Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of investing in your business and the images of black men in media and the role they play in our community.

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Adult ADHD

adult adhd

Justin and Joy discuss how prioritizing wellness has positively impacted their relationship and share their journey with managing ADHD in their marriage.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms around the world.
  • It’s time to end the shame associated with napping.
  • Optimizing the corporate work schedule and streamlining productivity.
  • Last call: Grab your ticket(s) to The Mingle before it’s too late.
  • Justin’s learned awareness about the more you try to control, the least control you actually have.
  • Will Smith shares the surprising story on how he became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Joy’s journey with ADHD and how we manage it within our marriage.
  • And much more!

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Watch Your Mouth

watch your mouth

Justin and Joy discuss the power of words and how their love language has evolved over the years.

  • That awkward moment when Justin got low key sassed by Joy’s grandmother.
  • Marrying your partner’s family and what it actually means.
  • Loving from a distance and letting go of loose ends.
  • Kanye West returned to Twitter with a mix of GEMS and foolishness.
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  • Joy is distributing wealth for FREE. Why haven’t you subscribed yet?
  • Investing in you requires more than just time. Spend the money!
  • Support the community: Donate to the Bungalow Music & Arts Festival.
  • Revisiting our 5 Love Languages.
  • And much more!

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Blast From The Past


Joy revisits her experience with Past Life Regression therapy and Justin shares his perspective on being a supportive husband along Joy’s spiritual journey.

  • It’s Justin’s Birthday Week!
  • Creating safe spaces to release and work through your emotions.
  • Our fifth weekly wellness newsletter is out. Have you signed up?
  • January’s required reading: You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero
  • Nike got it right – JUST DO IT!
  • Joy’s recent Past Life Regression experience.
  • The conflict between religion and spirituality.
  • And much more!

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Embracing Your Journey


Justin and Joy discuss the importance of creating a safe space when solving problems and embracing life’s unexpected journey with gratitude.

  • Shoutout to the Love Jays Crew.
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  • 5th Annual Riley Family Dinner – vegan style.
  • Black Twitter wins again with #BlackHogwarts
  • Joy’s unwillingness to listen to anyone, especially Justin.
  • Solving problems with unfiltered honesty and love.
  • Justin shares his appreciation for Joy’s endless support and positivity.
  • Understanding, embracing, and trusting life’s journey.
  • And much more!

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Living Purposefully


Justin and Joy discuss the changing tide of equality in the workplace and how an unexpected meeting changed the entire course of 2018.

  • Oprah’s Emmy speech.
  • The Time’s Up campaign and the importance of allies.
  • Join our weekly wellness newsletter and start prioritizing YOU!
  • The power of journaling.
  • Justin’s inspiring and unexpected manifestation.
  • Actively choosing to walk and live in purpose.
  • And much more!

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