Episode 54: Sex With My Friend’s Ex

friend's ex

Elevator Pitch

  • Easter Weekend vs. Resurrection Sunday.
  • Gospel music is the ultimate R&B.
  • Our non-existent tax return.
  • We joined Blavity!
  • Would you date your friend’s ex-boo?
  • How men and women deal with raw emotions after a breakup.
  • Man’s worst nightmare.
  • And much more!

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Episode 54 Preview

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Episode 24: Celibacy – The Road Less Traveled

Justin and Joy share the lessons learned along their three-and-a-half year journey through celibacy. Elevator Pitch Do you love Tuesdays? Basking in quiet time. Children timeline…we don’t agree. iPhone 7: Why I don’t have you, yet. Celibacy: The Road Less Traveled. The defining moment(s) that led to our decision. Sex is a distraction. Redefining intimacy. […]

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Sex First, Love Second

Q: Dear Love Jays, Do you think true love will transpire from a relationship started on strictly sex? A: Dear Sex First, Relationship Second, Contrary to popular belief, a relationship started on strictly sex has the ability to transform into one built on love, trust and understanding. Would I bet the house on it? No. […]

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It’s All About Sex

Q: Dear Love Jays, I’m sure this will sound like a silly problem to have, but it seems to be on my mind a lot. My boyfriend has an extremely high sex drive (abnormally high actually, even for a guy). I keep up pretty well! And I’m always flattered by how much he wants me […]

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Below Average Sex

Q: Dear Love Jays, Can you maintain a healthy relationship if the sex is terrible? A: Dear It’s just not good, If you are in a relationship and sex is an active ingredient, it will be very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship for a long period of time. Sex is the way our body […]

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Celibacy: Cause and Effect

Q: Dear Love Jays, Mr. J mentioned in one of his answers that the two of you were trying to practice celibacy. I was just wondering how that’s going for you guys as a couple and as individuals how has it impacted your relationship? Good or bad? Is it a good idea for others in […]

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Playing the Field

Q: Dear Love Jays, Is it okay I’m dating one guy (we aren’t exclusive) and sleeping with another? A: Dear Double Dippin’, Non-exclusive dating gives you the freedom to date, sleep, or hang out with anyone your little heart desires. Dating is a time when you get to explore several options and decide which person […]

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How Fast is Too Fast?

Q: Dear Love Jays, How fast is too fast to have sex? A: Dear Fast Lane: Sex is an intimate act that should be shared exclusively for two people who genuinely love and care for each other. Unfortunately, sex has become the understood way of communicating how we feel for another person. We sometimes struggle […]

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