Illusion Of Choice

illusion of choice

Justin and Joy continue to declutter all areas of their life and share how letting go has brought a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

  • Our August purge continues – this week: wardrobe.
  • Making way for abundance by letting go of the past.
  • Justin’s decision to stop wearing watches.
  • How our travel fund is helping Justin’s childhood dream come true.
  • Our experience at Noir Unicorn’s panel discussion on monogamy, polyamory, and mental health.
  • The illusion of decision making.
  • Married Millennials is officially on Spotify!
  • Justin’s newfound appreciation for story and entertaining the idea of writing our own script.
  • And much more!

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Kicked Out The House

kicked out the house

Justin and Joy recap her five-day social hiatus and dive into an unscripted conversation about criticism within their relationship.

  • Happy Memorial Day weekend!
  • Joy’s hysterical hair journey, courtesy of our YouTube channel.
  • Our conflicting desire to look fly but not spend money on clothes.
  • PSA: We won’t be offended if you don’t prepare a vegan meal at your dinner party.
  • Recapping Joy’s 5-Day social hiatus.
  • That awkward moment when your wife lovingly kicks you out of your house.
  • The struggle of finding the balance between a standard of excellence and criticism.
  • And much more!

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Dating Should Be Easy

Dating Should Be Easy

Justin and Joy weigh in on the Bruno Mars cultural appropriation debate and discuss the unnecessary complexities associated with dating.

  • March Madness has consumed our household, much to Joy’s dismay. Major shoutout to UMBC.
  • Indulging on DELICIOUS vegan Caribbean food, courtesy of Who’s Hungry Caribbean Catering.
  • Celebrating Justin’s 1-year anniversary without meat.
  • Spending the weekend with Joy’s grandparents.
  • Weighing in on the Bruno Mars cultural appropriation debate.
  • When did dating become this ridiculous and unnecessarily difficult?
  • Neal Walsch’s “Conversations with God” is a must-read.
  • And much more!

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Let It Shine


Justin and Joy discuss the struggle disenfranchised communities face turning in-home conversations to action and how changing their diet helped them unplug from society’s norms.

  • All the reasons why you should subscribe to our #WeeklyWellness newsletter.
  • Recapping our trip to Walt Disney World.
  • How technology has given corporations access to ALL of your information.
  • Our new compromise regarding Joy’s tardiness and Justin’s impatience.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who elevate you.
  • The difficulty our community faces in moving the conversation to action.
  • Justin’s Aha! moment and call to serve.
  • How changing our diet brought a new level of awareness to everyday life.
  • And much more!

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Embracing Your Journey


Justin and Joy discuss the importance of creating a safe space when solving problems and embracing life’s unexpected journey with gratitude.

  • Shoutout to the Love Jays Crew.
  • Have you signed up for the #WeeklyWellness newsletter?
  • 5th Annual Riley Family Dinner – vegan style.
  • Black Twitter wins again with #BlackHogwarts
  • Joy’s unwillingness to listen to anyone, especially Justin.
  • Solving problems with unfiltered honesty and love.
  • Justin shares his appreciation for Joy’s endless support and positivity.
  • Understanding, embracing, and trusting life’s journey.
  • And much more!

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Why I Hate Potlucks


Justin and Joy share their sentiments on holiday potlucks and discuss finding their marriage groove.

  • Don’t let Black Friday ruin your holiday.
  • Joy’s emotional battle with the holiday season.
  • Justin’s disdain for potlucks.
  • Greedy asses making to-go plates before everyone else eats.
  • Negatively enforcing your will upon your spouse.
  • Learning how to date within in your marriage.
  • And much more!

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