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Besides Sensibio, there are two other types for dry skin (“Hydrabio”) and oily skin (“Sebium”) so pick and choose following your skin type and status. In other words, give it a few weeks until you really notice a difference—the results will motivate you to keep going. In this regard, Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream can be a great solution. The 5 Essential Steps of the Korean Skin Care Routine Step one: Cleanse. She has contributed to Byrdie, as well as Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, Vogue, and the New York Times, and more, Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 PA+++, see the complete routine of a Korean skincare expert. So that was it! How To Do Korean 3-Step Skincare Routine Step 1: Double Cleanse with Your First and Second Cleansers . When you have combination skin, you’re oily in some places and dry in others. I don’t separate eye cream to another step since eye cream is just a moisturizer for your eye area. Fifth Step: Applying essence is an important part of Korean skincare routine. Pros: gentle ingredients, moisturizing, package – easy to adjust the amount you want to use, Cons: price, little bit oily feeling after use, better to use as “toner mask” (use toners as mask by soaking multiple cotton pads with the toner and put them on your face for 10~15 mins) rather than wiping it out right away, Pros: light, refreshing, moisturizing, good to use before makeup, Cons: can take some time to fully absorb, can be too light – mix with oil or other thicker/dense products, Pros: great for sensitive, acne/troubled skin, moisturizing, cooling, Cons: can be too light for fall/winter, package- jar type is not optimal for hygiene. Click here for my in-depth review. Rachel is a board-certified dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Dermatology. Put sunscreen on. . BIODERMA Sensibio H2O is one of the top global sellers so I assume a lot of you would be familiar with. Regarding the eye cream, I would not put too much energy to look for the one that plumps your under-eye area or shows dramatic results. Like Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner, this product claims its name indicates that it has low molecule hyaluronic. Introducing 5 step nighttime skincare routine for combination skin along with the popular products in Korea right now for each step. Innisfree Can Cut Down Your 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine To 5 Simple Steps 1. So good luck and let’s have fun , *This post contains affiliate links that help support the blog. It doesn’t have any oily feeling that resides on your skin after use and that’s another thing I like about this product. I prefer foam type cleanser to gel/oil/cream/lotion type as I want a more refreshing feeling. My night routine starts from a makeup remover to get my real skin out. The next step is to get your skin ready for the upcoming nourishing steps. The next pillar of the K-beauty routine … Because you've got enough to worry about. Step 2: Cleanser. Oil Cleanse: Olive Real Cleansing Oil (P780) or Olive Real Cleansing Tissue (P325). If you've heard about the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine and want to give the regimen a try, check out our comprehensive Korean skincare guide and K-beauty product … Step 4: Toner. I just didn’t put it in my night routine since it is part of my morning routine – using it in both times made my skin too dry. You can use any flower essence, I made chamomile essence by steeping a chamomile tea bag in very little amount of hot water. Exfoliator is required to be in your skincare routine. Best Korean Sunscreens You Should Try This Summer, THE LAB BY BLANC DOUX Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner, TORRIDEN Dive In Low Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Best Korean Cosmetics Online Shop Worldwide Shipping, Pros: cleanse well, gentle and not irritating (even around the eyes), good for troubled skin, Cons: still require double cleanse for thorough cleansing, price, Pros: gentle even for sensitive skin, generous quantity, good for trouble/acne, Cons: feels just like pure water, nothing special. This toner is a must-have for anyone using a combination skin … 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Set (Combination Skin Type) Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener, $11, Amazon. Keep reading to see the steps to follow for a morning Korean skincare routine. Plus, several varieties come packed with nourishing actives to treat your skin while it moisturizes. 5 Step Korean Skin Care Routine. Combination Skin and Its Care Goals. It won Hwahae beauty awards since 2018, now ranked as #5 in the moisturizing cream category in Hwahae. Together with Dokdo Toner, this one is another super star in the toner market in Korea. 