Babies and Breakups

ariana grande

Justin and Joy discuss the challenges of releasing limited beliefs and navigating conversations that don’t interest you.

  • LA finally got its first sign of fall weather and Justin’s failed attempt at being a weatherman.
  • Learning to release the self-imposed limitations on how we live.
  • Accomplishing today’s goals without losing sight of tomorrow’s dreams.
  • We’re heading to Greece in a few weeks and need your help!
  • Joy’s low key obsession with pop news.
  • How to engage in conversations you aren’t passionate about without being judged.
  • And much more!

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Black Women Deserve Better

royal wedding

Justin and Joy recap the Royal Wedding and break down the key takeaways from their singles mixer and panel discussion.

  • Congratulations Harry and Meghan – we got a black princess, y’all!
  • The royal wedding was low key turnt up.
  • We successfully hosted our very first live event – The Mingle!
  • Key takeaways: lack of vulnerability and authenticity, poor approach, too much focus on attraction.
  • How Justin’s focus on wellness increased Joy’s attraction levels.
  • Black women are tired and we as black man MUST do better.
  • And much more!

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