Episode 58: Caught Faking It

bow wow

Elevator Pitch

  • Mother’s Day weekend and Joy’s baby fever.
  • Blavity Episode 5: Living Together.
  • Netflix cheating.
  • The #BowWowChallenge and Joy’s similar experience.
  • You don’t like your significant other anymore…what’s next?
  • Justin’s love/hate relationship with check-ins.
  • Why suppressing natural attraction is foolish.
  • And much more!

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Episode 58 Preview

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Confusing Kiss

Dear Love Jays: I have known this guy a couple of years now. We kissed a couple of months ago, and now he acts like it never happened or he does not want to talk about it. I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, but I still think about our kiss and I’m […]

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Episode 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Welcome to Married Millennials, a conversation about being young, in love, and navigating life one student loan at a time. Join Justin and Joy as they introduce us to their world in the pilot episode. Elevator Pitch Launching Married Millennials Getting married at a young age Moving in together before marriage Organizing our finances…or lack their […]

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In your Dreams

 Q: Dear Love Jays, What does it mean to dream about your girlfriend cheating on you? So for at least a year, maybe more, I have had terrible dreams about my girlfriend cheating on me. There are a few recurring similarities in my dreams. Like I always walk in on her cheating. Either I walk […]

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Celibacy: Cause and Effect

Q: Dear Love Jays, Mr. J mentioned in one of his answers that the two of you were trying to practice celibacy. I was just wondering how that’s going for you guys as a couple and as individuals how has it impacted your relationship? Good or bad? Is it a good idea for others in […]

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I Love Him But…

Q: Dear Love Jays, I love him. But I miss the single life. We are in a great relationship, not too many complaints at all. But I wish I had found him a couple of years from now. I got with him right after an old relationship ended, and I just haven’t had the time […]

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Construction Destruction

Q: Dear Love Jays, I have been involved with a man for 5 yrs now. To say it has been rocky is the understatement of the year. For the last 3 years we have been renovating my house that we are also living in. His work has been spotty since he lost his job of […]

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Chris Brown…Rude Boy?

Last night Chris Brown released a video featuring his most recent ex-girlfriend,Karrueche Tran and ex-girlfriend #1 ,Rihanna. He posed the question “Can you love 2 people at once”. His argument was that he had history with one woman (Rihanna), but has fallen in love with another woman (Karrueche Tran). [vimeo http://vimeo.com/50805715] This very same subject was the […]

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Me Time

Q: Dear Love Jays,  I’m newly single after a fairly serious relationship. Some people say to take time before dating again and some say to get back on the horse! What do you guys think?  A: Dear New to the Single Life,   I’m going to keep this short – Take.Time.For.Yourself! It’s imperative for people who […]

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