables and fruits. This implies there's at least one kind of lettuce that rabbits cannot eat, and that one is iceberg lettuce. Lettuce is an annual plant that is most often grown as a leaf vegetable, but sometimes for its stem and seeds. Diarrhea in rabbits can cause death quickly, so your bunny is better off without it. It doesn’t need to be much. Red leaf lettuce looks a lot like romaine lettuce but has reddish-purple tips. Rabbits Eat Lettuce took NSW Police to the Land and Environment Court to challenge a decision the event would be too unsafe to go ahead on a property south of Casino. However, a stable essential is hay. How to Keep Rabbits Away From Lettuce. yes .but not every Lettuce.There are several types of Lettuce .they are 1.Romaine Lettuce 2.Leaf Lettuce 3.Iceberg Lettuce 4.Kale 5.Spinach and more… But you need to keep rabbits away from Iceberg Lettuce. But where does lettuce fit in? The safest types of lettuce a rabbit can eat are those with dark leaves, like romaine and lamb lettuce. Rabbits can eat lettuce in moderation. They vary in color, texture and nutritional properties. Required fields are marked *. Several sources also list it as a safe type of lettuce for rabbits to eat, so romaine lettuce is safe to feed to your bunny. It depends on the type of lettuce. The answer is yes. Ensure enough rotation of vegetables in their diet. The answer is yes. It can be tough to digest for some rabbits. Low in calories and a good source of a number of vitamins, green leaf lettuce is readily available from your local grocery store. This post will focus on mainly the iceberg cultivar. Rabbits can eat lettuce in moderation. The iceberg lettuce is very high in moisture content, low in nutritional value, causes diarrhea, particularly in young rabbits, which can be fatal. … No. The high water content can lead to diarrhea if your pet consumes too much. With the recent resurgence of COVID-19, the QLD border closures and the tightening of COVID Restrictions in QLD (which currently prevents restricted businesses from operating a ‘Dance Floor’), it has now become apparent it will not be possible to host Rabbits Eat Lettuce in its true form in 2020. Lettuce has a high water content, so it can help your bunny stay hydrated, while it’s also a source of fiber to aid proper digestion. Can rabbits eat lettuce? Monitor your rabbit closely for signs of any adverse effects. While lettuce offers some health benefits, not all forms of lettuce are suitable for rabbits to eat. However, you need to prevent feeding your bunny light lettuce, comprising the iceberg, as it can incorporate lactucarium, a chemical that can be dangerous to your rabbit’s wellness if consumed. Rabbits CAN eat lettuce, but it shouldn't be a big part of their diet. A mineral called laudanum (which is toxic to … Choosing a nutritious and balanced diet for a small bunny is important as it can help them to have a happy, healthy and long life. All lettuce really is, especially iceberg, is fiber and water. Iceberg lettuce is a wonderful inclusion on a burger for humans, but is it safe for bunnies? Rabbits should not be given iceberg lettuce or any other type that is light-colored since they “contain lactucarium, a chemical that … Lettuce is an excellent source of nutrients and fiber. This means that it is safe for rabbits to eat – though its water content may not make it the best choice as a daily addition to your rabbit’s diet. Can bunnies have this type of lettuce? In fact, rabbits absolutely love lettuce, its roots and leaves. Steven is the guy behind SmallPetJournal. Any new food has the potential to cause an upset stomach for your unfortunate pet, so don’t rush into things. If your rabbit has not eaten lettuce before, then don’t give them a lot of it right away. Cucumber. Your email address will not be published. Rabbits can eat Butterhead lettuce, a tendered textured and sweet flavored variety, also known as round, Bibb or Boston lettuce as part of their leafy veggies occasionally. And this is where lettuce comes in. The key when introducing any new vegetable into your bunny’s diet is to do it slowly. But exactly what kind of lettuce can rabbits eat? It's not bad for them, but it's not particularly good for them either. The bunnies and rabbits show pride in an in-depth sort of foods; however, their common diet mainly comprises of fresh vegetables and hay. They love it, more so than many other foods. Darker lettuce (Romaine) can be fed to bunnies occasionally. Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce? Few things are more infuriating than seeing your hard work in the garden shredded to pieces by greedy rabbits. Any lettuce given to your rabbit should be given in moderation as part of their vegetable intake. Do Wild Rabbits Eat Lettuce? The answer: technically, yes, rabbits can eat lettuce—most lettuces are considered nontoxic to rabbits and will not likely cause kidney or liver damage. Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce : But now the question is can rabbits eat Lettuce? Choose leafy, dark lettuces such as romaine lettuce but start with small quantities … No. Make sure to wash any lettuce thoroughly before giving it to your pet, just as you would before preparing a salad for yourself. Can lettuce make my rabbit sick? For instance, iceberg lettuce can be toxic, while light-coloured lettuces don’t have enough nutrients. Some varieties of lettuce are bad for a rabbits kidneys. Lactucarium is a milky fluid that actually has a sedative effect on your pet and can be dangerous in large quantities. Most varieties of lettuce are safe for rabbits to eat, so long as you wash the leaves well and ensure that you aren’t offering too much at one time. Rabbits shouldn't eat some lettuces (e.g. It turns out that onions and garlic strengthen the immunity of animals. Native to the Mediterranean, arugula is widely available in countries all around the world. It is okay for your rabbit to enjoy an occasional leaf or two of lettuce. Well yes, but it shouldn’t be. Give them lettuce frequently as a major part of their diet, then they'll be malnourished. In fact, the Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations estimates that people grew a staggering 70 million tons of the stuff in 2012. It’s also a safe option for bunnies so that you can include a small amount of green leaf lettuce in your rabbit’s diet with confidence. However, a rabbit’s diet should never be primarily based around lettuce. Rabbits can eat lettuce in moderation. Romaine lettuce and lamb’s lettuce are safe for rabbits. It depends what type of lettuce you are wanting to feed to your rabbits. Some lettuce is "worse" than others - light-coloured varieties are high in water and have very little nutritional value , so are not recommended . Iceberg lettuce is high in water and quite low in nutritional value, so it doesn’t offer many health benefits for your furry friend. Cucumbers are a fun and healthful snack for your pet. You should go to dark-colored romaine lettuce. Your pet can eat butter lettuce, but this kind of veggie is high in acids. Lettuce is considered good food for rabbits though it might be misleading because not all kinds of lettuce are okay for them to eat. Your email address will not be published. