Babies and Breakups

ariana grande

Justin and Joy discuss the challenges of releasing limited beliefs and navigating conversations that don’t interest you.

  • LA finally got its first sign of fall weather and Justin’s failed attempt at being a weatherman.
  • Learning to release the self-imposed limitations on how we live.
  • Accomplishing today’s goals without losing sight of tomorrow’s dreams.
  • We’re heading to Greece in a few weeks and need your help!
  • Joy’s low key obsession with pop news.
  • How to engage in conversations you aren’t passionate about without being judged.
  • And much more!

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Love Jays on TradioV: Episode 14



In the week’s episode we discussed whether or not happy endings truly exist,  dancing, acting techniques, The Ohio State University, Mr. and Miss J’s celebrity crushes, Nathan Fielder’s Twitter experiment for couples, baby talk, the power of vulnerability and whether or not newborn babies are actually cute. Special guest Keena Ferguson; actress, dancer and producer.

*Spoiler Alert*

Miss J lifts her leg to her head and Mr. J hits his Dougie. You don’t want to miss it!

Get tickets to Keena’s show Unbranded here!