Episode 73: Tasteful Nudes

Yvonne Orji

Justin and Joy discuss the challenge of separating artistry from the artist and society’s entitlement to a woman’s body.

  • Monday morning workout excuses.
  • The pains of purchasing furniture and the snowball effect that follows.
  • Can you separate the art from the artist?
  • Yvonne Orji revealing she’s a virgin in a recent interview with People Magazine.
  • Joy’s insistence on hanging “tasteful nudes” of herself in our house.
  • Credit card e-course is releasing next month!
  • And much more!

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Chris Brown…Rude Boy?

Last night Chris Brown released a video featuring his most recent ex-girlfriend,Karrueche Tran and ex-girlfriend #1 ,Rihanna. He posed the question “Can you love 2 people at once”. His argument was that he had history with one woman (Rihanna), but has fallen in love with another woman (Karrueche Tran).

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/50805715]

This very same subject was the theme of last week’s Monday Funday, in which we featured an article on Wyclef Jean admitting he loved both is wife and Lauryn Hill at the same time.

One of our readers (Matthew B.) commented saying:

” The concept of  ‘loving’  more than one person at one time is built on a spineless foundation of indecision. The difference between being mature or immature is founded on one’s ability to make decisions in life with conviction and accountability, based on a standard of consideration for your fellow man.” -Matthew B.

While another reader (EOW) said:

“From the reading it seemed like it was quite a complex situation where there were two different types of love with two different women.”

To be clear, we are not excusing Chris Brown’s history of domestic violence in regards to Rihanna. We will save that topic for another discussion.

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