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This may come as a shock, but you should avoid feeding your rabbit light-colored lettuce, including iceberg, as it can contain lactucarium, a chemical that can be harmful to your bunny’s health if ingested. You can also provide them with healthy rabbit … Wild rabbits eat whatever they can find in meadows, but often they’ll sneak into backyards and gardens. In reality, your bunny needs a diet made up mainly of fresh hay and supplemented by vegetables and pellets. There’s a common misconception that rabbits need to eat lettuce, carrot, and not much else. Definitely, rabbits can eat some varieties of lettuce, but only in moderation. Silverbeet You may want to shred the leaves up into smaller pieces for your bunny to chew on. Can rabbits eat lettuce ? It’s crisp, it’s fresh, it’s succulent. Large amounts of lettuce can cause digestive problems and overall health issues for your rabbit. Lettuce is particularly rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and other nutrients like vitamins A and K and potassium. If you give a rabbit lettuce once every few weeks, then it's fine. However, according to the UK RSPCA, light-colored lettuces have minimal nutritional value and are not recommended. 6. Iceberg lettuce also contains mostly water and will add little to no nutrition to a diet. Rabbits Can Eat Lettuce Despite some alarming reports of lettuce’s psychoactive properties, it does not pose any threat of toxicity to rabbits. Romaine and lamb lettuce are also safe for your pet to eat. The short answer is yes, rabbits can eat lettuce. Cranberries are quite acidic and contain small amounts of calcium, phosphorus, fiber and sugar. Iceberg lettuce is poisonous for rabbits because it’s packed with a chemical called lactucarium. Looking at its nutritional value, it has is a good source of vitamin A (beta-carotene), folate, and vitamin K. Just a small amount of lettuce each week should be fine. They absolutely can. The short answer is yes, rabbits can eat lettuce. If you’ve never heard of arugula before, you may know its leaves better by another name: rocket. Boston lettuce and Bibb lettuce are classified as types of butter lettuce, and this vibrant green vegetable is a popular salad ingredient. Some lettuces are better than others. There’s no real need for your bunny to have lettuce in their diet. He has six years of experience keeping small pets, from guinea pigs, rabbits, to hedgehogs. This will wash the chemicals off of it. It’s beneficial if you want to add some vibrant color to a salad and is a rich source of vitamins A and K. And just like green leaf lettuce, it’s also safe to give to your precious bunny in small amounts. Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce? However some types of lettuce are very bad for rabbits, like iceberg lettuce. Unfortunately, the answer is no. This should be available for them on an unlimited basis. It should also be fed in moderation and should never make up a significate part of your pet’s diet. Copyright © 2018 - 2020 iceberg) as they contain lactucarium which can be harmful in large quantities. You should probably limit the amount of lettuce that your rabbit is eating. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Which Wood Is Safe for Rabbits to Chew (Pine, Cedar, Balsa,…)? Your email address will not be published. People the world over grow cabbage for food. August 14, 2020 April 24, 2016 by Sherry Morgan. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af5ce8ce461c93f09f92ca0382d73b2d" );document.getElementById("g91b3dca10").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); SmallPetJournal is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or Often used for salads, although it is also seen in other kinds of food. Butterhead lettuce is fine, but it’s high in acids. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'lionheadrabbitcare_com-box-3','ezslot_4',105,'0','0'])); Romaine lettuce or very dark green and red leaf lettuce is just fine for rabbits in small amounts, just like everything else, it should be given in moderation. Light colored lettuce (Iceberg) is high in water and doesn’t have much nutritional value, hence not recommended for rabbits. However, as always, make sure to only feed it in moderation. Which are going to do wonders for the health of your rabbit. Here are the types of lettuce that your rabbit can eat: Romaine lettuce (also known as Cos lettuce) I’ll try to restate the answer. Instead, darker, more leafy types of lettuce should be fed as they are higher in fiber and other nutrients. Your email address will not be published. Do not feed a rabbit iceberg lettuce as it contains excessive … Can rabbits eat lettuce? 5. What they eat and the amount will vary depending on what stage in their life they are currently in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The bunnies and rabbits take pleasure in an extensive variety of foods; however, their common diet mainly comprises of fresh vegetables and hay. You can offer cranberries to your rabbit twice or three times a week. Start with a small amount of lettuce in among other safe vegetables for rabbits to eat to reduce the risk of diarrhea. Why Rabbits Can’t Eat Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachios,…)? Other lettuces are good, not just green and red leaf and romaine but also the other varieties. Rabbits can eat lettuce.

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