relationship roles

Justin and Joy discuss spending an extended time away from each other and the challenges of balancing relationship roles without making your partner feel inferior.

  • Does anyone else not enjoy spending money on Halloween costumes?
  • Jada and Will’s Red Table Talk episodes are MUST WATCH TV.
  • Justin’s incredible experience on set of the upcoming TV show, Boomerang.
  • Joy’s fleeting feeling of freedom and frustration upon Justin’s arrival home.
  • Our struggle of balancing each other’s household contribution and responsibilities without making the other person feel inadequate.
  • Can you name an animal that begins with the letter “N’ without using Google?
  • And much more!

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Southern Hospitality

southern hospitality

Justin and Joy recap their trip to Atlanta and discuss the importance of being intentional, yet calm while dating.

  • Exploring the idea of living in ATL for a few months.
  • An Atlanta gym embracing southern tradition a little too much.
  • Justin’s experience at his first speaker’s conference.
  • Why do we explore other cities more than we explore our own?
  • Day dates and activity dates should be your go-to move.
  • Our 1st “First Class” flying experience.
  • Special thanks to our ATL Love Jays Crew for brunching with us!
  • Why leading with “I’m looking for a relationship” while dating can work against you.
  • And much more!

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Sex Makes Babies

Elevator Pitch

  • ICYMI: Last week’s interview with Tom Williamson.
  • People’s unwillingness to truly open up.
  • What if you lived in a world where you could not lie?
  • The downside of living life with an unconscious fear.
  • The mental clarity shift since switching to a predominately plant based diet.
  • Atlanta’s beautiful blackness.
  • Unprotected sex and why the pull-out method is overrated.
  • And much more!

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Sex and Good Vibes

Elevator Pitch

  • Atlanta is black excellence on FULL display.
  • Justin Simien’s Dear White People.
  • Blavity Episode 3: Social Media.
  • Justin’s grumpiness report.
  • Why it’s good to question your beliefs.
  • The moment we told our parents about our first time…
  • Individual Goals v. Marriage Goals v. Love Jays Goals.
  • James Clear’s Four Burner Theory.
  • Our FREE budget tracker spreadsheet.
  • And much more!

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