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Elevator Pitch

  • Key advantage of recording in the morning.
  • Our babysitting history.
  • The Points Guy.
  • Justin’s ongoing feud with economy seats on airplanes.
  • Trusting your partner with Snapchat.
  • Rebelling against limitations and restrictions.
  • The one time Justin tried telling Joy what she “could” do.
  • Justin’s Golden Rule.
  • Molding your significant other into their best self.
  • And much more!

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Episode 17 Preview

Social Media Complications

Hey Love Fans,

We received two similar questions, so we decided to address them both at the same time.



Dear Love Jays,

1. What’s your opinion on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and photo sending apps (like Snapchat or Wink!) in relationships?

2.Social media is causing a huge rift in my relationship!! What can I do??

Dear Social Media Problems,

Social media allows us to easily keep in touch with friends, express new ideas, share pictures and sometimes it even aids us in securing a job. When used responsibly, social media can be a great resource. Unfortunately, there are many people who use and abuse this resource and let social media invade rational thinking.

Side Note: Computer confidence is an epidemic. How many selfies have you seen in the past 24 hours? How many bold statuses have you read? How many debates have you witnessed? How many “inventive” hashtags have you read? Such a mess. Had to get that out, let’s get back on track!

When in a relationship the rule of thumb is this:

Do NOT do anything you wouldn’t do in person behind the protection of your computer or mobile device.

Really, that rule should be applied to everyone, relationship or not.

This means:

  1. If you and your significant other have a fight, you don’t need to send subliminal messages to everyone who follows you, letting them know just how upset you are. It’s a cry for attention and no one really cares in the way you want. Stop.
  2.  No flirting. It’s tacky and disrespectful.
  3. Don’t exchange private messages with someone you are attracted to or who is attracted to you. JUST DON’T. Even if you are just talking about apples and oranges. DON’T. If they message you and you just have to respond, respond publicly. For example, if someone messages you on Facebook saying, “I really miss you, you looked great last night.” You should respond on their wall saying something along the lines of “That’s great of you to say, hope all is well.” The person will/should get the hint. If they don’t, cease communication.
  4. No almost naked pics. Believe it or not, your grandchildren will have access to everything you post someday. Show some class, not your ass.
  5. BE RESPONSIBLE! You ultimately know what is and is not appropriate.

As long as both parties are following these guidelines, there is no reason why two people can’t enjoy social media while in a relationship. If a significant other is using social media the correct way and their partner still has a problem, then there may be another issue.

Hope this helps!


Miss J

Dear Social Media Effing Things Up,

Social media in relationships…where do we begin. I would love to say “exercise common sense”, but it seems like appropriate social media behavior isn’t very common.

I’m a social media junkie — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn — you name it, I’m using it or have at least given it a try. The whole tech space is very interesting and the ability to connect with just about anyone is pretty damn awesome. While I would agree social media is a powerful connection tool, it is also a powerful destruction tool.

Social media gives us the complete freedom of talking to whomever, whenever, wherever INSTANTLY. And within this instants, we can spark up a conversation with that one person we shouldn’t be messaging or share pictures hoping no one screen shots their Snapchat. Why do we these things? Fun? Bored? Lonely? Validation? The list is endless. Regardless the reasons, social media shouldn’t end your relationships (unless of course the actions were extra reckless). If you have some concerns with your significant other’s social media behavior, it may be time for a little conversation.

But before you decide to open the floor for conversation — make sure your reasons are solid. If you snooped on their stuff and found something you didn’t like, that’s all on you.


Mr. J