Episode 57: According To Plan

according to plan

Elevator Pitch

  • Our opposing weekend activities.
  • Vacations vs. Trips.
  • Justin’s belief in spending a little extra money to make experiences more memorable.
  • Joy’s new found love for essential oils and appearance on the Brown Girls Rising podcast.
  • The best yearbook quote of 2017.
  • Blavity Episode 4: Friendship.
  • Navigating a friendship breakup.
  • And much more!

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Episode 57 Preview

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Episode 24: Celibacy – The Road Less Traveled

Justin and Joy share the lessons learned along their three-and-a-half year journey through celibacy. Elevator Pitch Do you love Tuesdays? Basking in quiet time. Children timeline…we don’t agree. iPhone 7: Why I don’t have you, yet. Celibacy: The Road Less Traveled. The defining moment(s) that led to our decision. Sex is a distraction. Redefining intimacy. […]

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Episode 12: Friendship Custody


Justin and Joy discuss who gets “custody” of their friends after a breakup. Elevator Pitch Recording in the summer without AC. Spending the 1st week of summer sick. Joy’s tonsillectomy. Justin’s less than stellar nurturing skills. LeBron James cementing his legacy. Joy’s basketball knowledge…or lack their of. Men “allowing” their women to do what they […]

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Jealous or Just Over Thinking?

Q: Dear Love Jays,  I’m best friends with a guy. (I’m a girl.) I find myself jealous of his girlfriend though I’ve thought it through and know I don’t want to date him. I find myself feeling like I should distance myself from him, but he’s a great friend to me and we’re really close. […]

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Unhappily Single

Q: Dear Love Jays, My friend is almost 30 and has been single basically always. That would be fine except he desperately wants someone special in his life and is very unhappy being single at his age. He won’t approach girls he finds attractive, he has very high ideals of what he wants and he […]

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Friend Zone?

Q: Hi Love Jays, I’m starting to realize I have feelings for one of my guy friends, but it’s a strange situation. I feel like we genuinely care for each other, but I can’t tell in what way. At first, I was a little afraid that I was in the “little sister” zone, but as […]

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