27 Life-Changing Korean Beauty Products People Actually Swear By. 5 Step Korean Skincare Routine for Combination Skin (Night) Step 1: Makeup Remover. Does your skin feel oily in the T-Zone but dry skin? "Once you start noticing a difference, keep going at it and be diligent and consistent. I sometimes skip this step but I enjoy toners in general because I can kind of verify how the previous two steps went. Read on for our product suggestions. Over time, it'll feel less like a chore, but a time for you to focus on what makes you feel and look your best." 20 Korean Beauty And Skin Care … Cleansing is the most important step of the skin care routine, which is why it comes first. When you double cleanse, start with an oil-based cleanser and massage it into dry skin. "If you have a nighttime skincare routine that's working for you, why not follow up with a morning routine that'll just seal it all in throughout the day?" Water-based Cleanse, AM/PM with the Acwell Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser. You know, there are some days when you really don’t have any energy left to even turn on the water faucet right? Give your skin the right amount of hydration while controlling excess sebum with this simple 5-step routine that keeps skin looking healthy and balanced! Available at Olive Young Global. Avya Skincare Gentle Cleanser $40 Double cleansing is a staple of the Korean skincare routine. Thankfully, you don’t need two different routines and two sets of products. Signs that you have combination skin: - Your are dry in some areas and oily in others - Your skin … Here's 5-Step Korean Skin Care Routine For Combination Skin Set combines the best Korean beauty products. 5-Step Combination Skin Set. I could find this toner literally in any kind of rankings in Korea from Hwahae to bestseller list from drugstores. 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine Set (Dry Skin … "This step is to seal it all in," Chen says. (Read: Your mornings are crazy hectic). But if you find yourself a little, well, intimidated by the notoriously intense Korean skincare routines, don't worry. It is # 2 best seller in the entire skin care category in Olive Young. I customize toners by my skin condition. EMAIL WHEN IN STOCK Exclusive. "Proper hydration in the AM also leads to less sebum production throughout the day, as your skin tends to go into overdrive and produce more oil if it's too dehydrated." That’s why I love cleansing water or liquid type makeup remover. It has been awarded from Hwahae since 2015, 5 years a row, and still is #1 in the entire cleanser category (not only in the cleansing water category). "A proper moisturizer won't leave your skin feeling oily or sticky—rather, it should feel like there's a protective barrier on your skin that allows your SPF and makeup to apply much better," she advises. You can visually check when you wipe your face out with a cotton pad soaked with toner. The popular toners right now in Korea? But it is, in this writer's opinion, one of the best out there. If you need help choosing a skincare routine that’s right for you, or you’re looking for more … Korea is not an exception. ... For those with dry skin, enjoy a dewy glow and keep your skin hydrated with the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine for dry skin type. This Some sort of Toner That Purifies, Hydrates, & Assists Regulate Oil Production. This product claims that hyaluronic can be well absorbed when it is in low molecule format (vs high molecule) and it consists of the molecules that are 200 times smaller than the other hyaluronic products. Step 2: Toner. Excellent point. Ok, so since you “peeled off” your makeup, it’s time to clean your real skin/face. For many women, the usual skin-care routine consists of makeup removal, cleansing, applying toner, moisturizer, and perhaps one or two prevention creams. A Simple 5 Step Skincare Routine For Combination Skin. I do enjoy using Sebium H2O in the Summer when my skin becomes more oily and acne-prone. Inside the Mind-Blowing Skincare Routine of a Korean Model, This Korean Skincare Expert Hates the Ingredient Americans Love, Add These Korean Skincare Superstars to Your Must-Have List, "I Had an Anti­-Aging Routine at 11": The Fascinating Backstory of Korean Beauty, These $9 K-Beauty "Microdarts" Instantly Brighten Dark Spots and Zap Deep Pimples, The One Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine a Dermatologist Actually Follows, 5 Incredible Skin Secrets, Straight From the Streets of Korea, 7 Clean Beauty Founders Share Their Actual Skincare Routines. Skin feels more comfortable and healthier after use. Ok, so since you “peeled off” your makeup, it’s time to clean your real skin… The toners that I use seem not too popular in Korea so I will skip introducing them in this post. She says for those with oily or combo skin, an essence is a must. However, if you look into its product detail, it also consists of the mix of high and low molecular hyaluronic acids along with Panthenol and Malachite extracts for soothing effects. I think a non-irritating product with a reasonable price point would work so feel free to use any product that does not cause troubles and falls under your budget. Oil Cleanse AM/PM with the Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbert. Product: First cleanser – Oil-based cleanser Directions: Apply a dime-sized … Step Two: Exfoliate. The above product list could be a great reference for you to start your exploration, not the ultimate guide. Anyone who knows anything about the infamous multi-step Korean skin-care routine knows that the double cleanse is pretty much what everything else rests on. "You've heard us say it again and again but SPF is a must," Chen say. "There's no point in using all these steps if you're not properly protecting your skin from damage throughout the day." So I normally have a pool