About Love Jays

Meet Justin and Joy

Justin and Joy started their journey together in 2008 as college freshmen. After a brief breakup following graduation, Justin came back to his senses and the two have been driving each other crazy ever since.

In 2012, Justin and Joy launched Love Jays to create an online community for young adults seeking advice about love, relationships, and friendships. The blog quickly gained traction, leading to a spot on Tracey Edmonds’ YouTube Network, Alright TV, and a 60-minute weekly radio show based in Los Angeles.

Excited to take their relationship to the next level, Justin asked Joy to be his wife in July 2014 and the two were married in August 2015.

The newlywed couple relaunched Love Jays in April 2016 with one goal in mind: to be the married voice of the millennial generation. In addition to the blog, Justin and Joy host the “Married Millennials” podcast, a conversation about being young, in love, and navigating life one student loan payment at a time.