of serums on my shelf and pick/choose or mix/match based on my skin condition. Available at Amazon. Chen recommends starting off slowly. You have combination skin … I consider serum as the main nourisher or a problem solver in the routine. This can be especially daunting if you, like me, hit snooze until the last possible minute and do your makeup en route to work. "This helps to balance your skin's pH and helps all subsequent products absorb better," Chen says. Heimish All Clean Balm, Cosrx Low pH Goodmorning Gel Cleanser, Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner, Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum, COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream. Step 3… These steps will balance your skin… Yes, you need to wear it every day. One of the most difficult skin types as you got both types together. Allie Flinn has covered beauty for Byrdie since 2014. Korean skincare routines are lauded for their skin-perfecting magical powers, but they can be, in a word, intense—sometimes having upwards of 10 steps. Cleansing the skin of all the dirt and grime that have accumulated throughout the day should be the first step in any skin care routine. I would suggest you go ahead and try different cleansers to find what you like! These Tips Are Game Changers. From non-toxic makeup to all-natural skincare. Available at Amazon. Is It Time for a Makeover? I would use whichever you use in your morning routine. In the set you’ll find full size products that deep clean skin of all impurities, restore the skin’s pH balance, and provide layers … Combination skintypes often have an oily t-zone while the cheeks are dry. Toner also works to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, and to some, this may prove highly important for the later steps. Moisturizer… Usually, if you have combination skin type, … Here are the 5 steps (in order of application): First cleanser (oil-based cleanser – PM routine only) Second cleanser (water-based cleanser) Hydrating toner. Add to Wishlist. Diana Chen is the former Director of Merchandising and Customer Experience for Soko Glam. "I feel like without toner, the products are more likely to just sit on top of your skin.". Here's what you need to know. Toner is a very divisive step in the skincare world, but it's crucial in a Korean skincare routine. Even if it's winter and overcast. Using a foaming cleanser in the morning is essential for a few reasons. An oil cleanser … 34 Life-Changing Korean Beauty Products Your Skin Will Thank You For. I don’t see much value or need for using a different one for the night routine. I’ve started my skincare routine around 12 years ago but I still explore the right products for me at each moment or season and that’s the real fun in fact. "I recommend a Korean morning skincare routine for anyone who's looking to really maximize the benefits of their skincare products," she says. Korean culture, food, and certainly its beauty secrets—homespun or manufactured—weren’t cool in the nineties, and so I dismissed my mother’s alchemist abilities and skin care … Here I want to introduce Dive In Low Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Serum since it is so popular in Korea now. In fact, it might actually be better for your skin (never mind your wallet) to use less products. It follows the cleansers and exfoliator in order to get any cleaning-product residue off the skin. This 5-Step Morning Korean Skincare Routine Will Help You Glow All Day Long Step 1: Double Cleanse. So I talked to Diana Chen of Soko Glam, to see how to craft a morning Korean skincare routine. This toner contains three acids—glycolic, lactic, and salicylic—to gently whisk away dead skin cells. Finally, a full 10-step Korean skin care routine for combination skin! SOKO GLAM. She has 12 years of experience working in brand management and business development, and is currently the Director of Merchandising for Live Love Polish. In the Korean beauty routine, a concentrated … This is the most confusing skin type and it could be hard to pick the right product. Double cleansing is a staple of the Korean skincare routine. This is the 5-step skincare set for combination skintypes. Rinse, and follow with a water-based cleanser. 5-Step Korean Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin For how-to information, visit individual product listings. Finally, the last step! Toner AM/PM with the … I’ve been using this product for 10 years now and even though I do try different makeup removers, I always come back to this one. Available at YesStyle. The idea is that you're … I believe moisturizer should be the most gentle, non-irritating product in this whole routine because it should be well combined with any serums or toners that I mix and match. Step 2: Foaming Cleanser This step basically cleans up after the cleaners, so to speak. Korean Beauty Experts Shower Differently: Inside Their Routines, “Italy towels,” body oils, and more Korean bathing secrets from the industry’s top pros, We've Got Your Bridal Beauty Routine All Planned Out. And while she notes that there isn't a one-size-fits-all skincare routine for everyone, these are some basic steps you can try. Feel free to include it either in the morning or night or even both as needed. Yes, this sunscreen is kind of ridiculously expensive.

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